Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I've been challenged.

4 Jobs I've had
Cashier/receptionist at a car dealership
Banker (lots of jobs there)
Cashier at a convenience
Homeschool teacher/stay at home mom

4 places I've lived
California (Dad was in Navy)
Sandwich Illinois
Indianapolis Indiana
Union City Indiana

4 Favorite Movies
The Notebook
Cheaper by the dozen (reminded me of our crazy home)
In Her Shoes (this was a little risky of a movie, but the main theme reminded me our my sister and I--how our relationship is, and why it is this way-don't know that I'd recommend it or not.)
Robots (lots of 80's stuff in it)

4 Favorite TV Shows
Little house on the Prairie
Design on a Dime
The Waltons
Not much of a TV person

4 Favorite Foods
Chicken Strips
Sugar Cookies--the gooey kind not cakey
French Fries
(I'm extremel healthy can you tell)

4 Places I'd rather be
Someplace warm
By the ocean

4 First names of old boyfriends
Didn't have many

4 Music groups I've seen
Twila Paris (long time ago--in junior high)
Larnell Harris (again, in junior high)
Wayne Watson (in high school)
The McGruders (they were big in our former faith family)

4 books I've read
Why ADHD Doesn't mean disaster
Love you forever
Focus on the Family Complete book of Baby and Child Care
Titus--NIV versions

4 books I'm going to read
Breaking Free by Beth Moore
Chronicles of Narnia: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe
Intimate Issues
The Discipline of Grace


Heather said...

This was so much fun to read!!

Karen said...

That was really fun to read Melissa! Isn't it great that we have a network of friendly bloggers to keep in touch with!

Love you...