Friday, July 28, 2006

Here it goes. The Bloggy Tour of Homes

The front of the house. With our new storm door. We just got that this summer. It is nice to let the sun shine in.

We we able to buy our house just 20 months ago. God is soo good. Posted by Picasa
This is the desk. This is where I blog. It is also in my front room. See the dog, just waiting for me to sit in that chair, so she can be held. Crazy dog. Posted by Picasa

This is the front room/Living room. This is the hub of activity in our house. We have a 3 bedroom ranch, so this is it. We really love our house. God blessed us more than I can express with this house. We'd been married almost 13 years when we bought this. This house is everything we'd prayed for in a house and then some. It is modest, and we were able to buy it with one full time income, and not have a outrageous payment. God is good, that is what I say about this house.
This is the kitchen/dining room. We cook in there, well, sometimes. Our front room is actually one "great" room if you will. It has a vaulted celing, with an open room. Living room, dining room and kitchen. I LOVE it!!! It was what my husband and I had always wanted in a house. Posted by Picasa
This is our bedroom. We bought this comforter set after we'd been married for 12 years (almost 3 years ago). I told my husband I was buying a new comforter, this was the first new-new one we'd had our entire marraige, of course he didn't object at all. I had numerous "new" ones, every time my sister redecorated her room, I got a new one. This was one that both of us liked equally--so it was worth the $$ we spent on it. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Velcro Wall

Doesn't that look fun? This is Austin. There was a street party uptown this past weekend. It was sponsored by one of the area churches. It was used as a ministry for young people. Everything was free. There was lots of blow ups things, hot dogs, chips & pop, music, and the local Christian Music station was broadcasting live from there, and giving away things. It was fun. Rob wasn't really up to going, but we did. They boys enjoyed it. I didn't really get many pictures, but here are a few. Austin really enjoyed this velcro wall.

We ran into a man that we've known (not extremely close) since we had moved here in 1997. Rob was sharing with him the testimony of where God has brought us from. He got so excited, and went on to tell us that God had laid us on his heart back when we first moved here. He prayed that we'd be delivered from the bondage of legalism. Then, when he found out we'd left our organization, he said he continued to pray for us, that we'd not fall into the "lawlessness". Isn't it amazing that God gave him a deep burden for our family, and he didn't even really know why. God is so AWESOME!!! He was so excited to hear the things that we've come through, and what God is continuing to do in our lives. After Rob talked to him forever--he was very thankful that we'd gone uptown to this party, becasue he'd never have had the conversation that he did had we not gone. I love to look back at the day and see how God was in every part of the day. God is so faithful.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

What a rough life.

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Zach at the pool

This is Zach (with Jordan waiting behind him) at a the pool at a State Park near us. It was great fun. I tried to get other pictures of the boys jumping and my camera batteries were almost dead, so couldn't "capture the moment."
I'm sure we'll go there again before the summer is over. Posted by Picasa

Jordan with his catfish

This is the fisherman. He loves to fish. He will fish from the time he wakes up until we make him go to bed. He barely even stops to eat, and he only eats if he doesn't have to leave his fishing spot. I guess he could have worse interests. Right? Posted by Picasa

Jordan and his catfish

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Austin and his large mouth bass

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Ready to go fishing?!!

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Getting ready to camp--setting up the tent

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Friday, July 21, 2006

3 Things Meme

I found this on many other blogs, a week or probably more than that actually, ago. I thought it'd be fun. I love to find out things about others, this is a neat way to find out stuff.

3 things that scare me:
losing my husband
someone hurting one of my children
My children not growing up to serve Christ

3 people who make me laugh:
Jordan and Zach

3 things I love:
My husband
My children

3 things I hate:
When my house is messy (90% of the time)
Being sick (Mom's don't have time to be sick)
When one of my boys is sick

3 things I do not understand:
How people can hurt their own children
How people can hurt any child
Electronics (well some of them)

3 things on my desk:
Commentary on Philipians (3 of them actually---can you guess what Rob is preaching from
Cup of pens
My visor for work
a phone
an answering machine
a card of snaps
OH WAIT---it was only 3 things--SORRY!!

3 things I am doing right now:
(I can't do too much while I blog--hence why I haven't updated much lately)

3 things I want to do before I die:
To see my children faithfully serving Jesus Christ
To reconcile with my parents---long story
To see my family saved (i.e. my brothers, mother and father)

3 things I can do:
sew (even though I don't do it often)
cross stich (again, haven't done that in a long while)

3 ways to describe my personality:
cynical (I'm working on that)

3 things I can't do:
play the piano
karate (why did I think of that--who knows)
go to bed early

3 things I think you should listen to:
God (be still and listen)
Your husband
Your pastor

3 things you should never listen to:
gossip (I'm working on that also--I'll be honest about that)
Humanistic philosophy
criticism of others

3 absolute favorite foods:

3 beverages I drink regularly:
Diet Pepsi/Coke
Caffiene free Diet Pepsi/Coke
Water (occassionally----do you see a problem here)

3 shows I watched as a kid:
Brady Bunch
Mr. Rogers
Romper Room

3 things I really want to do:
Be a godly wife and mother
Be a witness for Jesus Christ
Be a more patient with my children and husband

I hope some of my blog friends will do this also. It is a little time consuming, but it is fun.
Enjoy! Have a great weekend.

Our life lately!

This is a long post. Get ready to read. I hope this is encouraging to someone out there.

Here is a link to a friend/fellow blogger, Heather. Heather always is so encouraging to me when I read her blog. At any rate, when she says "check this out", I generally check it out. I always get something from the item she recomends. Her post on this Bible study just intrigued me so much. It took a while for me to read, but I finally have read it. It was great, and the neatest thing is, I got something totally different out of it. It is something that was so revelant to our life right now. So check this out. Let me know how it affects you. Please!

On this she links to a Bible study that I finally got to read. It was so encouraging to me. Now, I will tell you why. Rob and I have in the last year and half or so come to a new understanding of the Gospel message. God through is sovereignty and grace has opened our eyes to the true message of salvation. It is by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone. Check out my testimony for more details of where I come from. My testimony is on April 18, 2006. (forgive me I don't know how to link like many others.)

Rob has been sharing his testimony at quit a few area churches here. He has been asked to return to a few. One in particular he has returned to a few times. Well, they are without a pastor and have been for a while. They asked him to considered being a pastoral canidate. Okay, how flattering. Right! Well, Rob has always wanted to be a paid pastor. Now let me explain what I mean. He had pastored for 8 years prior and never recieved any compensation. Therefore, he had to work a full time job in order to support our family. Now because of this he was not able to give 100% to anything, family, church or work. Get the picture. Okay, here is the deal, he was asked, and we didn't want to just jump on the opportunity because of convience, we really are wanting to be in the will of God with our ministry.

He tried to tell this congregation that he didn't feel ready to pastor so soon. They still pursued him. He was asked to preach there again. Then again they asked him to consider being a pastoral canidate. After this he had a 2 hour meeting to let them know where we stand doctrinally. We believe in the total sovereignty of God concerning absolutely EVERTHING, including salvation. That is not a doctrine that all Christian people want to accept. THis didn't change their mind. We went and he preached another time after this meeting with the elders/pastoral search committee. Immediately following the service he was called into the office and asked to be interim Pastor. He accepted. He figured, I've told them where I'm coming from, and he will preach it, and not be ashamed, and they still want him. He started his interim work last Sunday.

Okay, then I read this Bible study. How convicting. Here is the section that hit home to me.

First, let's come back to the Passover. You know the story -- how God called Moses, challenged him, and sent him back to Egypt. At first he was reluctant to go. There are wonderful lessons in all of these stories. Here, for example, when God said to Moses, "Moses, I want you to go down and deliver my people." Moses said to God, "Oh, Lord, I can't do that; I can't speak; I am not eloquent; I am not able to talk. I can't stand before Pharaoh." God didn't rebuke Moses for saying that. He wasn't angry because that was merely Moses' human inadequacy displaying itself. There is nothing wrong with that. We were made to be that way. God never holds us guilty for feeling inadequate when he asks us to do something.

But then God said to Moses, "I know you can't talk but here's what I will do. I'll be a tongue for you. I will speak through you. You go down to Egypt and I will be your tongue and I will speak through you." And Moses said, "Well, Lord, I think you had better get somebody else." Then it says, "The anger of the Lord was kindled against Moses." (Ex. 4:14) The first time Moses was saying, "I can't do this. I am just a man." And God says, "Yes, I know, I made you that way. But I will do it through you." When Moses, the second time, said, "Well, Lord, you had better get someone else," what he was really saying was, "Lord, I can't do this and I don't think you can do it either." When Moses challenged God like that, the anger of God was kindled against him. Now that is a good point to remember whenever God challenges you to do something.

He is never concerned when your initial reaction is to draw back. But after he has reminded you that he is with you to do this thing in you and through you and then you draw back, you have insulted God because you have said, "I don't think you can do it either."

God was calling us to do a work and we told him, "No we are not able." Then he asked us again, and we still told him "NO". Finally we answered the call that he was giving. He will give us the words to say, and the strength to say them, in order that these people may hear the true gospel message. He will use us to spread the gospel. Then, we started to question how will we survive financially. DUH!!!! God will provide all our needs, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and yes, even financially. Why do we question God?

This reminds me of a devotion I read the other day also.
Again it was My Utmost for His Highest.

We put our common sense on the throne and then attach God’s name to it. We do lean to our own understanding, instead of trusting God with all our hearts.

Why, I ask do we continue to question the sovereignty of God? We are human, we are at constant war with ourselves. Sinner/Saint living in the same body. We have to be reminded to depend on God. I am so thankful for all the little reminders that God is sovereign and in control of all things in our lives. We just have to depend on him, not common sense. Even when we momentarily forget, he gives us a gentle reminder. God is so gracious, and faithful to forgive us for all our mistakes. I have to remind myself this also, God knows the ending from the begining. Isn't that an awesome revelation. He knows all things, and reveals to us what we can handle one day at a time.

Okay, I've rambled on enough. I sometimes do that, I just can't seem to get my thoughts out onto the paper (keyboard) the way I want them to sound. Keep us in your prayers. We are on a journey and God is in control.

Fried bologna and Ramen noodles

Gourmet meal. That is what I ate for lunch yesterday. I relived Rob's Bible College days. It was yummy though. It just thought it sounded good, and hadn't had it in forever. They boys love ramen noodles, Rob doesn't much care for either of the the foods listed above, needless to say we don't have them in the house often.

Just thought I'd share the crazy bit of info from the day.


It is hard to believe you are 9 already. You've grown so much already. I look forward to your years ahead. You are a great kid. Lots of energy, but hey, that's just how God made you. You keep thst energy directed in a positive manner, and you'll do great things. So happy God chose me to be your Mom. Happy Birthday Austin.

***Notice the pink candles, his choice.
***Notice the race cars--my choice, it was so fitting, since "his motor runs"
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oh wreched man that I am!

I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also —Matthew 5:39

This verse reveals the humiliation of being a Christian. In the natural realm, if a person does not hit back, it is because he is a coward. But in the spiritual realm, it is the very evidence of the Son of God in him if he does not hit back. When you are insulted, you must not only not resent it, but you must make it an opportunity to exhibit the Son of God in your life. And you cannot imitate the nature of Jesus— it is either in you or it is not. A personal insult becomes an opportunity for a saint to reveal the incredible sweetness of the Lord Jesus.

The teaching of the Sermon on the Mount is not, "Do your duty," but is, in effect, "Do what is not your duty." It is not your duty to go the second mile, or to turn the other cheek, but Jesus said that if we are His disciples, we will always do these things. We will not say, "Oh well, I just can’t do any more, and I’ve been so misrepresented and misunderstood." Every time I insist on having my own rights, I hurt the Son of God, while in fact I can prevent Jesus from being hurt if I will take the blow myself. That is the real meaning of filling "up in my flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ . . ." ( Colossians 1:24 ). A disciple realizes that it is his Lord’s honor that is at stake in his life, not his own honor.

Never look for righteousness in the other person, but never cease to be righteous yourself. We are always looking for justice, yet the essence of the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount is— Never look for justice, but never cease to give it.--
I'll tell you what. I read these devotions from My Utmost for His Highest, and EVERY time I get convicted. This isn't a bad thing, I'm actually very thankful for these writings. They have helped me see so many things.

I've been having a situation at work. The new assistant manager and I just didn't hit it off very well. She is very sensitive, and seemed to take offensive to me, every time I tried to help her with anything. I honestly was not intending to offend her, but I was. I have worked at this store over 3 years (1 year before and now over 2 this time) and would just offer advice at times. I had gotten a bad attitude, and was not talking much to her at all. This of course did not help the situation either, and of course I knew I was wrong, but again, selfishness overruled and I just kept on. (Can you see a pattern--I struggle so much with selfishness and never realized it so much as in the last year or so) You know you are taught, don't let people walk all over you, even though you are a Christian you should not be a walking mat for everyone to walk all over. Then I read this. Wow, perfect timing. It was such a good reminder of our purpose, it is to bring glory to God, and leave God in control of EVERYTHING. I was trying so hard not to "take the blow" and in turn hurting Jesus himself. I was definately acting in the flesh, not the spirit. Well, I had decided that I would change my attitude (that decision was of course given by the Holy Spirit working in my life--I'm not trying to take credit for it), and I thought I had. Well, I didn't do one thing, I didn't apolgize to her. Today, things got a little ugly. Not really, but we had a discussion, and I'm thankful that it is over for now. I should have been trying to help build her self esteem somehow. I reassured her that I didn't want her job. Yes, I'd love to be an assistant manager someday, but I'm not in the business of "taking" someones job from them. I don't want her to loose her job just so I can get it. Well, I'm thankful that I think we accomplished much today. God is so faithful I'm so thankful for all lifes circumstances he uses to teach me things. I just have to be willing to do what God says.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for the working of the Holy Spirit in my life. Help me never to grow "imune" to the gentle chastening from you. You are all powerful, and have the right and the power to do all things that you have willed. Help me Lord to be a vessel that brings glory to you in all my ways. All the glory and honor belongs to you. You suffered so much, why should I think I will never have to suffer at the hands our mouths of others. Forgive my for my selfish acts once more. Thank you once again for your gentle discipline. I give you all the glory and honor. Amen

Friday, July 07, 2006

Kids say and do the funniest things

On Sunday we were at New Liberty Congregational Christian church again. Rob was preaching again. Well, during church they had a junior church for kids 7 & under. I let Zach go. They made a craft. It was one of those foam sun visors, and it was decorated with the sticky foam shapes, the religous ones. Well, he took one of them, the one that looks like a banner with a cross cut out of it, off his visor and put it on his shirt, right on his chest, and with a puffed out chest, like a reall man.
He says this. "I'm a Pastor, I'm a Reforned Basket." I have to admit I chuckled.

I responded, "You mean a Reformed Baptist."

Zach then says, "Yes, that is what I said, a Reforned Basket."

Of course we laughed, and I helped him to say if properly. Reformed Baptist.

Kids sure a great.


New subject. Austin. Past story. I just thought of it while I was typing that one about Zach.

When Austin was 18-22 months old he had this thing that he wore RED socks every single day. Along with the red socks he wore red sandals. Now, it was winter, and the boy wore red socks and red sandals. Sometimes I'd try and trick him, and slip tan socks with his khaki pants, well, when he'd notice. He'd scream, "It's not right, It's not right." To which, we'd end up again with red socks.

Jordan was being put to bed (he was about 4), and of course he had much better things to do than go to bed. He got up and told us that he couldn't sleep because "my toenails are too big." "Um go back to bed, we'll deal with that problem in the am." That has to be the best bedtime excuse I've heard.

Kids are great, the definately keep us on our toes

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


As a saint of God, my attitude toward sorrow and difficulty should not be to ask that they be prevented, but to ask that God protect me so that I may remain what He created me to be, in spite of all my fires of sorrow. Our Lord received Himself, accepting His position and realizing His purpose, in the midst of the fire of sorrow. He was saved not from the hour, but out of the hour.

We say that there ought to be no sorrow, but there is sorrow, and we have to accept and receive ourselves in its fires. If we try to evade sorrow, refusing to deal with it, we are foolish. Sorrow is one of the biggest facts in life, and there is no use in saying it should not be. Sin, sorrow, and suffering are, and it is not for us to say that God has made a mistake in allowing them.

Sorrow removes a great deal of a person’s shallowness, but it does not always make that person better. Suffering either gives me to myself or it destroys me. You cannot find or receive yourself through success, because you lose your head over pride. And you cannot receive yourself through the monotony of your daily life, because you give in to complaining. The only way to find yourself is in the fires of sorrow. Why it should be this way is immaterial. The fact is that it is true in the Scriptures and in human experience. You can always recognize who has been through the fires of sorrow and received himself, and you know that you can go to him in your moment of trouble and find that he has plenty of time for you. But if a person has not been through the fires of sorrow, he is apt to be contemptuous, having no respect or time for you, only turning you away. If you will receive yourself in the fires of sorrow, God will make you nourishment for other people.--

This was a devotional I read while we were camping last weekend. It was so convicting to me. We've been struggling with Austin lately. It was affecting me more than it should have. I was begining to be grumpy, and just plain negative. I was not liking the affect it was having on me. One day Austin started crying because he felt like noone liked him and that he drove everyone crazy. Well, he does, but that is besides the point. He is such a likable kid, everyone likes Austin. Okay, when he was upset, I had absolutely no compassion for him. That is horrible, but I was being selfish--again--and was just feeling worn out from him that day. I finally talked to him and he went to bed. Well, of course it is our human sinful nature to feel sorry for ourselves at times like this. Why me? Well, I was there. Then I read this devotional. It told me all the things I knew already, but was failing to life by at the time. I'm so thankful that the Holy Spirit continues to teach me things each day, even though sometimes it is the same thing over and over, he never gives up. It is my prayer that I will bring glory to God in all things, even through, or should I say especially through the sorrows of this life.

Heavenly Father, please forgive me for my selfish attitudes. Help me to remain what you created me to be in spite of all lifes sorrows and sufferings. It is my desire to glorify you in all I do. Thank you for your gentle guiding when I am falling into to my selfish ways. You alone are holy and worthy of my praise. Amen.

My husband

I have to say I have the best husband in the world. Okay, at least I think so. You can have your own opinion.

Rob lost his job in April. Therefore, he's been home with the boys this summer. He isn't looking too awfully hard to find a job until school goes back in the fall, actually our boys will go back August 24. Okay, he has done so much with the boys, I can't believe it. He camps out in the backyard, goes fishing, and just does fun boy stuff with them. They are having the time of their lives. This has been a great time of bonding for Rob and the boys. He even came home yesterday, after a long day of fishing, and said, "If I accomplish nothing else this summer, I am getting to know my boys much better." Also, he is so thankful for this time, you see, in the past he pastored a church and worked a full time secular job (because he didn't derive income from the church) and for his job he was on call all the time. There was not alot of fun time for us as a family. Rob was always preocuppied with his studies or his job. See why this job loss is such a blessing. We most definately feel it is the smiling providence of God for the time.

This week I am working 3rd shift to cover for someone that is on vacation. I worked Sunday night, and then Monday Rob took to boys to a state park and fished with them all day, I literally mean all day. I was able to sleep from 6:40-5:30. WOW!!!! It was great. Then I worked Monday night and he did the same yesterday, I didn't sleep near as long, but I sure got my sleep in. I worked again last night, 3 more nights to go.

Well, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate my dear husband. He does so much for our family. He is not content for us to just maintian, but he strives to make us a better family each and every day. I couldn't imagine life without him. My boys and I are so blessed to have him.

Austin update

Austin went to the doctor last week. He is being referred to a child physciatrist in Indy through the Riley Children's hospital. I'm pretty glad about this. He is going to have a medication evaluation done. We couldn't get in until October. He will continue to go to this doctor/counselor for now. He is going to be taught some anger management skills. The doctor said that the reason for the "blackouts" and hitting his head on the wall and other things that he does while he is angry is because when you get angry your body produces adrenaline, and you have to release it somehow, that is all he can think to do. Therefore he is going to teach him some other ways to deal with it. We've tried, but you know how it is, sometimes it just needs to be coming from someone other than parents. Also, he said it sounds as if the medication he is on is wearing off in the afternoon. DUH!! I've been saying that for over a year.

He is doing better the last few days. I think alot of it has to do with the fact that Rob or I are with the boys constantly, so we can watch for the signs that he needs to be removed from the situation before it "explodes".

Please help us continue to pray for him. Thanks in advance.