Friday, December 19, 2008

Please pray for a high school friend, who I came in contact through facebook, whose brother just passed away. 39 years old is too young to die. He has a wife and 2 young children. I can't even imagine the pain right now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The boys are so excited because Grandma is coming for Christmas. Please remember us during this time.

For various reasons we have not spent many holidays together for quit a few years, at least the last 4 or 5. We ae hoping this will be a new milestone in our family relationship. My boys so long to have their grandma around. She is planning on building a gingerbread train with them, along with my nephew Stephen, and some other fun things. She is coming on Monday sometime and leaving on Friday morning. Mom and my sister and her family will be joining us in worship at our Christmas Eve service.

Hopefully someone will be taking pictures and I will have some to post sometime soon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yesterday we joined the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The church is in Muncie Indiana, we've been attending since last February or so. Anyone whose been reading my blog for any time knows that we've been on a LONG journey in our faith. We left the UPCI 3 years ago officially, and prior to that we'd been praying and studying Gods word. God has shown us so very much. We have been to several churches. Non-denominational, Reformed Baptist, Congregational, Presbyterian and finally Confessional Lutheran. Last January we were baptized as believers in the Presbyterian church and became members. Actually we only had wanted to be baptized and in order to be baptized we had to join the church. Even at that time there was a few things we were still questioning and then through yet more studying and prayer God led us to the Lutheran church. Rob had been listening to some podcasts and was learning so much. He had been listening to The Whitehorse Inn and Issues Etc. to name a couple. We have decided that for us this is the church we will be a part of, basically because of what we feel is the proper distinction of law and gospel.

There is so much I'd love to post about this, but I will have to do that at a later time. I've taken so much time from my family this evening, just by posting what I have. This season has been so busy for us, and I haven't spent enough time with them. I have so many, many thougths running through my head right now, I can't wait to post them, or at least try.

The best looking boys and their dog.

Our new quilt

The boys quilts

Oh so much has happend since my last post. I will try and do a quick update.

The end of October was a sickly time for the parents that live in this house. That would include Rob and I, just in case you didn't know. Rob got terribly sick, he missed 2 1/2 days of work even. That is totally unheard of for him. He had parotitis. It is basically an infected salivary gland. No good explanation for what causes it. It was awful for Rob though. It causes extreme pain though. He was taking a strong pain medicine for about 4 days all day, and then in the evening/night in order to sleep. Not fun. Then no sooner than he got better, I got sick. Of course just started with a cold, and then led to a bad sinus infection. I don't enjoy those at all. I get one about this time every year. I lost my voice--well not completely--but I sounded awful for almost 3 weeks after I started taking the antibiotics.

We had to take Maggie to the Humane Society. It was an awful day for me. I just bawled like a baby when I left her. She had been put outside, and it was getting cold, I couldn't stand the thought of her being left outside and cold. We just didn't give her enough attention and we felt it was best to take her someplace where she could find a new home. I took her the Friday before Thanksgiving and she went to a new home on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I have had the opportunity to talk to the new family. They absolutely love her. They have 2 small children which is great for Maggie, as she is still a puppy and needs lots of energy spent on her. We still miss her, but I'm thankful that she is in a home that she is very loved. Remember, that we took her in after finding her in the park.

We went to Illinois for Thanksgiving/Christmas. We left on Thanksgiving day and came home on Sunday. Thursday was spent with my family. Mom made us all new quilts for our beds. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ours. The boys are all special for them. Jordan fishing stuff, Austin dinosaurs, and Zach tools. The one for our bed is a beautiful double wedding ring pattern in earthy colors. matches our bedroom great. While we were in Illinois I started to get a cold again, thankfully it didn't last as long and didn't require a visit to the doctor. The boys got a Wii for Christmas. We had to cheat and tell them, actually they have gotten it already, because of the Christmas we do at Thanksgiving with our families. We didn't want the boys to spend all their money on other things. We bought the system, which came with 1 set of controllers, and they had to buy anything else they wanted. They ended up being able to purchase a total of 4 sets of controllers and 6 games. We all have fun playing the system. We had a great time with our family while we were there. I didn't get any pictures since I wasn't feeling well, which is kind of stinky. But, life will go on.

We have finally gotten the tree and Nativity set up this past weekend. Haven't made any Christmas baking yet. Hopefully this weekend. Man, has this season come fast this year.

A day at Metamora Indiana

Metamora has the only working wooden Aquaduct in the Nation. We took a ride on the canal boat, which is powered by horses. It was a very interesting ride. The boys enjoyed to history we learned this weekend. This was actually the last weekend in October.

Taking a train ride in Metamora

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What a nice weekend we had. I was off work, Rob was off work and it was beautiful fall weather. The church was doing family pictures for a new directory. We participated in that by having our family picture done. The boys were not so excited, but we just did a little bribbing with Texas Roadhouse. DONE!!!! Know, imagine, I have 4 men in my house, pictures aren't the highlight of any day, much less a Saturday. Well, then to top it all off, this crazy Mom didn't get the boys pictures this year around their birthdays, like I've always done since they were born. So, we just added a stop at the park, not to play but to snap some pictures, to possibly use as their yearly pictures. They turned out great, I am hoping they turn out in print as well as they look by viewing them.

On Sunday I cooked all day. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fall weather. I love to cook fall foods, and all that jazz. I made a terrifice batch of Loaded Baked Potato Soup, a doulbe batch of Beef Stroganoff, some cookies, pumpkin cheese cake and spiced cider. YUMMO!! The house smelled wonderful. We've eaten well this week also.

I am hoping this fall we can get to a fruit farm. We didn't last year, because it just didn't seem right to go when it was 90* outside. Maybe, this weekend.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A day off

Get two boys to school @ 7:45
Dentist in Richmond (30 minutes south of home) @ 8:15 am
Take boy # 3 to school--chat with the elementary school principal and secretaries for a few
Eye appointment in Greenville (20 minutes east of home) @ 10:30
Stopped @ the Goodwill store
Eat lunch with Hubby @11:30
Go to the grocery store
Pick up mending--that has been done for about 2 months
Get Maggie a double cheeseburger
Stop at the Middle school and talk with the principal
Come home @ 2
Visit Maggie, feed her the Cheeseburger, play a few minutes
Get in the house and now I should be cooking supper and picking up the house.

What a relaxing day off. LOL!!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Maggie and her new friend.

THis beautiful dog, Maggie, became and outside dog today. It was either that or a new home for her. We love her, and enjoy her, she is just not good for an inside dog. Well, she doesn't like to be outside alone for long, even though she LOVES to be outside. Today, Rob and I had to go and get her a dog house and some things for the yard, and Austin didn't want to join us. Well, he got tired of having to stay outside the entire time, so this is what he came up with.

He put the boom box outside to play "adventures in Odyssey" Cd's for her listening enjoyment. He said it worked great at keeping her company.

I thought this to be very ingenious of him. He is such an thinker. This was the shirt he had been wearing today, and also notice the close up of the "hair" (i.e. dried out grass)

Austin and Zach building.

Motgomery, 3 years old, holding Austin 11 years old. It was too cute. He kept saying "I will hold you."

Myles, Batman, Statue of Liberty, with his spiderman cell phone.

Acacia the Statue of Liberty.

Weekend with family

Rob's sister, Faith had her second child. A girl. Ellie Ann. She is absolutely beatiful. In the first picture, Jordan is holding her with Acacia next to him and then Ellie's big brother Myles walking away. Rob's mom had taken a picture of all the grandkids and I was too late with my camera, so this is what remained. There are now 8 grandkids, ranging from 14-1 month old, on Rob's side of the family. We enjoyed spending time with his family 2 weekends ago. The kids all play together so well. It is always nice to see family.

REO Speedwagon Concert

Rob and I along with my sister and her husband went to see REO Speedwagon at the The Great Darke County Fair this summer. It was fun. Nice 80's music. HEEHEE!!! I had never been to a concert, and it was fun. Very calm actually.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A few pictures from vacation

I didn't get many pictures of vacation. It is kind of hard at an amusement park. I didn't carry the camera too much, because I didn't want to loose it or get it wet. We had a great vacation. We left Monday afternoon and got home around midnight on Friday. 3 full days at Holiday World/Splashin Safari. 2 days at the Splashin' Safari and 1 day at Holiday World. The kids had a blast. We also went to the Theatre that was right next to the hotel and saw Journey to the Center of the Earth. That was a great movie. I screamed one time and embarassed my husband. He likes to just blend and I didn't exactly blend at that moment. It was a great time to spend with our family. No cell phone. Just family time.

These are the swimshirts we got for Austin and Zach. It made the sunscreen alot easier. Austin burns so easily, and he gets tired of having to apply sunscreen so much. The shirts were great. It also helped us to find them in the crowds while they played in the water.


This was supposed to be one word answers, couldn't do it. It was fun though. Makes you think.

1. Where is your cell phone? ...... PURSE
2. Your significant other?...... ROB
3. Your hair?................. BROWN
4. Your mother? .......... KAREN
5. Your father?.............. RICHARD
6. Your favorite thing?......MY FAMILY
7. Your dream last night?.....NONE
8. Your favorite drink.......DIET COKE
9. Your dream/goal?.....TO BE A GOOD GRANDMA
10. The room you're in?..........DESK
11. Your ex?.........???
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?......HERE
14. Where were you last night?......DINNER WITH FRIENDS
15. What you're not?.....THIN
16. Muffins.........BLUEBERRY
17. One of your wish list items?.....A CLEAN HOUSE ALL THE TIME WITHOUT THE WORK
18. Where you grew up?.....ALL OVER, MAINLY AURORA ILLINOIS
19. What are you wearing?......CAPRIS, CUTE TOP, AND FLIP FLOPS
20. Your TV?.....FLAT SCREEN HD
21. Your pets?.....2 DOGS
22. Your computer? ....HP
23. Your life?.........FABULOUS
24. Your mood?......... RELAXED
25. Missing someone?........OLD FRIENDS
26. Your car?........ WHITE--BORING
27. Something you're not wearing right now? .....SOCKS
28. Favorite Store?......KOHLS
29. Your summer?.......ALMOST OVER
30. Like someone?......MARRIED
31. Your favorite color?.....DEPENDS ON THE DAY
32. Last time you laughed....YESTERDAY
33. Last time you cried......CAN'T REMEMBER
34. Who will re-post this?.....?
35. Who will NOT re-post this?...?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Okay, it has been a while, guess a long while. Almost a month actually. Lots and lots have happened since then. You didn't even know the boys went visiting for 12 days.

They stayed most of the time with Rob's Aunt--the one with boys the same age as ours. They went camping with his sister Jenny--the one who recently left the UPC also-and her family and some friends. They went over 4th of July weekend. What fun. Dean bought some fireworks, the kids thoroughly enjoyed that. The went to see the fireworks somewhere, and they could see the Sears Tower from where they sat. I guess they were on some high hill and could see firewords from about 10 cities at once. How awesome is that. They spent a few days with Rob's parents. They had fun while they visited everyone, but they sure love to come home. They went to church with Aunt Paula and her family, and they decided they missed our church. Funny, because they weren't too happy about the most recent switch, but evidently they have started to enjoy it, because they missed it when we were gone.

Rob and I had a nice weekend the first weekend they were gone. We had tried to go and eat at TGI Fridays in Indy the day we dropped them off, but it was closed for remodeling--how frustrating. We ended up at Applebees which turned out just fine. On the way home from Indy we stopped at Dairy Queen--see you can do that when there is only 2--it is costly when there are 5 of you. We ran into people we hadn't seen in forever. How awesome is that. We got to talk to Carol a lady that we met while attending Memorial Baptist in New Castle. It was nice to catch up with her. We also saw a teacher from the boys scholl--the teacher Zach absolutely loved. The rest of the time we enjoyed having a clean house. We cleaned it--super duper cleaned--on the Sunday we left and it stayed clean the entire 12 days. We even ate at home this time. Rob was thrilled with the fact that the hand towel remained in place in the bathroom until one of us changed it to be washed. Funny I know, but hand towels in this house seem to disappear in about oh, 15 minutes after it is hung and that would be a good day.

Here is a funny story from my house while the boys were gone. You know that we are now the parents of 2 dogs. Well, they sleep with the boys, and with the absence of them, the dogs slept with us. Well, Miss Maggie evidently had a stomach problem. One evening she kept carrying her food dish to us, and we'd reluctantly give her some more food. She doesn't eat as much as you'd think for her size, and we were worried about underfeeding her. It was quit comically to see here carrying this bowl to us. Well, she never took care of business before bed time. She was so restless all through the night, a few accidents that we had to take care of in the night, and so on and so on. It was awful, we were up all night with a puppy. I thought my sleepless nights with babies was over. She is all better now, actually thankfully it only lasted one night.

I have some good pictures to post, however, somehow my boys took my cable to my digital camera to Illinois by mistake. I guess it looks just like the car charger for their Nintnedo DS and they took it, then while they were up there, they think it was mistaken for Daniel's cable to his digital camera. So, we need to find out how to get another one soon.

VACATION IS COMING!!!! Yeah. We will be taking the boys on the long awaited trip to Holiday World/Splashin' Safari.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Here are a few funny shots of the dogs. Angel has a small crate, because she is only 10 pounds. Well, she spend alot of time in there, even when we are home. Maggie is still a puppy, therefore she just wants to play. First she got into to Angels bed alone, this caused much drama for Angel. Then she sat in the doorway and barked a playful bark trying to get Angel out to play, then she gave up and joined her in the crate. Angel didn't smile on this too much, but she didn't fight back as much as I'd thought. Maybe they'll be friends soon. LOL!