Sunday, June 25, 2006

Who wouldn't love this kid?

Here we are sitting in the beach chairs at the water park, I look over and there is Austin with my glasses on. Crazy kid. He is such a character. Can't you see why we love him so much, and are trying to help him? Posted by Picasa

Austin Update

Ausin has an appointment tomorrow in the am. I guess we have to go to a counselor first, you know the insuarnce route. We've done this before. He will work with our doctor in helping Austin. Evidently, if he does not feel he can help, or Austin needs more specialized help, he will refer us to Riley Childrens Hospital in Indy. We are hoping that this will be the case. We've been this route before, and it does help somewhat, but I think he really needs more specialized help.

Something we are also going to check into when he goes to his regular doctor on Tuesday, is having them check his blood sugar. Rob and I, being slowed down on vacation, started to notice something. Austin doesn't eat much at a time, however, he seems to need to eat more often than any of us. His moods/temper seem to be magnified when it has been a while since he'd eaten. He doesn't always remember to eat either, because he is so hyper. We made a conscience effort to stop all activities at normal eating times, and we'd all eat together, so that Austin could eat. He is so extremely hyper, if we did not all stop, he couldn't just eat alone. Therefore, while on vacation (and since we've been home) we stopped to eat more often than usual. We didn't always eat much, but just to help the boy slow down. We noticed that things didn't bother him as much when he has some food in in system. Therefore, we are going to just ask our doctor to check his sugar, if it is normal, that will be great. We will just still have to remind him to eat. I hope that makes sense, I sometimes, have a hard time verbalizing my thoughts.

We've also considered, through advice of others, about preservetives, and food dye, contributing to moods. Before we conquer that area we are going to work on just making him eat more and making healthy snacks available, like cheese, and peanut butter, and believe me it is hard to find much the boy likes. I'm thankful that God has put people in our lives to give us advice or just thoughts to ponder (thanks Heather for the reminder of the food dyes) and help us remember things we've heard before. You know I don't take credit as being a "good" parent to realize the eating thing, I just really thank God that he shows us things, and makes us aware.

Just please help us pray for some answers with Austin

Jordan and Angel

Not a vacation picture, but isn't it great. The dog in our house is extremely spoiled. She loves to be held. She is usually found in someones lap, or in the window in the sun. What a rough life. Posted by Picasa


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Austin and Zach on the jungle racer

see the big funnel to the left, we went of that slide also, wow, it was pretty wild. It was a long, twisty enclosed slide, then all of the sudden you were in the funnel, the out the end. UGH!!! I definately did alot of screaming on these rides. Posted by Picasa

Zach at the Voyage--3rd largest roller coaster in the world

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Jordan's bluegill---check out the size

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Austin and Zach at the beach

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Jordan with the turtle he caught fishing

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Austin helping with the tent

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The Boys at Holiday World

Here are a few pic of the boys from vacation. I didn't really take many, I am always afraid I'll loose my camera when we are in busy places like this.

We had a great vacation. We spent 2 nights at Monroe Lake around Bloomington Indiana. It was a nice park. They boys, well Jordan, enjoyed the fishing and swimming at the beach. I have to admit, I really don't care for the beach. Reason, I don't like the feel of the sand on my feet, I feel dirty. Call me crazy, but that is just me. They boys love it though. We spent most of the day Saturday at the beach with Austin and Zach, while Jordan fished.

We ended up getting a new tent on Sunday. About 10pm Saturday night we had a horrible thunderstorm, well, our tent didn't hold up. It was getting old, and it just poured water through the rain fly, we all slept on wet beds. UGH!!! So, Sunday before we set up in at Lake Rudolph in Santa Claus, we bought a new tent. It was great. The boys tent held up great in the rainstorm. Evidently, there were 40-60 mile an hour winds during the storm, that is what made it so rough. It was kind of sweet, during the storm, as we are all sitting in our tent waiting for the storm to blow over, Austin says, "I think we should start saying Psalm 23" and proceeded to start reciting it. The other 2 joined in. Austin also said, "I think we should really concentrate on verse 4. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will
fear no evil,for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
How wonderful to know that our boys are "hiding" the word in their heart. It was so encouraging to me.

We enjoyed staying at Lake Rudolph. It was kind of funny though. Santa is such a big thing there. Our boys don't "believe" in Santa, but it was a fun place to be. They have a post office. Can you imagine the mail they get at Christmas. Rob said he'd heard that there a a few ladies that volunteer at Christmas to answer the Santa letters they get. They wasn't much else in the town, except for the theme park, the campground, a small grocery, 1 gas station, and a few other small town things.

We went swimming alot at the pool at the campground. Austin got to mini golf, it was free at the campground. Jordan fished. We ended up spending 2 entire days at the theme park. We spent one of the days at the water park, and the second day part of the day was spent at the normal part and the other part at the water park. It was a great time. This park is so "family friendly" I couldn't believe it. Actually the enitre area was family friendly. We ate lunch both days in the park, because the cost was so reasonable. We spent less than $20 each day for lunch, now that is about McDonalds price for this family. They boys loved it. Jordan offered to pay for his ticket the second day, and the other 2 forfieted their allowance for the next 2 weeks to go a second day, so Rob and I only had to pay for 2 1/2 of the second day tickets. Great kids.

Me, Rob and Zach rode all three of the big rollercoasters. Austin rode 2, and Jordan rode 1. He said it just upsets his stomach too much. Zach rode the 3rd largest roller coaster in the world. Okay, let me give you my roller coaster story. I DONT do roller coasters, well I never did before. I rode all 3 they had. I think 2 things concerning this. #1) I have assuarnce of my salvation, IF I die, I know where I'm going, and #2) I think growing up I had so much underlying fear that I just couldn't handle any more. I thank God for the peace I now have in my life.

Well, we really enjoyed the time away, but, I'm always thankful to be home. The boys had a good time, not too many incidents. We did have to drive home through many rainstorms throughout the entire ride. We made it home safely. We were definately given travel mercies by the Lord. He is so faithful. I enjoyed being in the outdoors and enjoying all of God's wonderful creation. Okay, I'll be honest I didn't enjoy the spiders or the mesquitoes (sp).

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thoughts to ponder for the day (okay, I've been pondering)

Last night I hear the tail end (like 5 minutes) of an interview withKirk Franklin. He cracks me up, he is so, well, Kirk Franklin. Okay this is something he said. Now this is not a direct quote, because I definately don't do direct quotes very well, unless I have read them and can copy them. It went something like this. "We as Christians go around trying so hard to be like Christ, why don't we just give up and die." Okay, I was like what in the world, then he clarified his statement and it made so much sense. He went on to say, "we just need to die out to our own will, give God the keys and let him do the work in our life--he alone through the Holy Spirit will make us more Christ like." Okay, now maybe that didn't mean so much to anyone else, but it definately did to me. I thought alot of that today. God is sovereign and in control at all times, we just need to realize that and let him, quit trying to control everything ourselves. We all try to "work" so hard, and do good things in our own power, and we just run in circles, but if we'd just "die" to our will, God would do the good works through us.
For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. Teaching
us to say no to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, Titus 2:11-12 (NIV)
I thought alot of that today. Actually, I've been thinking alot of the sovereignty of God latelty. I've been thinking every decision that I've made, everything I've done, God really did it. Even the faith I had in Christ to come to salvation came from God alone. I just didn't realize it. He has ordered my steps. He knows the end from the begining, that includes the end of my life, from the begining of my life. Even though I don't see it at times, God is working everything in my life together for his glory (you know hind sight is 20/20). Isn't that what we were created for, God's glory?! That is our purpose in life, to glorify God. Wow!! Something else I've been thinking on is this. Our pastors wife, in sunday school class says this all the time, God as the right, the wisdom, and the power to do his holy will. That just sums it all up for me. Nothing happens without God causing it. That means good and bad. My prayer is that I would bring glory to Christ, but I know that I can not accomplish that in my own will, only through the work of the Holy Spirit in my life can I accomplish it. Okay, I hope that I've expressed myself in some sort of clear way, I sometimes have a hard time getting my thoughts from my head to the paper.

Have a blessed day, and remember we serve a great BIG GOD!!!!!
Talk GOD BIG!!!

Romans 8:28-29 (ESV)
28And we know that for those who love God all things work together for
good, for those who are called according to his purpose.
29For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to
the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among
many brothers.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Here is my Austin. He is great. He has a magnetic personality. He is a people pleaser. Everyone loves him. He is extremely smart, and a quick learner. Photographic memory. Knows all the right answers. Everyone loves him. He's been chosen for the gifted and talented class next year. Just look at him, he's adorable too. (okay, maybe I'm a bit bias)

Problem! He is ADHD. Extremely hyper. NO EXXAGERATION! He literally will climb the walls if you don't stop him. He can harldy write because he can't slow down long enough to do it. When he does write, he can't always read it later. He is on medication, and it helps somewhat. However, I just don't think it is the right med, so we went to the doctor yesterday, and he said "we should increase the dose", because we told him it seems to wear off in the late afternoon, early evenng. Okay, so now we've gone from 60mg in the am to 40mg in the am and pm.

Today Rob took the boys fishing. They were great until; Jordan got in Austins way. See he is fine as long as long as no one "gets in his way" (that doesn't always mean literally). Rob said he'd gone to the restroom, they were fine. He comes out and Jordan and Austin are attacking each other. Evidently Austin wanted a hook and Jordan wouldn't give him one immediately, and Austin just snapped. He hit Jordan, and of course Jordan hit back. Needless to say the outing was over immediately. Rob said as soon as they got in the car Austin sincerely apologized to Jordan for "flipping out and hitting Jordan". Of course they all slept the ride home.

Okay, when they pick me up from work, one of them (not Austin) try to tell me the story (which I'd already heard from Rob on the phone) and I tried to stop the conversation as to not "restart" the battle. Well, Austin says very, very sincerely "Mom, it's okay. It was my fault. I did hit Jordan for no reason." Well, I say to him, "that is wonderful that you can admit you were wrong and not get upset right now." He proceeds with this. "I just can't help it, sometimes things just go black, and I don't know what I'm doing." That absolutely broke my heart. The poor child has a problem, and I can just imagine that while he is flipping out, he knows it is wrong, and just can't stop until it plays itself out.

Okay, the reason for the long story is this. Please help us pray for this. Our doctor is trying to get us into a specialist to have some test run on Austin. However, we've tried before and insurance denied the work, therefore we didn't get it done. Also at the time he was doing somewhat better, so we didn't pursue it. He really needs some specialized help. Our pediatrician has done all he is comfortable doing without further tests. I also know that God can take care of this problem with a miracle, however, I also believe that God has given us a child like this for a reason. We would have never, ever, in a million years understood what it was like to raise a child like this without having one ourselves. I believe that God in all his sovereignty has given us Austin to help others some day.

Now, again let me tell you he is the greatest kid. I wouldn't trade him for anything. Please also pray for us as parents to be a help to him.

Well, I've way exceeded my limit for the day. It is late, and I work in the am. I am thanking you in advance for your prayers. You all are great. Posted by Picasa

John 21:15-19

Tonight when we were having our family devotions we FINALLY finished John. Rob and I were so touched by the following passage:

15When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, "Simon, son of John, do
you love me more than these?" He said to him, "Yes, Lord; you know that I love you." He said to him, "Feed my lambs."
16He said to him a second time, "Simon, son of John, do you love me?" He said to him,
"Yes, Lord; you know that I love you." He said to him, "Tend my sheep."
17He said to him the third time, "Simon, son of John, do you love me?" Peter was grieved because he said to him the third time, "Do you love me?" and he said to him, "Lord, you
know everything; you know that I love you." Jesus said to him, "Feed my sheep.
18Truly, truly, I say to you, when you were young, you used to dress yourself and walk wherever you wanted, but when you are old, you will stretch out your hands, and
another will dress you and carry you where you do not want to go."
19(This he said to show by what kind of death he was to glorify God.) And after saying
this he said to him, "Follow me." (John 21:15-19)

This was said to Peter. The one who denied Christ 3 times. WOW!!! The forgiveness that Jesus has for us is so amazing. It just really hit me tonight when Rob read that scripture. Even after he denied Christ, he still gave him a command. God is so faithful, even when we are unfaithful. How many times do we fail to "glorify God" with our actions, and he still calls us his children? I just can't even express why I was so touched by this scripture tonight, but I was.
We've also just started a devotional book called. "Training hearts, teaching minds. A family devotion based on the shorter catechism." It seems like it will be good. We are excited about this. The boys are looking forward to it also. It will helps us teach them (and ourselves) questions and answers concerning Biblical doctrines. It fives a question, an answer and supporting scriptures. I'll let you know how it goes.

This weeks question is this. "What is mans primary purpose?"

A. To glorify God and enjoy him forever.

Check it out if you are interested.

It's been a while since I've posted. Life is extremely busy. I have been working full time, the boys are out of school, and of course it is summer.

They boys are sure enjoying Rob being home with them. He takes them fishing, fixes them big breakfasts (steak and eggs yesterday), and other fun stuff. They are not going to want him to go back to work that is for sure. It is good for them to have some time with Rob, he's always been so busy between the church and work, and now he doesn't have either of those things. Now, I know he'll go back to work eventually, however, we feel this is definately "the smiling providence of God" that he is off right now. He needs this time with the boys. Jordan is at such a crucial time in his life, and it is important for him to have good relationship with his parents. Of course the others also.

I was off work on Tuesday and Wednesday. We decided to go camping after I got off work on Monday afternoon. We had a great time. On Tuesday the little alarm clocks that we have, (i.e. Jordan, Austin, and Zach) were up bright and early (6:30am). Rob got up with them and took them fishing, he let me sleep, bless his heart. What a great guy! Jordan ended up fishing from about 7 am until almost 8 pm, only stopping for lunch because we made him. He so enjoyed his day. The little ones fished for a couple of hours, and them we took them to the beach. I'll tell you what, the beach is a wonderful place for kids. It is the best of both worlds, you can get dirty and wet all at the same time. Too much fun for them. We spent about 4 hours at the beach with them. Jordan was fishing just down from the beach, so we could see him during this time. At one point, I saw a car that had driven down into the grassy area where he was fishing, and I sent Rob over to check on him, because I just get a little freaked out at stuff like that. At any rate, Rob went over and talked to the man that had started fishing there, he was a nice guy. His name was Daniel Boone Story. Funny huh!

We are getting ready for our vacation. The boys are getting excited. We are going to Santa Claus Indiana. We will be camping at a campground down there, and spending a day at Holiday World theme park and Splashin Safari water park (there connected--one ticket). We've been to the park before. It is a great place. The drinks are free. Now, anyone with a big family would appreciate that. All the fountain drinks you can drink in a day for free. It sure beats the "I'm thirsty" complaints all day, and the $5 for a 12oz. cup. Austin has a count down going on. It is paper rings that he tears one off of each day until we leave. Funny! I just walked in his room and he has another count down, to his birthday. He has it taped as high as he could get it on the wall, it drapes over his bed and hits the floor. His birthday isn't until July 21.

Wiped out kids from camping

Peaceful ride!!! Even the dog slept.

Jordan and Mr. Daniel Boone Story

This is Jordan and Daniel Boone Story. We met this man while we were camping, and actually while Jordan was fishing. Evidently this man comes to this park and fishes about 3 days a week, takes what he catches and fillets the fish and fries them for the residence at a retirement home near there. It was quit amusing to hear him talk about "the old folks", being that he himself is 65. This was a great experience for Jordan. The fish on his stringer he sent home with Mr. Story to use for the lunch he'd be fixing the next day. Great learning experience. Mr. Story talked of how much he enjoyed doing things for others, and since God had blessed him with good health right now he'd do things for those less fortunate. This will be something Jordan will always remember.
Jordan and his catfish. This boys loves to fish. He fished while we were camping from about 7 am until 7 pm, only stopping to eat because we forced him to eat. Below is one of my favorite camping pictures. Jordan helping his little brother Zach learn to fish. It was fun to see him talking to him and showing him the "tricks".

Sumo Zach

I would almost venture a guess that you didn't realize the many uses of a Wal-Mart bag.

Here is my Zach. He is fascinated by sumo wrestlers. This is his costume he made the other day. Notice the paper beard taped on his face. Crazy kid.


Jordan and his cake. We just did a little "family" celebration that day. The funny part of the second picture is that I put the candles that relight themselves, and didn't even know it. That was quit a chuckle for the boys.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Happy 12th Birthday Jordan

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This day in history 1994 (part 4)

*early moning the Dr. started the pitocin to try and get labor going better

*Got an epidural soon after the pitocin

*finally making progress, started dilating

*1PM Dr checked, started to swell--they started talking c-section

*3PM More progress--wait some more

*5PM--more swelling--definate c-section

*6:02 PM--Welcome Robert Jordan Myers
9lbs 70z and 21 1/2 inches

The first thing the doctors said, was, "Wow! we underestimated the size of this baby."
DUH!!! I had joked with my doctor the enitre pregnancy that he was going to be big, and wow, was he ever. That was the reason for the swelling in my cervix, he was so big, that his weight was causing me to swell, and of course unless you fully dilate you can not deliver naturally. Also, he was turned face up. He was finally here. He was a beautiful baby.

As you can tell, the long days in the hospital and all the stuff didn't scare me from having more children. 2 more after this one.

Friday, June 02, 2006

This day in history (part 3)

*early morning 3rd gel treatment

*lunch time--4th treatment

*evening--5th treatment

7:00 p.m. contractions started

9:30 p.m. heavy contractions--going to have a baby soon

Still no baby yet

Thursday, June 01, 2006

This day in history 1994 Part 2

Okay, here is the BIG Melissa the day I went into the hospital to deliver my first baby.

*8:30 am had an ultra sound to see how big the baby is. They say he'll be no bigger than
8 lbs.

*Checked into OB/ICU and they started trying to induce my labor. First teatment of a p.gel to try and get my cervix to efface.

*hung out in the hospital all day (what fun)

*5:30 pm--2cnd treatment and they were going to send me home to let me be at home for early labor

*Dr. decided to keep me overnight because I was for sure going to have a baby that night.
(we'll see about that)

*Still no baby as promised--see more tomorrow