Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend fun. WOW! What a weekend we had. We stayed at home, with the exception of church on Sunday. It was ABSOLUELY WONDERFUL! The weather was beautiful. The boys played baseball outside for a while, we did some baking, and just simply enjoyed each others company. On Friday when I got home from work we ate supper, I made some caramel chex mix, and some haystacks. YUMMY!! Austin and Zach bought playdoh with their allowance, and they created all evening--like for about 4 hours. Cookie cutters everywhere, and lots of neat creation, I just wish again that I'd taken more pictures. Saturday we slept in--ahh this is the life--and when I woke up I thought, "I haven't made cut out cookies in forever." I made sugar cookie dough, and then made a pot of "White chicken Chilli", the boys enjoyed the weather outside for a while. We ate lunch, which was tacos--an all time favorite in this house. Tacos at least once a week. Then to decorate the million cookies. Really there were only about 65 cookies. They were divided between boys, and let them go. Zach got tired and left a few undone, so between Austin and I we finished them. Now, Austin, my artistic one, took great care with each cookie. It was just a wonderful weekend of family. Much needed relaxing.

My boys and their pumpkins. THey didn't enjoy cleaning them out very much. In fact, I think it is absolutely disgusting myself, so they sure didn't get cleaned out much.

This is from last weekend also. I had to work on the weekend, because I was off Thurs/Friday, and Rob took them to a orchard. They had a great time. WE thought we could all just meet there, however, they would be closing by the time I get off of work. They got apple slushies, apples, took a hay ride, and fed some animals. It was fun for them. Rob took me and the 2 little ones for a "quick" visit (just so I'd know where it was) on Sunday afternoon when Jordan was at a youth function. (We had planned on going to the fruit farm the weekend prior, when I was off of work for the weekend, however, the weather was just not fall like at all. I think it was near 80*)

This is one of the projects I worked on in my house 2 weeks ago. I had my Thursday/Friday off that week. On those days, I rearranged the house, cleaned carpets and did some extreme cleaning. It was so rewarding when it was done. This is obviously is my bedroom, with our bathroom. They are both painted the same, and I did have a cream shower curtain and rugs. Well, a few months ago I saw this shower curtain in LTD catalog for less than $20 and ordered it. It just came in, and then I got a few $ from the in laws for my birthday so I bought towels for the bathroom. I think the whole redecrorating thing cost me less than $30.00. (each basket--there are 2--cost $1.80, the shower curtain was less than $20, and the rugs I got on clearance a while back for real cheap--can't remember exactly) It looks really nice too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quit an eventful 2 days

Our school had a bomb threat yesterday in the morning. The children were all evacuated to area churches. There were suspicous backpacks found in the general area of the churches. They do not have 1 person in custody for the threat, and that is all I've heard today. We didn't send the boys to school today, it was just a little much for us to do today. Let me back track, the school had had a threat on Friday also, it was thought to be a copycat, because there was one at another neighboring school on either wed/thurs of last week. The kids were evacuated on Friday, school searched, and all that goes along with it. Then this happened on Monday, today there were more threats at neighboring communities schools. Not sure too many details right now, I just knew I would feel much better with my boys at home and not at school today. Even though in all actuality it was probably the safest day, because of the security checks and such. Now, let me tell you we live in a nice rural community, and not much happens so this is quit an event. Please keep our community in your prayers.

Monday, October 08, 2007


What a wonderful weekend we had.

Rob's sister and her family came for a short visit. They called on Thursday evening and said that Brent had to take a piece of equipment to Fort Wayne (about 1.5 hours from here) and wondered if they could just continue on for a quick visit. It was nice. I was off this weekend, we sure enjoyed our time with family. Their little boy is so stinking funny. He is almost 3 and he is a hoot to be with. He loved playing with the boys, and when it was time to go he said, "I don't want to leave the boys". Right before he left he found out box of stickers, and wanted some, so I gave a small sheet of stickers, which he promply put on his face. He had smiley faces and stars all over his face. One fell off and you'd thought it was the end of the world. Of course i couldn't find my camera for any pictures.

My 2 little are still in their new members class for church. 2 more weeks of that on Sunday afternoons. We will be glad when it is over, not because they are not learning or anything like that, it is just that we travel so far to church, that it makes for a long day. We miss just chilling out with the boys on Sunday afternoon/evening.

We did some house rearranging this weekend. When it is finished I'll post some details and pictures.

I need to also take some picutres of Austin and his creative play. He loves to build things out of cardboard boxes, and anything else he may find to use. Nothing is trash to him. He built a hotel, complete with elevator, and door bell for a dog that he has. He built a play ground, complete with slide, teeter totter, and I can't remember what else for his dog also. Pictures to follow--when the camera batteries are recharged.

I have a story running through my head that I want to share, however, I need to listen to the sermon again, so as to not misquote the illustration. It was so wonderful. I don't want to loose the great depth of it.

It was such helpful illustration. It reminds me of the first time I hear John Piper talk of Abraham and Sarah, and how when they were old--well beyond childbearing years, God gave them a child. Out of the deadness, came a child. It only came from God, nothing they did, just plain and simple God. It is how we are made new. It is all God, we are spiritually dead, and he does the "waking" up, nothing we do can make us alive spiritually. It is all God and all for his glory.

Okay, I must go and check on the 2 younger ones, they are being awfully quiet. What in the world could be happening.