Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Shepherding a Childs Heart

I just started reading my new book. Shepherding a Childs Heart by Tedd Tripp. I've only read the forwards (there are 2 since the book has been revised) and the Introduction. WOW!!! I'm already totally blown away and convicted at my parenting. I kept reading my husband pieces of the book, and he said "I may even have to read that book". Now that we understand the gospel this book makes sense (well what I've read). See, about 4 years Rob's aunt gave us a copy of this book to read, however, we never read it, now I know why. We didn't understand the gospel, the book did not make sense to us. We would have never wanted our children to believe they were sinners in need of grace, because we lived above sin. UGH!!! I thank God that he has revealed the gospel message to us. I've had to stop reading tonight, our I'll never go to bed, and I need to.

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Heather said... convicting it of my favorites..