Monday, February 20, 2006


Rob preached at Spartanburg Christian Church on sunday morning. It was nice. I have to admit that it was fun to hear his testimony again. Okay, technically I hear it all day everyday, but little details that God used to "remove the scales from our eyes" was fun to hear. On the way to church we heard one of the area churches on the radio. It was a great message. My favorite part of it was a simple illustration he used. He talked about being in the military and the flashlight they use, one they cand change the lense on. Well, he said one night they were practicing (or whatever you call it) and it was dark, he had to use his red lense, and then evidently he had time to just sit and wait in the dark. He pulled out his Bible and was reading. He realized any of the red letter words were not able to be seen throught he red lense. He said that is how we look when God looks at us through the blood of Christ. Okay, I realize that may not be profound, however, it was a great reminder. When we've accepted Christ as our savior, when God looks at us it is through the blood that was shed on calvary. Isn't that great. Okay, that is enough for now. My friend says it is funny to talk to me or read my blog, because I "talk" about the gospel all the time. The ironic thing for her is that she is around when I tell my husband to stop, because I'm not exaggerating when I say that is all he talks about. Actually my friend and I are of the same upbringing, and we've all been on this journey toghether, and it is so exciting.

This weekend. Lets see, pretty uneventful. Didn't do much on Saturday. Rob worked pretty much all day. He ending up working 60 hours last week. We only have one car at the present time, and so I just stayed home all day, that way I didn't have to get up and take him to work just to keep the car. We ended up watching a movie with the boys in the evening. The movie was National Treasure. We weren't going to let the boys watch it, simply because Zach is so young and tends to still have some night time fears, but he spent the night with his cousin. The movie was good. Jordan and Austin really enjoyed it, as did we. Austin had an overnight guest last night. That was something I was a little concerned about. Austin tends to be our most "hyper" child. In fact he couldn't sit still all day and I know it was anticipation about Ethan coming over. The boys were wonderful. Ethan went home about 3:30 this afternoon. It was nice, the boys played so well together. They included Zach in everything they did. That was good. That was a big fear also. Last night when they first all got together they had to set the "territorial bounderies", so it was a little iffy at first. Thankfully it was a wonderful day for all the boys. I cleaned and they played ALL day.

Rob didn't go to work today, and is planning on staying home tomorrow. He is using some of his "sick time" before he looses his job. He never calls in sick, even when he is sick. Well, I can't say he called in sick, he told his boss that he was staying home today (and now tomorrow), as long as they weren't swamped. I was able to trade my work day tomorrow with someone else, so we could spend a day together. What will we do? Not much, just spend time together. It is looking like he'll loose his job soon. We found out today that the funeral home has been sold, they signed the papers today. Some of the men from the corporation are coming out here either Friday or Monday to talk to everyone. Hum! We'll see what happens. I'm trusting that God will see us through this. Honestly, it is hard, since I always have to be in control of my life. I know that God has a plan. We keep telling each other "how can our faith be tested if life is always easy?" A few of things I'm thankful for during all this. #1. God is soviergn and he knows the future, and we are in his hands. He will carry us through this. #2. That we do not currently depend on 2 incomes. So we don't need a fortune to survive. However, if he has to take a cut in pay (which is inevidable) I can work if need be. #3. We don't have to worry about a place to live since we no longer live in the funeral home apartment.


Ronda said...

My friend preaching the gospel you would have made Paul proud.

Heather said...

I loved the illustration about the red is great to see someone so passionate about truth!