Saturday, February 18, 2006

The value of things has change for the boys.

Recently I posted that we were going to start giving the boys an allowance. We all get a certain amount of "fun $$" for the week, now it is not much, it is $32 between the 5 of us. Well, Rob and I were talking and have decided that we think it will save us money--probably already has. Here is why. Yesterday the boys and I were heading for a long overdue visit to the library. I have this "addidction" to fountain pop, so we stopped at the convenient store that I work at (I get my drinks cheap there), I told the boys on the way there, "I am going to buy myself a pop with my allowance and you all have your money with you, if you want something you will need to get it yourself" Okay, sorry if that sounds mean, but, every time we go into a store they always find something that maybe only cost $1 or so, but I won't buy that stuff all the time--yes occasionally I will. Now, would you believe that none of them bought anything. I found that quite amusing, because if I'd been paying they'd all have been begging for a candy bar or some of the crazy novelty candy. I told them that is why they've been given allowance, so when they see something they'd like to purchase, they can and have there own money to do so. Now when they see a toy or something they just can't live without, they have to decide whether it is worth spending their money or saving it for a later time. It is fun to watch them make the decisions, and they are learning a lot with this. They are constantly figuring, "now this cost this much, I have this much, it will take me xxx weeks to save the money".

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