Thursday, August 31, 2006

Please Pray!

My Mom just called me. We haven't talked in months. Long story for another time.

My brother, who isn't saved, is in the hospital pretty serious I guess. Evidently he had surgery last week to remove his gall bladder and isn't doing well. He had been being treated for the last who knows how long for a hyateal hernia (I'm quit sure I butchered that spelling-forgive me) and in all reality it was his gall bladder. They did surgery to remove it, and it was gang green. UGH! They put a drain tube of some kind to drain off the infection. He went to the doctor on Tuesday, and he wasn't real pleased with the progress, so he said if it was not better, next Tuesday they'd do another procedure. Well, I guess the pain got so bad today that he was crying--now he is not a cryer--so my sister-in-law took him to the hospital. They have admitted him, because his bile count is so high and will be doing some type of surgery in the am.

Please help me pray. Our relationship is not at it best, and he is not saved. Thanks in advance.

Fun boy story

Okay, I've been wanting to tell you all this since it happened, but life gets busy. I hope this will give you a chuckle for the day.

Saturday I called home from work to see how the day was going. Well, Rob says, "the boys are selling lemonade." So, I imagine they are sitting in the drive way. No way! They were walking the neighborhood selling lemonade. The Mom across the street made it for them, so it was Austin, Zach and Jordan (from across the street). Zach came in the house and said to Rob, she didn't have enough sugar, can I have some?" Well, of course he can, Rob said Zach proceeded to take about 2 tablespoons of sugar. Wow, that ought to be some tart stuff.

Well, here is how they did it. First off, Rob said they were barefoot and dirty from playing outside. They had their wagon, which is falling apart. This wagon was retrieved from the trash by Rob's grandfather when my Jordan was about 2, and it has had a rough life. We've tried to throw the thing away, and we get caught every time. Okay, back to the sales strategy. They were walking the streets (all 2 of our neighborhood streets) knocking on doors to sell this lemonade. When they came home with the loot. All $5.00 of it. Rob was dividing for the boys, and asked them how they made so much $$. Well, Austin says, "we told them it was for an orphange or for my Dad since he lost his job." WOW!!! Kids are amazing. Rob told them to keep the money, he really didn't need it.

I was blessed when at church on Sunday I saw Zach put all but 2 quarters in the offering at church, on his very own.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Smiling Providence

Here are a few of the things that I believe are Smiling Providence of God in our lives lately.

*God blessed us with our house almost 2 years ago. (Previously we lived in the funeral home that Rob worked at--can you imagine having to find a place to live along with a job?)

*Rob lost his job; he was able to spend much time with the boys this summer.

*I didn't get that job at the bank last winter, which would have been part time, not full time.

*I was able to go full time at work, right when Rob lost his job.

*Rob's unemployment and my full time pay almost equalled Rob's old pay.

*I got a promotion, more $$ and benefits.

*We were able to buy a second vehicle just one week before we really needed it. (I have to work every other weekend, which includes Sunday. They let me go in early to get the bank stuff done, then go to church and come back and finish my duties afterwards--this requires 2 vehicles, so Rob can go early--since he's the preacher for now)

*By having 2 vehicles I can take the boys to Memorial Baptist on Wednesdays. Which is when they have wonderful classes for them. Teaching deep spiritual truths. We also were able to start again just when the new session (not sure what to call it) began.

*Rob got a job in town.

*Rob got first shift.

**These are just the big ones. God is so ever present in my life each day. He reveals himself in different ways each day. I see the seeds of faith growing in my children. Wow, what a privelage it is to raise my children to glorify God. I am so thankful that God has revealed himself to me in such a great way. We serve a GREAT BIG GOD, and we need not forget it. Especially in the small things, that we may want to take for granted. God is sovereign an in control of all things. It makes me think of something our pastors wife likes to say in teaching; "God knows the end from the begining." How true that is. We just have to trust God, "and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28. Do you realize what the last 2 words of the verse say, his purpose, not ours. WOW!!! God is in control.

Lord, forgive me for my unbelief. Help me to truly trust that you have all things in control. Not just say it, but believe it with all my heart. Father, help me to glorify you each day. Father, help me to be kind and loving, showing your love to others. Thank your sacrifice on calvary for a sinner such as myself. Thank you Lord for choosing me, thank you for giving me the faith to believe in you. Thank you for that wonderful gift of faith, to trust in your sacrifice on calvary, and not on my own righteousness. Thank you, Father, for grafting me into your covenant family, for the privelage to be called your child. I am so unworthy, you are so gracious. Thank you for the Holy Spirit to guide me each day. Thank you for the growth I see in my children. Thank you for the awesome privelage of being a mother to 3 boys. Help me Lord, to raise them to fear you. To live a life glorifying to you. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

New job!

Rob got a job today. We are pretty happy about it. He still had about 8 weeks left of unemployment checks, but he starts on Tuesday. He was able to have the entire summer off to be with the boys. This will definately be a summer they'll never forget. Lots of good "boy" time. His job is here in town, which is nice for us. This is something that he was really interested, working here in our town. It doesn't pay as much as he made when he lost his job, but you know, I know God has it all figured out, and I am just having the faith that he will take care of us. God definately hasn't left us without. He is a great big God, he supplied the need we had in his time. Again, I am reminded of the fact the Rob had more time with the boys than he's ever had.

To God be the glory!

The name game

I found this from Grafted Branch yesterday. I thought it would be fun. Evidently, A Chelsea Morning, started this name game. So here goes.

I started a blog last year sometime after a friend, Karen, because I loved to read hers. It kept me updated on her life. Okay, back to me. I started a blog, then some strange way I lost my username and passwork and couldn't get into it again. UGH!!! So, I just started a new one. This time I "kind of" knew what I was doing, at least I knew the questions that you'd have to answer to start a new blog. I thought about a name before I started it this time.

In my address line are these letters. exupciinuc. They simply state that I am an ex-upci and where I'm at. My blog name is Free In Christ. To me it was simple. I was held hostage by a very leagalistic works based religion, and then almost 2 years ago God revealed to my husband and I that we are in deed free in Christ. Again, here is my testimony, check it out if you are interested. It is that simple, my blog name that is. I am most definately Free In Christ. I simply what to share with any one interested my journey in my new found faith. Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Family Devotions

This is our family worship devotional book for the time being. We are really enjoying it. It is the catechism based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism in Modern English. It is a great way to teach your children doctrinal truths.
For each question there are 6 days of devotional readings, with scripture referrances and answers. It is for elementary and junior high age children. Which is perfect for our children. Since we have 2nd, 4th and 6th graders.
They boys are learning so much. Some nights are better than others, we have added some prayer time to this, and then tonight we tried to sing the doxology. I say tried, we didn't do a good job at it. The boys really got a kick out of trying to sing a song like that without music. I just think it would be good for them to learn the words to the song. Our prayer for our family is to be in constant reformation in our lives, to become more Christ like each and every day. God is so good. He is working in our family each day.

The boys just got back from Rob's families house. Of course they are all of our former faith family, and very "strong" in their beliefs. The boys had to go to church with them for 3 services. They didn't enjoy it, because they see the self satisfying worship, along with the trusting in their own righteousness. Then to top it off, their grandpa, gave them a hard time. Jordan said he talked about Rob and I not following the "rules". Of course he was referring to the organizations rules, not biblical issues. Jordan said he wanted to tell him, "we do follow the rules, we just follow the Bible." But, he is smart and realized it would have fallen on deaf ears, and he didn't want to provoke him, so he just remained silent. Jordan knows the truth, and the freedom and peace you can have in Christ alone. We no longer have to live in fear that if we die right now, we might not have "earned" our salvation. We may not have been good enough. Our boys, especially Jordan and Austin, understand that we are clothed in Christs righteousness when we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths the Jesus is Lord.
We do have "rules" ,if you will, to live by, but it is not a man made list. No list made by man is long enough to make us right in God's eyes. If our account has not been made right by Christ we are lost, nothing good that we can do will ever take that place.

Austin has a very sensitive spirit, and he is very concerned for our extended family. He asked us to pray that God would open their understanding to the "real gospel message." Okay, I'm sure Jordan is concerned also, Austin just has a different way of expressing his concern. I'm so encouraged to see the spiritual growth that my boys are experiencing. What an awesome privelage for us as parents. They are showing such an interest in biblical truths, writing things down as we discuss them. I take no credit for this, it is all a work of the Holy Spirit. I'm just thankful to be a part of this great plan. To God be the glory.

I'm so that this was such a long post. I'm not even sure that I expressed what I am feeling right. I hope you were able to follow my thoughts. Sometimes, I just tend to ramble. UGH!!!

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I forgot to add this thought. Austin was very concerned with knowing where this verse is located. He kept asking "where is that verse about not by works." I have a feeling it was because of something that he was told while with his grandparents. He was very excited when we gave hime the information. Here is the verse. I thought is was great that he remembered something we'd talked about in the past (especially because he is so very active and you are never sure that he is hearing your words), he just needed some help in finding it. It was real cute to see him try and look it up alone.

Ephesians 2:8-9 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works so that no one can boast. (NIV)

I just keep thinking of this. Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6.

Look what the Lord has done!

Yes the hubcab is missing. It wasn't when we bought it, it feel off on the highway yesterday on the way home from getting the boys from their grandparents. Rob decided it wasn't worth driving backwards-looking-since they'd already driven 1-1/2 hours and didn't know when it fell off. Oh well! We'll just have to get new ones.

Okay, this may not look like much. However, I will tell you the story. Rob, when he pastored had use of the church van to ride around town in, and then with his job he had a vehicle for work. Therefore, we didn't need 2 vehicles. Well, he resigned the church in October last year, and then he lost his job in April of this year. Guess what, we only had one car. That sounds fine, but it was a little hassle at times. Rob would have to be available to take me to work and pick me up everyday. It really wasn't too bad, it was just getting old. We started saving money a few months ago. We didn't have much, because as I told you he lost his income in April. Well, now is the time that we really needed to concentrate on getting another vehicle, because Rob will need to get a job now (the boys go back to school Tuesday so he won't need to stay at home with them), and of course we couldn't find anything in our small price range. Last week we thought we'd found a car, and then as Rob made an offer, someone came and made a counter offer of $50 more right in front of him. Well, we didn't have another $50, so we lost. No big deal. Well, this van was being sold by some people in town that we know. We offered them what we had, and told them don't accept just because you know us, if you don't feel it is fair, just say No, we won't be offended. Well, they had the van on ebay, the auction would be ending within hours of when we talked to them, so they told us to check back in a few hours. Well, the auction ended and the bidder hadn't contacted them, so they accepted our offer. We were so thrilled. It is so nice and roomy for our boys. This story reminds me "all things work together for good to those who are called according to his purpose." Smiling providence is what else I say about it. God is good, and he does work all things together for good. If we'd gotten that car last week, we'd not gotten this this week.

God is so good. He supplied our need when it was necessary, not just when we wanted it.
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006

Look at those eyes

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I want in there too!

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Cousins having fun

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Just giving the boys a ride

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Little drama queen

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What handsome boys.

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This is Rob's family. It is so nice to not be the only ones with children any more.

We had a fun weekend visiting our family in Ill. The boys are staying until Thursday. Wouldn't you believe it, I got sick while we were gone. However, I went to the doctor today and he gave me some meds. Rob and I will go out on a "date" tomorrow. We really need some alone time, haven't had any since before school got out, and we are staring to feel it. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We serve a GREAT BIG GOD

Last week the Lord blessed my family with a job promotion for me. As you may know, Rob lost his job back in April. He has taken the time to spend with the boys. We've had a great summer, lots of family time. His time was so limited before. He pastored a church, and then had a very demanding secular job (that is what paid the bills). Well, it was a blessing that he lost his job. People don't understand how I can say that, but it is all about this GREAT BIG SOVEREING GOD that we serve. Well, when Rob lost his job I was able to go to work full time, to somewhat make up for the finances we'd be loosing. Then, I was asked to be a crew leader, then about 1 1/2 weeks ago I was promoted to the assistant manager. This will equal a raise and then something much more exciting also. Insurance. Thank the Lord for that. Rob and I have not had insurance in quit some time. It has always been something that has weighed on our minds, as we are getting older. Okay, I didn't say old, just older. I'm so thankful for the smiling providence of God at this present moment in our lives.

Just wanted to share some exciting news with my friends.

Guess what I'm listening to?

Selah: Bless the Broken Road.

I'm am enjoying this new cd. It is wonderful. The songs are so full of deep spiritual truths.
How, do you ask did I get this cd? Okay, maybe the thought never crossed your mind, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. Here it is. I was listening to the christian radio station that is in our town. It is one of the only stations I can tune in at work. Suits me just fine though. Okay, Bruce Matthews, the morning DJ is talking about the cd he'll be giving away today. Well, of course I missed the call in time. Then, he came into the convenience store I work at for lunch. I was asking him about it. Just curious. I really had no intention of asking for the cd. Well, he offered me one. I didn't even ask. Promise. He said he got a few in that had broken cases, and if I wanted it he'd bring it to me when he got off of work. Isn't that awesome.

He came in later to bring it to me. And of course, I'm quit the cynical one. I told him thanks, a bunch, then said "hey, I'd say I will forever worship you, but that would be idolatry." Just kidding of course. He then said, you know what you could do for me though, pray. Well, of course I could do that. He said he is seeking God on some things in life. So, here I am, I'm going to ask all of my blog friends to remember him in your prayers. Isn't it neat how God puts people in your path each day.

Let me give you some info. 1.) We live in an extremely small rural community, and it is a blessing to have a Christian radio station in town. 2.) Although I don't praticularly enjoy all Contemporary Christian Music, I am thankful for the station, because, as I said we are a rural community. We have a hard time tuning in many of the other Christian Radio stations. 3.) Again, because we are a small community, not many people in town don't know about my husband and my journey to salvation by grace alone, freed from legalism, emotionalism and arminianism. So, this DJ is always asking about what is going on in our spiritual life.

Why did I add this info, who knows, I just did.

New subject, well kind of. I have been reading a few new found blogs. It never ceases to amaze me how God works in my life. God has given me a new appreciation for old hyms. In the past week I made a post concerning that issue. Then, as I was doing my daily blog reading (horrible addiction) I found many people where feeling the same way about music. Now, let me add something, I do listen to CCM quit a bit. Like I said, at work it is absolutely the only radion station that comes in for me to listen to. Well, there are secular stations, but this is what I choose. At any rate, although I don't enjoy all the music, there is some good music in the CCM scene. There are some new tunes with very deep doctrinal truths. There are also some out there, that are just love songs that could be sung to anyone. I prefer the songs that really show how BIG God really is. He is a great BIG GOD, SOVEREIGN, in control of all things. Those are the songs I enjoy.

Okay, enough rambling thoughts for the day.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The old Hymns

Let me start by saying that before this transformation in my life. The old songs just didn't do anything for me (does that statement in an of itself tell you anything). I thrived on the "new" stuff. It felt better, because you know, it is all about us, and how we feel, what we get out of it. UGH!!!

Well, the Holy Spirit has really given me a deep appreciation for these old hymns, the words as well as the stories behind the songs. I keep going over in my mind the words to "It Is Well With My Soul" What an awesome testimony of the sovereignty of God in this song.

Also another song that has a new meaning for me now is: "Amazing Grace" These words mean so much to me now. When people ask "how did you come to this new faith in Christ alone?" I can honestly say it was by the grace of God and that is it. No one person showed this to me/us. It was all God. He throught the Holy Spirit revealed these wonderful truths to us. When I heard this song the other day, wow, it just hit me, that is MY song.

’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears reliev’d;
How precious did that grace appear,
The hour I first believ’d!

Those words say it all. It was grace that taught my heart fear, and it was grace that relieved my fear. I'm so thankful that everyday God, through the Holy Spirit, reveals things to me, and shows me that he is in control of everything. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! The good, the bad and the ugly. Even in the bad, God is there, he is in control. It is so overwhelming to realize that.

On Friday I had the opportunity to share some of my testimony to a customer at work. It was wonderful, she was in tears. She is being dealt with by God at the moment. She was also raised in a "works" based, legalistic religion, and was taught you can never be sure of your salvation. She totally doesn't agree with that, she knows she is not living right at the present, but you can see the hand of the Lord in her life. Please pray that I can be a testimony to her. My plan is to print out my testimony and give it to her. She just keeps coming back to me, she opens up to me about things.

Also, on Fri I read a blog, Minnie Moments, she shared her son's "decision" experience. It reminded me of her story here, here, here, and here, and it is somewhat similar to my life. Not quit exactly, but similar, I can definately relate. (long story for another day) at any rate, it was overwhelming to me, she was "chosen" by God and plucked out of the muck and mire, now her children have a different heritage. Why me? I often ask, the answer simply is this, because God is God and he chose me before the foundation of the earth.

Okay, I must stop rambling for now. My husband is wanting to look something up. He is getting fired--in a negative way--up about something a "preacher" is saying on the tv about God. "God doesn't always get his way". I'll explain it later. Honest.


The poster my son bought for his room. I love to see him desiring to show his faith in these small ways. What a great kid. Please pray as he enters the "middle school" days.


This is a BIG THANK YOU to Grafted Branch for teaching my how to link things in my post. I am not very computer literate, and I am so happy to be able to use this knowledge. Thanks!!

Also thank you to BooMama for the bloggy tour of homes. I enjoyed the homes I visited. I didn't make it through even half of them. I was spending too much time on the computer, so I just stopped visiting. I met so new blog friends, and look forward to keeping up on their blogs.
In fact, that is how I met Grafted Branch.


My husband, remember I told you how wonderful he was. Well, more proof. He told the boys that they'd have a sleepover/campoout this summer. Here it is. Each boy had 1 friend over. I don't think I could handle too many more boys. In all actuallity, they were all very well behaved. A little wild but hey, they are boys. I bought lots of food, well not really lots, but more than I would have normal, we still have some. I wanted them to have lots to choose from. Rob grilled food for them. They didn't eat much overall. I think the heat (pushing 100*) had a lot to do with that. It was definately there for them. We let them drink pop, caffiene free of course. They jumped on the trampolne, ran around, got sweaty,played video games, watched a movie, had a "campfire" in the backyard, roasted marshmallows, ate smores, and slept in the tents. It was alot of fun. We had one little frustration. When it was bed time, like around midnight, because it says light so stinking late now. Okay, sorry. Well, we've camped alot this summer, we all--that is all 5 of us--have our own flashlights. Would you believe we couln't find one forever, then we found one and the batteries were dead. Of couse it was much too late to go buy batteries. UGH!!!! Overall it was a great time. I think all the boys had a good time.

Let me share will all, little boys and fire just aren't the calmest place to be around. They can't just sit and enjoy the fire, they must play in it.