Sunday, June 16, 2013

This should be interesting

Somedays I miss blogging.  I met a lot of people through this.  Quite a few I still keep in contact with now.  Life is funny that way.  Let's see how this works.  I figure this would be a place to write, as Facebook would not be a good outlet for these long thoughts.

Last Sunday Jordan left to start the journey to become a Marine.  This is something this child has dreamed about, talked about for as long as I can remember.  It was his first thought of what he wanted to be when he grew up, that of course after he decided he no longer wanted to be a stranger or an Indian.  Whew, glad his career goals changed.  Can you imagine when dome one asks about your son, "oh he is a stranger" or "oh he is an Indian".

Jordan signed up for the Marine Corp  June 1, 2012.  He was so excited, passed everything, and on the way home was in a terrible wreck.  He flipped his truck, had to crawl out the back window with gas pouring out onto the street.  God had his hand on him that day, and I know he still does.  There were three cars involved, not one person required medical attention.  Jordan was in the DEP program (delayed entry program).  He went o PT at least once a week, recruit functions once a month, etc...  June 10, 2013 couldn't come soon enough for him.  Jordan had a serious case of senioritis, imagine that.  Lol!  He played football.  That is another story in and of itself.  He went to Muncie Area Career Center, and was in Construction Trades, and helped build a house.  What an awesome experience.  Jordan went to prom with a girl he's been friends with forever.  He had so much fun.  Then, out of no where graduation came.  How did that get here so soon?  What an awesome moment to see him walk across the stage to receive his diploma.  I love our community, to see staff  and schol board members hug my son at graduation.  We had an open house immediately following graduation.  Jordan really enjoyed "his" day.

Knowing Jordan was leaving 8 days after graduation, we did LOTS of fun family stuff this past year. We were able to buy a camper, and had fun camping.  We went to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan for a week.  We definitely enjoyed every moment we could bring together.  Not that there wasn't fighting, but we still enjoyed it.

Well, June 9 we took him to his recruiter, hugged him and then he left to stay in a hotel getting ready for Monday.  June 10, we drove to Indy to see him swear in and get on a bus to leave for 13 weeks.  What an awesome experience.  It was a bit boring when we were just sitting around waiting, but the moments we got to spend with Jordan were worth it.  We hugged again, got his belongings, and waved goodbye, for real this time.  Did I say 13 weeks yet?  Well, we will not see him again for 13 weeks, 13 weeks, that is a long time.  At that time we will see him graduate boot camp.  That, my friend, is a day I am looking forward to.  So, when people in town ask me EVERY day "how are you doing?"  I honestly tell them, I miss Jordan but the pride and happiness I feel for what he is doing far out weighs the sadness i feel from him being gone.  I think of Jordan, pray for Jordan at least about a million times a day.  I love to hear people tell me, "I said a prayer for Jordan today".  Jordan is one lucky guy, we know people all over the world and they are praying for him.  Pastor Mackey gave Jordan a blessing and prayed with him the day he left.  How much more comfort can a person be given?

Tuesday Rob got the scripted phone call that he had arrived at his destination.  Now, the waiting game.  Hoping to get a letter with his address this week.  We have read that we should write every day, do that Jordan will get mail every mail call.  Hoping I can do it.  We bought some note cards, I figure that would make it easier to write something each day.

Well, I have definitely rambled enough.