Saturday, February 18, 2006

Reminder of why!

Today my husband has had to work. He has worked about 55 hours this week. He is tired. He is preaching tomorrow morning in a church around here. He was asked to share his testimony of the "revelation" God has given him. Okay, he has been a little worried, because he is not sure how the church will accept the message. The Gospel, believe it or not, is not always accepted by christians. It is our passion to share the TRUE GOSPEL. At any rate, he was on his way to Mucnie to pick up a body. (He works at a funeral home) He was trying to call his Grandma, and accidently called his parents. Okay, no biggie right. Well, his Dad starting laying in on him about how bad the decisions that we've made are. UGH!!! Well, after lots of other things, Rob told him "I am no longer a oneness pentecostal" and that evidently made him mad, and his response was "well I just can't talk to you any longer", and gave the phone to his Mom. WOW!!!!! His mom got on the phone and he tried to tell her, you know I did not call to argue about this, (we really don't try to talk about it--to not cause problems), and proceded to tell her he believes "we are saved by faith alone, not by works." His mothers response was "well, I believe it is both". Well, that was evidently what Rob needed to hear because is now more than ready to go and share the gospel message tomorrow. He said he felt the phone call was needed to remind him of why we left. God is so good, and knows what we need, when we need it. I'm thankful for the phone call, not for the negative, but the positive, it has made Rob passionate again. You know sometimes, I think you can get "used to" the Gospel, and just be comfortable. Lord, help me not to get comfortable in my faith, help me to grow in grace each day.


Heather said...

That is so hard. I am not familiar with "oneness pentecostal", but I will pray that the truth will be revealed to them!! The gospel, to me praise the Lord, is clear on a faith based salvation not works. It is so dangerous to believe that we have anything at all to offer towards the gift Christ gave us- it negates the whole purpose of the shedding of His innocent sinless blood...I could go on and on :)

Karen said...

Melissa...thank you for being so open with your faith and the things God is teaching you. It has really been an inspiration to me! We'll be praying for God's best for you, Rob and the boys.

Love in Him...