Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just a quick update.

My job is going well. The family is adjusting well. Actually it is much better, because I work days all the time now. With only an occasional evening, if someone calls off and we can't find a replacement. The boys have started school, and it is going well. My drive isn't all that bad, actually it gives me time to unwind before I get home, which is good. Today, I recieved a nice compliment. The assistant manager, who is transferring to another store to be closer to home, told me today that she thought I'd be a good manager. That really made me feel good, because I've come into her store, that she and the last manager had resurected, and she was telling me she was confident that I could carry it and make it better. That really made me feel good today.

Well, I really have to get homework done with the boys. I'll post more later.

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Young Man

"You know Dad, culture is so affected by Hollywood, and that is why I don't like this movie" quote by Jordan Myers 8-4-07

Here is the story that goes along with the fabulous quote.

Last weekend was our town festival. We went up town a couple of different times for different things. Jordan decided not to go at all. He just would rather stay at home most days. Okay at any rate. On Saturday evening Rob took the boys to a BMX bike show, then they came home and Rob and I went back up town alone. Okay, well we rented a few DVD's because we had free coupons. Well, most generally we watch new movies together, that way if we deem it unsuitable we can turn it off, and this week we let them watch a movie we'd not seen. It sounded harmless enough, and it really wasn't that bad, however, I'll not be recommending it to anyone to watch. Well, Jordan evidently didn't enjoy the movie. Austin and Zach thought it was okay, and wanted me to watch it with them. And I did, on Sunday evening. So we watched it, it wasn't a bad movie, but the line of thinking was so off the wall it was crazy. WEll, I guess I should say it was off the wall to us. It was very humanistic. Jordan didn't stay in the living room while we watched it, he went an played football in his own room. He kept telling me it is just a baby movie, it was stupid things like that. Well, Rob and I and the 2 younger ones, just kind of laughed at the absurdity of the thinking in the movie. You know the kind were magic can happen, you can see the future, you can shape your own destiny. And when the movie ended with the little girl changing the future, Rob said this to me. "Now I know why Jordan didn't like the movie and said to me, "You know Dad, culture is so affected by Hollywood, and that is why I don't like movies like this." I kind of had to laugh at this thought that my 13 year old would come to. He has such a thinking mind, he thinks big things of God, he abhors hearing things like "you can create your own destiny, you are in control of you life." It made me realize how blessed I am to have a young man that has such high regard for all things Holy and acceptable in Gods sight. Now I don't claim him to be a perfect child by any means. I just am so in awe that God would give me such a "deep thinking" child. He is definately not the "norm" when it comes to 13 year olds. Now, on many levels he is, but God has definately placed in him a deep desire to serve the Lord and learn more, and a love for things of God.

I could go on and on. But I must clean my house. It is an awful reck. I start my new job on Monday, and this is my weekend off. I am totally free from work this weekend. I have no keys to any store. I turned in my set yesterday for the old store, and then on Monday is when I get my new stores keys.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Well, I've got big news from this household. I got a promotion at work. I will be a store manager at a store in Ohio. It will be about a 25 minute drive for me. LOTS more $$$$$. We are all excited about this opportunity, and a little nervous about it at the same time. I will work mainly days. That is a plus. I start my new position on Monday. Please lift us up in prayer while we make this next transition. There are lots of pluses. The store is a good store, not many problems, which is a plus for me. The manager that was there straightened it up when she got there, and she was transfered to the store that just lost the manager, so even though the other store was closer for me. I'm quit thankful to no be going into a store with BIG problems. I know God in his sovereignty has put me in this spot for the time, so I will trust him to help us work out all the specifics.

Well, I will try and update later. I have to be to work in 15 minutes, and I'm not even in my work clothes. UGH!!!!!!

Have a blessed day.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Prayer concern

I am asking for all my blog friends to help me pray. Today I felt lead by the Holy Spirit to post my testimony on my blog that I have for our family. I have been wrestling with this lately. I don't like it that when we are together that no one wants to discuss anything theological. It is like our family can not even talk about the fact they or us attend church. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is discussed about church at all. Now, that may seem trivial to some, but if your life is so consumed with church, how can you go 2 1/2 days without mentioning it one time.
When we were in Ill to pick up the boys, it was just awful, noone talked anything about church, or Christ in any conversation. Now, Rob and I mentioned things, in passing, and I only say in passing because the comments were ignored and talked around. Christ is the center of our life, and we want to talk about it. You know my boys were up there for 2 weeks, and they were bombarded with "false doctrine" by Rob's father, and then they attended 2 services with Robs family. (They actually attended 3 church services, but one of them was with his Aunt who church preaches the true gospel message--By Grace alone, through Faith alone, In Christ Alone.) And then we get there and it is like church doesn't even exist. At one point Rob's sister and her husband had to leave the house (which was where we were staying) to pass out fliers for a revival they were having. They just said "we have to be gone for a few hours, we'll be back at such and such time". Now, why couldn't they tell us they were doing something for the church, no big deal really. I just am growing weary with the avoidance of theological discussions. I don't do small talk, I don't just talk about the weather for long, it makes me grow weary.

I am in prayer that my post will stir something in the souls of the readers.