Monday, February 27, 2006

The case of the missing coat!

Okay, my middle son is extremely "hyper". He gets lost on the way to the bathroom to brush his teeth. No exaggeration--Honest! Here is the story. On Thursday (the 16th) he somehow lost his new coat. Now, we just bought it in maybe November, so this was a little aggravating to his mother. Well, I went to every place we had been that day. He had come to my work, looked there, no coat. We had eaten at McDonald's, looked there (2 times), no coat. We even checked at school on the next school day, no coat. I had CLEANED their bedroom, not a sign of the coat. I had given up on ever finding the coat. Luckily he had last years, and it fit, it just didn't look very nice, so he was wearing it. I had even told Jordan, because he wondered about it also, "well evidently if we left it somewhere, and someone took it they needed it much worse than us, so whatever." Well, Friday I worked until 4 so Rob picked up the boys and took them back to work with him. They went to their usual favorite place to play at Dad's work. The upstairs in the garage. Lo an behold, there was Austins coat. Funny, I had thought of looking there, but couldn't remember him ever going up there around the time of the "disappearance", nor did he remember. Well, I am thankful for the found coat, this means, hopefully, we'll get one more year out of it.


Karen said...

I love your stories about the handle all those little crises so well! Sure would like to see you! Maybe we can get together next week when Molly and Betsy are here!!!

Love you...Karen

Heather said...

So glad you found it! I hate to lose things...what a load off your son's mind as well :)