Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Day spent with my hubby

Today Rob and I had the day off together. We've not had a day like that in forever. We enjoyed the day. We went to the Christian Bookstore, we bought a Selah cd--Greatest Hyms, and Shepherdinga Childs Heart. I am looking forward to reading the book. I've heard such good things about it. The cd is great. Listening to the old hyms, wow, the people who wrote them had such an understanding of the soveirgnty of God. Then, we went to Shoebilee. We bought new shoes for Jordan. He has been such a trooper about the shoes he's been wearing since the Christmas incindent. Not one complaint. They were my old ones, (don't fear they are masculine looking--blue and grey) and they were not the greatest when he started wearing them. Well, I tried these shoes on that we bought him, they fit me, and when we had him try them on they are borderline too small, therefore, we will be exchanging them for the next size. He thought that was funny. What I thought was so wonderful about this shoe story is, today when he tried them on, first he kept saying "wow these are awesome" and he didn't want to complain that they were a little tight. He is such a thoughtful kid. Okay, back to the day. We went to lunch at a mexican restraunt. It was really good. We came home and watch a movie, and it was just so nice to have alone time together.

Jordan came home from school and first thing asked Rob, "so Dad have you heard anything about your job?" Rob told him, "no, I think that I'll find out Friday" and Jordan proceded to say "Dad, don't worry, God will take care of us" He was deeply sincere. It is so wonderful for an 11 year (that was raised in a works based religion for his entire life) to understand the soveirgnty of God. I truly believe he understands.

After school I had to take Zach to the doctor. He has a growth on the bottom side of his tongue, it has been there for a few weeks. The doctor reffered us to a ENT doctor. We go next Wednesday. He said he was not real concerned about it being cancerous. Please be in prayer for this. Zach has already had to have 2 surgeries to remove growths/lumps from his neck. I know God has everything under control, so I'll just have faith that he will take care of this also. He is faithful , even when we are faithless. (2Timothy 2:13)

Tonight was an meeting at the school about the ISTEP+ testing. It was very informative. They explained more about the test, and how it is scored. They also gave you a booklet of your childrens test along with the results of their individual test. Jordan was one of only 3 in the 5th grade that got a 5 out of 6 on his writing prompt. Way to go Jordan. They boys both passed the test.

Enough of my ramblings, I'm tired and going to bed.

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