Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Exciting News

Rob's sister Jenny and her husband Dean, the parents of these 3 darling children have left our former faith family. I know that sounds crazy to say "exciting news" and follow it by "left the old church". WOW! God is so faithful. He has seen fit to open their eyes to the false teachings that they've grown up in. It is a hard decision, and I have to say that, although we did it, I can't truthfully imagine making the decision and living so close to family--that is still in our former faith family. It was hard enough for our family to deal with, but we were not so close in proximity or other ways. Please help us pray for God's direction for them. I didn't get to talk much to Jenny while we were home for Thanksgiving, but Dean told Rob they weren't so sure where they were going to end up, but they were going to devote themselves to reading God's word and praying for direction. (that is exactly what we did, and look where we are today) God has so answered our prayers with this. I am trying to stay away, unless they want to talk and ask questions, because I do not want to sway them in any way. God will reveal to them as he see fit. It is so EXCITING! I do think that this stems from a few things, Rob has had the opportunity to witness to Dean on quit a few occasions, and I did post my testimony on my other blog. But, most of all God has openend their understanding and made them alive spiritually. Praise God for this exciting event.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Me & My Twin Sister

I forgot to post this picture from Thanksgiving. This is my family with my twin sister. I know that she knows who I am, honest, I can tell by her response to me when I talk to her. I apologize it didn't get a great picture of her face. She is beautiful. She has long fingers, thick blac wavy hair, big brown eyes. She lives in a hospital for handicap. It is a great facility. We don't get to visit very often, mainly because we don't get to Illinois often at all, however, she is well cared for. I can tell because we ALWAYS show up unannounced and she always looks good. My husband has stopped in their more than I--mainly from his past job when he would travel to pick up--he would stop in, just because he wanted to be sure she was being taken care of well. He is so wonderful like that. He sais he can tell she is in a good facility because he has been in SO MANY different facilities, and this is one of the best. Well, this isn't the best picture of my family, but it is us. The boys were a little nervous, well Zach was anyway. The other 2 remember more of our visits. Hey, I really can ramble can't I. Have a blessed day.

Monday, December 17, 2007

It looks like our family will be joining a church finally. It has been a long journey to find our homechurch. We didn't take it lightly at all. After all it has been over 2 years since we resigned. We visited and attending many, many churches. This church fits what we believe theologically. It is in line with everything that God has revealed to us.

We have learned so much on this journey. God has used so many people to teach us so much. He made us alive, and opened our understanding to his word. We are so thrilled that God chose our family. He knew exactly what we'd be, in all our imperfection, and chose us as a covenant family. Nothing we did derseved his Grace, but He, for His own glory chose us. How humbled I am when I think of this.

Christ Presbyterian Church in Richmond will be our home church. It will be official the first Sunday of January. We are looking forward to this day.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Homemade gifts

This is the gift each of my employees will recieve from me. I sure hope that they enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

**I forgot that we also made snowmen out of Nutter Butter cookies. They are super cute, and fun to make.

Dip a Nutter Butter Cookie in white chocolate, for the hat: a peppermint pattie in half, the scarf: a twizzler pull and peel, buttons: reeses pieces minis, some of them had eyes which were mini chocolate chips. The chocolate hardened and I forgot to put eyes on some of them, and then we decided that they were much more cute minus the eyes anyway.

Christmas Cookie Time

I was off work this weekend. Rob was on call for the Street Department. Well, I guess it was better that way, because he worked the entire weekend anyway. We got LOTS of snow. He worked about 7 hours on Saturday, and then 15 hours on Sunday. The boys and I took advantage of the snowy weather and made some Christmas cookies. Austin is dipping ritz crackers with peanut butter in chocolate. Jordan is dipping oreos in white chocolate. Zach was unwrapping peppermints for peppermint fudge (not made yet). Zach also dipped some pretzels in white chocolate. Then I made chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and then 2 batches of buckeyes. I couldn't find my recipe so of course I used the internet, and chose the first recipe I found. WOW! Are they good. It was super simple. I froze the balls for 1/2 hour or so before I began dipping. Why? I asked myself why I had never done that before. What a time saver it was. (well, when you are from Illinois I guess it isn't too hard, because you dip the entire ball, but here in on the ohio state line, you make them look like buckeyes.) Well, we really enjoyed our weekend. We were snowed in with lots of candy and cookies--and of course the necessities.

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Northside Elementary Ambassadors.
This is the singing group Austin is involved in. They preformed this evening. It was a dinner theater. The kids did a fabulous job. I was blown away by the talent. They all looked so nice in their uniforms. The pictures is a little blurry, but I guess that is for the best, since it is not of just my children. This is a group of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade children. They each had to audition, were chosen and have worked very hard for this performance. It was great. I thought it was so neat at the end, as the guests left, the children were in a "receiving line" and they shook hands with all the 180 guests. Great job Mr. Hoggatt training the children. I'm so very thankful for a christian teacher, who loves music and takes so much of his personal time to have this group.

Christmas Card picture

Look at these hansdome boys. These are the pictures I used to make my Christmas cards. I thought the jammies were fun, and of course Jordan is a little beyond the "snuggle jammies". It was fun for the younger boys to have a new toy from Thanksgiving/Christmas to have in the picture. I'm pretty excited about the cards we created this year.

Monday, November 26, 2007

I LOVE family worship

Tonight in our family worship the question we worked on was this.

What is justification?

Justification is the act of God's free grace by which He pardons all our sins and accepts us as righteous in His sight. He does so only because He counts the righteousness of Christ as ours. Justification is received by faith alone.

Is that awesome or what?! God is so stinkin' AWESOME. Nothing we can do, or have done can earn us justification. It is totally an act of God.

What a thought to ponder.

A few pictures of the weekend. I'll post more later, and give some details. WE had a great weekend.

Zach making brownies

These are a few pictures of Zachary making his first pan of brownies.

They were YUMMY! I didn't take a picture of the finished product.

Monday, November 12, 2007

In Christ Alone

I love this song. Check out the you tube video. I don't know how to put the video on here, so you will have to link to it. It is a fabulous song. It is so rich and true. Listen/watch and be blessed.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Check out this blog.

My husband found this blog and saved it for me. I hadn't had time to read much on it until this morning. What a wonderful post. It is so true. Check it out if you have time. It is well worth the read.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend fun. WOW! What a weekend we had. We stayed at home, with the exception of church on Sunday. It was ABSOLUELY WONDERFUL! The weather was beautiful. The boys played baseball outside for a while, we did some baking, and just simply enjoyed each others company. On Friday when I got home from work we ate supper, I made some caramel chex mix, and some haystacks. YUMMY!! Austin and Zach bought playdoh with their allowance, and they created all evening--like for about 4 hours. Cookie cutters everywhere, and lots of neat creation, I just wish again that I'd taken more pictures. Saturday we slept in--ahh this is the life--and when I woke up I thought, "I haven't made cut out cookies in forever." I made sugar cookie dough, and then made a pot of "White chicken Chilli", the boys enjoyed the weather outside for a while. We ate lunch, which was tacos--an all time favorite in this house. Tacos at least once a week. Then to decorate the million cookies. Really there were only about 65 cookies. They were divided between boys, and let them go. Zach got tired and left a few undone, so between Austin and I we finished them. Now, Austin, my artistic one, took great care with each cookie. It was just a wonderful weekend of family. Much needed relaxing.

My boys and their pumpkins. THey didn't enjoy cleaning them out very much. In fact, I think it is absolutely disgusting myself, so they sure didn't get cleaned out much.

This is from last weekend also. I had to work on the weekend, because I was off Thurs/Friday, and Rob took them to a orchard. They had a great time. WE thought we could all just meet there, however, they would be closing by the time I get off of work. They got apple slushies, apples, took a hay ride, and fed some animals. It was fun for them. Rob took me and the 2 little ones for a "quick" visit (just so I'd know where it was) on Sunday afternoon when Jordan was at a youth function. (We had planned on going to the fruit farm the weekend prior, when I was off of work for the weekend, however, the weather was just not fall like at all. I think it was near 80*)

This is one of the projects I worked on in my house 2 weeks ago. I had my Thursday/Friday off that week. On those days, I rearranged the house, cleaned carpets and did some extreme cleaning. It was so rewarding when it was done. This is obviously is my bedroom, with our bathroom. They are both painted the same, and I did have a cream shower curtain and rugs. Well, a few months ago I saw this shower curtain in LTD catalog for less than $20 and ordered it. It just came in, and then I got a few $ from the in laws for my birthday so I bought towels for the bathroom. I think the whole redecrorating thing cost me less than $30.00. (each basket--there are 2--cost $1.80, the shower curtain was less than $20, and the rugs I got on clearance a while back for real cheap--can't remember exactly) It looks really nice too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quit an eventful 2 days

Our school had a bomb threat yesterday in the morning. The children were all evacuated to area churches. There were suspicous backpacks found in the general area of the churches. They do not have 1 person in custody for the threat, and that is all I've heard today. We didn't send the boys to school today, it was just a little much for us to do today. Let me back track, the school had had a threat on Friday also, it was thought to be a copycat, because there was one at another neighboring school on either wed/thurs of last week. The kids were evacuated on Friday, school searched, and all that goes along with it. Then this happened on Monday, today there were more threats at neighboring communities schools. Not sure too many details right now, I just knew I would feel much better with my boys at home and not at school today. Even though in all actuality it was probably the safest day, because of the security checks and such. Now, let me tell you we live in a nice rural community, and not much happens so this is quit an event. Please keep our community in your prayers.

Monday, October 08, 2007


What a wonderful weekend we had.

Rob's sister and her family came for a short visit. They called on Thursday evening and said that Brent had to take a piece of equipment to Fort Wayne (about 1.5 hours from here) and wondered if they could just continue on for a quick visit. It was nice. I was off this weekend, we sure enjoyed our time with family. Their little boy is so stinking funny. He is almost 3 and he is a hoot to be with. He loved playing with the boys, and when it was time to go he said, "I don't want to leave the boys". Right before he left he found out box of stickers, and wanted some, so I gave a small sheet of stickers, which he promply put on his face. He had smiley faces and stars all over his face. One fell off and you'd thought it was the end of the world. Of course i couldn't find my camera for any pictures.

My 2 little are still in their new members class for church. 2 more weeks of that on Sunday afternoons. We will be glad when it is over, not because they are not learning or anything like that, it is just that we travel so far to church, that it makes for a long day. We miss just chilling out with the boys on Sunday afternoon/evening.

We did some house rearranging this weekend. When it is finished I'll post some details and pictures.

I need to also take some picutres of Austin and his creative play. He loves to build things out of cardboard boxes, and anything else he may find to use. Nothing is trash to him. He built a hotel, complete with elevator, and door bell for a dog that he has. He built a play ground, complete with slide, teeter totter, and I can't remember what else for his dog also. Pictures to follow--when the camera batteries are recharged.

I have a story running through my head that I want to share, however, I need to listen to the sermon again, so as to not misquote the illustration. It was so wonderful. I don't want to loose the great depth of it.

It was such helpful illustration. It reminds me of the first time I hear John Piper talk of Abraham and Sarah, and how when they were old--well beyond childbearing years, God gave them a child. Out of the deadness, came a child. It only came from God, nothing they did, just plain and simple God. It is how we are made new. It is all God, we are spiritually dead, and he does the "waking" up, nothing we do can make us alive spiritually. It is all God and all for his glory.

Okay, I must go and check on the 2 younger ones, they are being awfully quiet. What in the world could be happening.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Today I was off work. Now, when you are me, your days off consist of lots of things. For the past, well, I don't know how long it has been, I've scheduled doctors visits, dentists visist and lots of fun stuff like that on my days off. Today, was my turn. What fun! I finally after 8 years decided that I should probably go to the doctor for that fabulous yearly exam. Boy, what a great way to spend your day off right. At any rate, I went to a new doctor, okay not new to the area, but like I said it has been 8-almost 9 years since I've gone, so he was new to me. He was funny, really, I had my exam complete before I knew it. At any rate, he wrote this down for me to go home an watch, since he saw that I had 3 boys, and thought I'd enjoy this. Check it out.


Well, you can no longer view this on You tube. I was getting ready to email it to someone, and found out, it is not longer available.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hop over to 5 Minutes for Mom and check out this awesome giveaway. Wouldn't it be great to vacumm in style.

Hop on over and sign up. Hurry, the drawing is Monday October 1.

Goodbye tree

Here are a few pictures of a quit funny little incident at our house last week. Here goes.

We are trying to sit and eat together, which is nearly impossible with 4 ADHD males, and beautiful weather outside. Rob eats and disappears, and then Zach runs in the house as I'm cleaning up from supper, and is yelling "Dad has a chainsaw and is cutting down the tree." His eyes were bright with excitement. Well, of course all the boys had to go and watch, it was quit a site to behold. You can see Zach laying in the lawn watching. It was so funny. My husband sometimes amazes me. He hadn't even let me know his plans for the evening, and then down comes the tree. Well, in his defense, the tree is dying and needs to be taken down, but I guess I just didn't think it'd be that day. Then he said last that this is the last week for brush removal by the city. Good enough excuse I guess.

Happy Birthday Me!

Well, again it has been forever. I think things to post all the time, but getting it done after working all day a "trying" to keep my house in somewhat order is nearly impossible. I work every other weekend, which means I have Thurs/Friday off every other week.

I was off last weekend, in fact I eve took a vacation day for Friday, I was so excited to have a 3 day weekend. Guess what! I got sick. Well, in all reality it was my allergies, but it was awful, I could barely move around I felt so awful. It is so aggrevating to be sick on my days off. I plan to get so much done, and then *WHAM* I'm Sick. Last Friday was my birthday, the boys got invited to a birthday party for a neighbor, so Rob and I decided to go out alone. It was nice. We went to O'Charleys. The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was a little more peaceful than say Chilis or Texas Roadhouse (which is one of our favorites), so we enjoyed the evening, except for the fact that I didn't feel so hot. On Saturday we did not do much of anything, because Ididn't feel so well, but the boys made me a birthday cake. (Like the candle) It was yummy! Butter Pecan Cake with Butter Cream frosting(Jordan baked the cake, and Zach frosted it). Rob and the boys decided to put candles on the cake, but of course we didn't have 35, so they opted for the black candle, and boy did the kids think it was funny!
You know how not fun it is when you are a sick Mom. I was kind of grumbling about it, then the Holy Spirit put me in check. You know there are so many Moms suffering so horribly. Like, Heather, who is suffering with a horrible illness herself, plus a sick child. Then there is Amy whose is finished with her suffering on this earth, but left behind a husband and toddler. And,there are many more I just dont' have the time to find them all and link them. Through all of the sufferings they give praise to God. I was so convicted of my complaining, that I had to repent, and realize that God is in control off ALL things. Why, oh why, do we loose sight of this awesome truth so often. God is so good, God is faithful, and EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING that is done in our lives is to bring glory to him. My boys, all being ADHD, and requiring so much, I don't even know how to describe it, but you know again, the Holy Spirit has put me in check yet again, when I want to gripe and complain about it, and how hard it is most days. God made each one of us exactly the way he wanted us, and our purpose in everything is to bring glory to God. Why do we wonder around coparing oursleves to others, hoping maybe we could be more like so and so, or why can't I have things this way, well, plain and simple. We are exactly the way God created us to be. I could go on and on, but I don't feel it necessary.
Rob found out yeaterday that he got his raise. YEEHAW!!! Another $1.05, effective this past Monday. He has gotten his CDL license now. That was a major feet for him. He was so nervous aobut it, and God is so faithful, he remained calm and past with flying colors. He was so pleased.
Well, you know I am a talker, and I could go on and on forever. I really must get up from this chair, clean the house somewhat, and go to the gorcery for supper. Dinner tonight is meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. This was requested by both Zach and Rob. Zach thought is was so *funny* when Rob said, meatloaf sounds good, and Zach had just told me that.
Have a blessed day.

Funky Robot

And I wonder why my camera batteries are always low when I go to use the camera. Evidently I have some little movie makers. Too funny! IT is really dark, but I got a good laugh.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What is God's providence?

God's providence is his completley holy, wise, and powerful, preserving and governing every creature and every action.

The Westminster shorter catechism in modern english.

I posted this catechism question and answer just to clarify what I mean when I say "smiling providence" or if I use the phrase "frowning providence".

I may post more on these thoughts another day. Like I said, lots and lots of thoughts running through this mind of mine.
I haven't had much time to read lately, well actually I'm not much of a reader at all. But, I've been thinking lately that I need to read Hinds Feet on High Places again. We read that book as we were leaving the UPC and it was such a blessing. I think I need to read it again. We'll see how that goes. Oh how I wish that I still had it on CD and could listen on the way to work.

Well, just some of the thoughts running in my head lately. There really are lots of thoughts running through this little mind of mine, just don't always have words to express them.

More smiling providence

The vehicle that God blessed us to be able to purchase last week, and the boat that we were blessed to be given along with the trailer. Ain't God good.
Well, while the boys were in Illinois this summer, they stayed with Uncle Rick and Aunt Paula a few days, and they live across the street from Ricks parents. Well, Rick's family used to have a lake house, which they allowed anyone and everyone to use at one time or another. We stayed one year for a vacation. No charge to us, we just had to buy our own food. WOW!!! They had this lake house forever, and used it to bless others, this boat was at lake house, and was also used to bless others for many years. Well, recently they've sold the house, and the boat was stored in their back yard, and they wanted to just give it away. Well, Jordan evidently went over and did some "work" for them and the boat and trailer was his payment. Well, we were able to go and get it this past weekend, since we were able to purchase the Durango, in which to haul the boat. These are some pictures of the boys "cleaning the boat". What a blessing that Rick's parents have been to the Kingdom of God, and now not only have we been blessed by staying at the lake house, and using this boat then, now the boat has been given to us. My boys will get much use out of this boat, since you can tell from many pictures I've posted, they LOVE to fish. I guess there are a few little leaks that need some repair, but hey, no big deal.
Now, to the Durango. We have had this minivan that God blessed us with last year, and it had served its purpose for us. We had it one year, and only paid $1200 for it. Well, as of late it has been having some problems, and we didn't trust it to drive out of town, so it was Rob's work vehicle. See this van was purchased right when Rob lost his job, and he no longer has a company vehicle to use, and that left us with one vehicle. Well, God made it possible that we were able to get that $$ scrounged up and purchased the van. Again, I say it was not healthy now. Well, with me working out of town and working every other weekend this wasn't going to work well for the church situation. We were worried about how Rob and the boys would get to church safely. When I was working at the store in town, he'd just drive up to my store, and we'd all go together, well this certainly was not going to work with me being 30 minutes away in a different direction from church. Well, smiling providence allowed me to have 3 Sundays in a row off, this bought us time. Last week, with the $$ we'd worked on saving, and then trading in the van we were able to purchase the Durango for a great deal. Rob had been looking for a few months at a car lot here in town, everyone whose is anyone will deal with this family owned business. So, at any rate, we'd toyed with the idea of a truck with extended cab, then a minivan, then anything we could use to tow the boat and trailer, then this vehicle came on the lot. We drove it and loved it. If you don't know, and Durango has 3 seats, so it is like a minivan with the seating capacity but it is like a truck in other ways. The best of both worlds. So, needless to say that the boys all took a trip up north in the new (not really new) SUV (as they call it--constantly) to go to a family reunion and get the long awaited boat. I think we'll be going camping in 2 weekends when I have a full weekend off. Oh yeah, that is another reason for a dependable vehicle with space, we could not camp well in our car. It just didn't fit the stuff very well. Oh another blessing, we needed a hitch to tow the trailer with. The Durango did not have one, which we thought was good, means it hadn't towed anything yet, and we had kept aside some $$ for that expense. The car lot we bought the Durango from took in another Durango before we picked up ours and it had a hitch, Rob asked if we could buy the hitch and they just removed it and gave it to us. Boy was that some "brownie points" in my boys eyes. Isn't that funny. Oh, and no we don't always have the box on top. We were just thrilled to have a vehicle we could use it on again, so Rob was able to buy an inexpensive kit to make it work on the new vehicle. See, there was not kit for our Malibu of the minivan--so man is this extra space for us.
Well, enough ramblings for now. I just wanted to share all the many "material" blessings God has given us lately. You know, the job, the raise in income, the Durango, the boat and the list goes on. We truly have been blessed with the smiling providence of God.

Going away gifts

This is a picture of the nice gifts my co workers from my old store gave me. I guess they talked to my sister one day and asked what I liked. They covered all the bases. I LOVE yankee tarts, and of course I like to use 2 at a time, one in the front of the house-one in the back. The one thing I actually collect (well sort of, if someone else buys them for me) is the Willow Tree figurines. The little boy has a ballon that says "Congrats"--I put him in my new office. The tart burner goes in my room beautifully. The card, in case you can't read was PERFECT for them to get me. It said, with an attitude "FINE, Be that way, Leave." and on the inside it said, "I needed something to whine about today." I got a great chuckle out of this card. It was a very thoughtful gift, and I really appreciated it. I do miss my old co-workers.

Here are a few pictures of Austin and his birthday cake. We celebrated at Faith and Brents house, since we were there the day of Austins birthday. He chose to have the ice cream cake for his birthday.

He got money for his birthday and this is what he'd had his eyes on for a while. He chose to buy the awesome castle and stuff to go with it. Great fun.

Grandma and her grandkids

Here is a picture of Rob's mom and all the kids while we were there in July. I totally forgot to post this picture and some others.
Zach, Myles, Acacia, Jordan, Montgomery and Austin

Monday, September 03, 2007

You belong in Fall

You Belong in Fall
Intelligent, introspective, and quite expressive at times...You appreciate the changes in color, climate, and mood that fall bringsWhether you're carving wacky pumpkins or taking long drives, autumn is a favorite time of year for you
I've been thinking something lately and I need to post about it, I just have to figure out how to get my thoughts into words that make sense. Am I the only one who has a problem with that sometimes (well, with my quit frequently)?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Well, I've neglected my blog lately. I am trying to learn to juggle life again. It seems I get in a rythm, things go well, then somehow, things seem to start to fall apart (well not literally).

Things are smoothing out. We are all adjusting well with the new job. They boys are being wonderful with the changes. I think that knowing with the exception of an emergancy, I am home in the evenings. We can have a somewhat normal schedule. It really is going well.

Today I went to church this morning alone. The boys are out of town (story for later) and therefore I went alone. It was a wonderful service. I'm not so sure that it was any better than other, or because I was alone and could really concentrate better. The sevice was so God glorifying. The scriptures pointed to Christ, the sermon was gospel centered (even though it was from Song of Solomon), the songs were God glorifiying. It was so refreshing. It made me realize once again that everything we do should bring glory to God. It sure gave me a new-well renewed--perspective on my job. God gave me this job, and it should bring glory to him.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just a quick update.

My job is going well. The family is adjusting well. Actually it is much better, because I work days all the time now. With only an occasional evening, if someone calls off and we can't find a replacement. The boys have started school, and it is going well. My drive isn't all that bad, actually it gives me time to unwind before I get home, which is good. Today, I recieved a nice compliment. The assistant manager, who is transferring to another store to be closer to home, told me today that she thought I'd be a good manager. That really made me feel good, because I've come into her store, that she and the last manager had resurected, and she was telling me she was confident that I could carry it and make it better. That really made me feel good today.

Well, I really have to get homework done with the boys. I'll post more later.

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Young Man

"You know Dad, culture is so affected by Hollywood, and that is why I don't like this movie" quote by Jordan Myers 8-4-07

Here is the story that goes along with the fabulous quote.

Last weekend was our town festival. We went up town a couple of different times for different things. Jordan decided not to go at all. He just would rather stay at home most days. Okay at any rate. On Saturday evening Rob took the boys to a BMX bike show, then they came home and Rob and I went back up town alone. Okay, well we rented a few DVD's because we had free coupons. Well, most generally we watch new movies together, that way if we deem it unsuitable we can turn it off, and this week we let them watch a movie we'd not seen. It sounded harmless enough, and it really wasn't that bad, however, I'll not be recommending it to anyone to watch. Well, Jordan evidently didn't enjoy the movie. Austin and Zach thought it was okay, and wanted me to watch it with them. And I did, on Sunday evening. So we watched it, it wasn't a bad movie, but the line of thinking was so off the wall it was crazy. WEll, I guess I should say it was off the wall to us. It was very humanistic. Jordan didn't stay in the living room while we watched it, he went an played football in his own room. He kept telling me it is just a baby movie, it was stupid things like that. Well, Rob and I and the 2 younger ones, just kind of laughed at the absurdity of the thinking in the movie. You know the kind were magic can happen, you can see the future, you can shape your own destiny. And when the movie ended with the little girl changing the future, Rob said this to me. "Now I know why Jordan didn't like the movie and said to me, "You know Dad, culture is so affected by Hollywood, and that is why I don't like movies like this." I kind of had to laugh at this thought that my 13 year old would come to. He has such a thinking mind, he thinks big things of God, he abhors hearing things like "you can create your own destiny, you are in control of you life." It made me realize how blessed I am to have a young man that has such high regard for all things Holy and acceptable in Gods sight. Now I don't claim him to be a perfect child by any means. I just am so in awe that God would give me such a "deep thinking" child. He is definately not the "norm" when it comes to 13 year olds. Now, on many levels he is, but God has definately placed in him a deep desire to serve the Lord and learn more, and a love for things of God.

I could go on and on. But I must clean my house. It is an awful reck. I start my new job on Monday, and this is my weekend off. I am totally free from work this weekend. I have no keys to any store. I turned in my set yesterday for the old store, and then on Monday is when I get my new stores keys.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Well, I've got big news from this household. I got a promotion at work. I will be a store manager at a store in Ohio. It will be about a 25 minute drive for me. LOTS more $$$$$. We are all excited about this opportunity, and a little nervous about it at the same time. I will work mainly days. That is a plus. I start my new position on Monday. Please lift us up in prayer while we make this next transition. There are lots of pluses. The store is a good store, not many problems, which is a plus for me. The manager that was there straightened it up when she got there, and she was transfered to the store that just lost the manager, so even though the other store was closer for me. I'm quit thankful to no be going into a store with BIG problems. I know God in his sovereignty has put me in this spot for the time, so I will trust him to help us work out all the specifics.

Well, I will try and update later. I have to be to work in 15 minutes, and I'm not even in my work clothes. UGH!!!!!!

Have a blessed day.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Prayer concern

I am asking for all my blog friends to help me pray. Today I felt lead by the Holy Spirit to post my testimony on my blog that I have for our family. I have been wrestling with this lately. I don't like it that when we are together that no one wants to discuss anything theological. It is like our family can not even talk about the fact they or us attend church. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is discussed about church at all. Now, that may seem trivial to some, but if your life is so consumed with church, how can you go 2 1/2 days without mentioning it one time.
When we were in Ill to pick up the boys, it was just awful, noone talked anything about church, or Christ in any conversation. Now, Rob and I mentioned things, in passing, and I only say in passing because the comments were ignored and talked around. Christ is the center of our life, and we want to talk about it. You know my boys were up there for 2 weeks, and they were bombarded with "false doctrine" by Rob's father, and then they attended 2 services with Robs family. (They actually attended 3 church services, but one of them was with his Aunt who church preaches the true gospel message--By Grace alone, through Faith alone, In Christ Alone.) And then we get there and it is like church doesn't even exist. At one point Rob's sister and her husband had to leave the house (which was where we were staying) to pass out fliers for a revival they were having. They just said "we have to be gone for a few hours, we'll be back at such and such time". Now, why couldn't they tell us they were doing something for the church, no big deal really. I just am growing weary with the avoidance of theological discussions. I don't do small talk, I don't just talk about the weather for long, it makes me grow weary.

I am in prayer that my post will stir something in the souls of the readers.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On Faith Alone

My husband saw this video one day, while channel surfing. He watched SpiritTv for a while I guess. Now I'm not knocking christian music, but so much of it just sounds like glorified love songs that you could sing to anyone. Don't get me wrong on this, I just become weary with some "christian music." At any rate, I love it when I hear songs that are totally God glorifying.
Check out this link. This song is absolutey amazing. It gives me chills when I hear the words, "on faith alone I sand, Sola Fide."


Monday, July 30, 2007

Check out this give away

I found this neat give away contest, browsing through blogs today.
It was at 5 Minutes for Mom, they are giving away an Insignia 37" flat screen tv, donated by Best Buy.
I am looking forward to checking out this site.
It is sure worth a try. You know, someone does have to win. Can't win if you don't try. And the great thing is, it is free.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Birthday letter to Austin

When we got home Austin had this in the mail. It was his birthday on Saturday. This was from the pastor of our church. I was so touched when he opened this and read it. This was so wonderful to recieve after a weekend like we had.

A birthday prayer for Austin...

Father, Son and Holy Spirit...

Thank you for Austin.

Thank you for how his fearfully and wonderfully made, and for how you are remaiking him ino a man like Jesus, through the wisdom of his parents.

As he grows, may he not follow his culture's false notions of manhood.

Instead, may he now that a true man is a man of love, integrity, and faithfulness.

May he know that the true man is Jesus, and my he look to him as Savior, and follow him as Lord.

"I want to know Christ..." Philippians 3:10

Heavenly Father, Thank you for this wonderful reminder of who we are in you. Thank you the reminder of our responsibilty as parents. May this be a daily reminder to us as parents of our responsibility to God and our children, and to Austin of his place in this covenant family. May we all strive, through the Holy Spirit to be more like Christ each day.

They are home!

They are home! We are home together. It is such a wonderful feeling. I'll post more on the details later. We are just all so happy to be together again.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I wonder

2 more days until I get to see my little natives.

I wonder how much they've grown since I saw them last?

I wonder if they miss me as much as I've missed them?

I wonder if they'll be ready to come home, or will they want to stay longer?

I wonder if I'll make it 2 more days without them in my home?

I wonder so many things right now, I can even think straight.

Thank God that we'll see them soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My hair looks a littel crazy in this picture. I haven't even been able to wash it yet. I am so happy with this new do. It makes me look like I have thick hair. Yee Haw!!!

A sign I saw today.

I hope no one is offended by this, but I thought it was too funny.
Rob read this sign to me as we approached the license facility today. Of course, I laughed.

"If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off."

Great, deep thought for the day.

Mouse Trap--not the game

Zach told me on the phone that "I put my finger in a mouse trap." Why I asked. " Well, cuz' grandpa told me to, and he gave me a quarter, and it didn't even hurt." "He told me to put my finger in the rat trap, but I didn't, that would hurt." UH HELLO!!!!!! I told him not to listen to grandpa when he says silly things like this, no matter how much money he offers. Not a happy mamma, that is for sure. I think that my husband is going to have to have a talk with his dad, or else I just might loose my cool with him. UGH!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

lifes update

Okay, I know it has been forever. Lots going on here, well, just normal busy for a family of 5 I guess. Rob and I are both working full time. Rob is so much enjoying his new job. He has gotten a $.50 raise already. Pretty good for us.

Jordan had a blast at his science camping trip. He loves to camp anyway, but with his friends and favorite teacher, made it even better. He learned all kinds of stuff while he was there. He learned how to make some neat camp food too.

Zach is getting all kinds of dental work done this summer. We are so blessed to have an awesome pediatric dentist. He is so good with the boys, he is very firm, but kind at the same time. He is widening both Zach's upper and lower jaws. Sounds fun huh! Zach is such a trooper though. He has this "appliance" in the roof of his mouth right now, it has a "key" which has to be turned 18 times before we go back, he just opens his mouth and lets us turn it. No complaints, such a trooper. When we go back next week, he will put in the lower "appliance".

Well, the boys have been gone for 8 days now. Let me tell you what, this house it pretty BORING without them. I met Rob's aunt in Lafayette, which is the half way point for us both, last Monday. Rob's Aunt Paula and Uncle Rick have 2 boys the same ages as Jordan and Austin. The boys stayed with Rick and Paula from Monday until Thursday, on Thursday they went to Rob's parents, and then on Sunday they went to Rob's sister and brother in law until we go to get them. We will go this weekend to retrieve our children. They are having a great time.

Rob's dad is not the kindest person in the world at times. He had a long conversation with Jordan about this decision that we've made to leave the UPCI. He told Jordan that bad things were going to happen to us, and our family because of it. He pretty much told Jordan that ROb and I would be divorced soon because of our decision. Can you believe that a grown man would tell at 13 year old kids these things about his parents. On top of it, it is Rob's dad, he would say such things about his own son. WOW!!! He is not very mature in his actions. The boys had to go to church with them, because that is where they were on Sunday, and Denny (my father in law) made Jordan go to the altar. UGH!! Jordan just walked up to be respectful and not be disobedient. When church was over Denny said to Jordan, "tell me the truth did you feel the Holy Ghost up there?" To which Jordan responded "No." Well, then he talked about other things concerning theology, and Jordan gave him answers, he talked about Grace and God's choosing us before the foundation of the earth, not based on merit, but merely because it pleases him. To this my FIL responded something like this. "well, if that is the case why would you even try to do good things, and what if I was to go and drink a beer right now?" Well, Jordan said something to the effect of this. "Go ahead, it is not the beer that is the problem it is the addicition that would be the sin. One beer isn't bad in an of itself, but becoming addicted to it is the sin." YOU GO JORDAN!!! He was polite and respectful, but he was also strong in his beliefes and stood up for what he believes. I am so proud of him. We realize that unless God opens my IL's eyes, they can not see truth as we see it, but it is our responsibility to show them. Jordan realizes this also, and so he spoke the truth to them. I am so thankful for all the evenings we've spent in discussion as a family about the truths of the Bible, and I'm so thankful that my boy isn't ashamed of the Gospel. Enough on that, I could go on and on.

Rob and I had a nice weekend together. We went on a "date" Friday. We went to eat at Chili's, and went to a movie (at the $ theater). We had a slight problem with our food on Friday, so the manager gave us $20 gift certificates, and guess what we ate there again on Saturday. What happened, was there was a hair or a fuzz of somesort on one of my fries, so I had them replace my food, quietly and discreetly, I don't like to make a big deal, you know stuff happens. Well, I get my new plate of food, my fries are piping hot, and my chicken fingers are ice cold. I went ahead and ate, because for crying out loud Rob was done, because this was my second plate of food. Well, we paid before we talked with the manager, but I wanted to draw attention to the manger, just because it appeared that they had just put the original chicken on a different plate, with new fries. Well, he insisted on giving us gift certificates. Of course we'll take them. I assured him that we would have returned they without the gift certificates, but thanked him anyway. WEll, on Saturday Rob and I slept in late, and then go up and spent the day outdoors together. It was super time and we were in Richmond again so we ate at Chilis. Hey, no kids, free foood, come on. It was a great weekend. I did cook on Sunday. On Sunday we went to church, ate lunch and took a LONG nap. Then we went to a calling for a dear friend whose mother passed away. Hey, come to think of it, I cooked twice on Sunday.

Monday, no more playtime, back to work. I'll tell you what it is awful quiet around here without the natives. I come home from work and the house looks the same as when I left it. I cleaned the weekend before they left becuase Rob took them camping and I was home alone for 2 days, so it just seemed natural to clean then, so since it is just he two of us, it has stayed clean. I even had to wash things together that I normally wouldn't was together just to do some laundry. No toothepaste in the sink, no messes in the bathroom (you know how boys can miss), there are not 50 cups dirty from one day. Let me tell you, we thought we'd look forward to the empty nest, not so sure about that at this point. What was our life before children. I guess this was a good reminder of what a blessing they are to our lives. I told Rob, we should appreciate them more when they get back, seeing how much life they add to our lives.

Oh, yeah! Today I did it. I've only talked about it for 3 months, and today was the day. I got my hair done. I got my haird permed and cut. It is great. I have awfully thin hair, it is pretty lifeless. I had a real cute hair style back in January, but it was on the short side of things, just above my collar, and of course it grew out, and I just can't bring myself to spend money on myself every 4-6 weeks or so. I also like what one might consider "low maitnenance hair" so I decided to grow it out a bit, and then see, now understand my hair doesn't grow that quickly, so it is not really long. Well, today was the day. I had her check the computer, and it had been since January that I'd had it cut. I really like the new hairdo, I'll try and post a picture soon.

I sure hope I didn't bore anyone. I know this seems like an awfully long post, but hey I talk alot.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Okay, Robin, I am so sorry for being so tardy on updating. No excuse really. Well, I'm sure I can give a few but they are pretty lame. Let's just say BUSY, full time job, husband, 3 boys, house, summer, you know. At any rate. I've started to post quite a few times, but then I realize it is late, and I know I can be on here forever, so I just sign out. I have been reading everyones everyday though.

I will update with all kinds of stuff here in the next few days. Like, right now I'm sitting here typing talking to my mother in law on the phone.

I'll give you a few quick things. Jordan loved the camping trip. The boys left on Monday to go stay with Rob's family in Illinois until next weekend when we go pick them up. Rob and I are home alone for 2 WEEKS!!! Sounds good, huh! I'll update you later.

Off for a day with my husband without my boys.

Have a great Saturday.

****Please pray for my boys, they are having to attend church with my in laws tomorrow, and Jordan especially isn't looking forward to it. I know they know the truth, so it will be fine. Well, I could go on and on.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yesterday Jordan left for his Science Camp Camping trip. They left yesterday morning, spend the night, spend the entire day today exploring the campground using the knowledge they've learned the last week in the class. Spend tonight at the campground, tomorrow they get up eat, pack up camp and go to the Indianapolis Zoo and then head home. He comes home in the evening tomorrow. I think it is going to be an awesome experience for him. I have to tell you that I think I was having some serious anxiety about this seperation. I didn't even realize it, until mid morning yesterday when I kept asking the other 2 boys questions about Jordan. Like, "do you think we should've taken him a hat before they left, what about a notebook, Oh, I think he forgot his backpack, and on and on I went." They kept answering my questions, reasoning out their answers, it was quit funny actually. Well, then they were extremely wound up. WILD, I guess is a better workd for their actions. I realized that they were just reacting to my feelings, and I had to do a quick "Heavenly Father help me today". I had to put Jordan in the Lords hands for this trip. See, I am extremely protective of my boys, EXTREMELY, and it is very hard for me to let them go away with anyone but Rob and I. The only reason for allowing him to sign up for this camp, was that I personally knew and trusted one of the 2 instructors. In fact his daughter babysat for my boys before, and his wife was Jordan's preschool teacher. My mood changed, and things were much better with #2, and #3. We actually enjoyed our day.

Here was our day. We dropped Jordan off at the school, and off to run some errands. We got Austin's picture taken. Looked around Wal-Mart for a short time. The boys were looking for G.I. Joe stuff, not a single item was found. I did, however, find curtains for the boys rooms on clearance. I was quit pleased with that. Then we went to JcPenneys. I need khaki pants for work. I am having an awful time finding them. What a time for our company to change from black to khaki pants for our uniforms, the same time that Wal-Mart starts requiring khaki bottoms on their employees, and also while it is summer and all you can find easily (and inexpensively) is short pants. UGH!!! Okay, here is our Penny's experience. I found and tried on a pair of khaki pants quick, then in line, which was forever long, the boys are messing around. Loudly, but funny. They were smacking each other in the face, doing Indian burns on the arm, giving shots with there fingers, and laughing hysterically. It was very comical, the lady behind me in line was even laughing. I just chuckled, because they were being so silly. We made it out of there with no big problems. Then to the goodwill store. Which, by the way, I found alot of neat stuff. They were in heaven. They spent the entire time we were there in the back, where all the household stuff, toys and just misc stuff is. They hit the jackpot. Zach bought some binoculars and Austin found a 35mm camera, manual camera that. They were so thrilled, carefully inspecting everything they were considering buying. It was so fun to watch. Then to the $$ store to get some film. HOT DOG!!! They were all set up to be spies now. Isn't that funny. It was so fun to just step back and watch them shop and plan and all the neat things little boys do. In the end I was so happy that the Lord had helped me change my attitude and enjoy the boys so much more yesterday. Sometimes it is so easy to be busy doing the "work" of the day that I forget to enjoy the moments I have with my kids. It is hard to beleive that in 5 years Jordan will be off to college, and in only 10 years my youngest will be there. UGH!!! My how time flies.

Well, off to get some housework done before we go out for the evening.

Friday, June 08, 2007

What does one do with this much mulch. (well, really it was 5 of us) It took us about 5 hours on Friday when Rob's friend brought it to us, and then Rob and the boys worked all day the next day in the yard. THis mulch was free from Frank Miller. If you worked on the Spring clean up day, you get your choice of a few things. One of them being this truck load of mulch. (the other choices were things like a t-shirt or something else like that) I told Rob if he thought we needed mulch this year, this is his chance. We would never have had enought $$ for that much mulch this year.

More pictures of my flowers. My favorite are the orange colored ones.
This is what you do with it. We mulched the entire front landscape area in the front and sides of the house. We also had so much left that Rob and Jordan took up a large area of sod inside the fenced area in back to make a sitting area for us. (see the grill--we use it to cook and just have fires for fun and roast marshmallows of course.) We also had enough mulch to mulch inside the fence around the bottom of the fence where there is no longer grass. It is nice. As you can see one side of my landscaped area grows much better than the other, not sure why. I guess we need to use some miracle grow on that side.