Friday, May 16, 2008

Evidently these pictures were taken of Zach, by Austin from the tree. My boys are something else.

Austin's self portraits

Zach and his teacher at Cinderella night. Zach's story was CiInderskeleton.

Here are a few pictures of my "new" furniture. I kept thinking I'd take a picture when the house was nice and clean and in order. However, that hasn't exactly happened since I got the furniture. This is how my house generally looks anyway, laundry and shoes everywhere.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Front porch. Rob got me the flagpole for Valentines day. I have begged for as long as we've owned our home for a flag pole. I think it is fun to change the flags for seasons. At any rate, he always said no, so I was very surprised when he brought this gift home on Valentines day. What a guy. You can't see the flag well, but it is a spring flag with flowers and bunnies. Then the flower pots that Rob did last week. He has the green thumb, and keeps the outside in tip top shape. I have a great husband. Can you tell I love yellow flowers.

View from my porch

This is the trailer that Rob and Jordan built to put on the boat trailer so it will be universal and able to haul things when we aren't using the boat. It is a great hide out evidently. Too much fun.

Easy Enchiladas

This is a quick and easy enchilada recipe. It is a requested dish in this house, and I'v shared this recipe with some co-workers and they love it. So, I guess it is worth sharing some more. I love, quick simple yet yummy meals.
1 Package of frozen Chimichangas or burritos
1 package of enchilada seasoning mix
1 6 oz can of tomato paste
3 C water
**You could just use can enchilada sauce
I buy the frozen chimis, and put them in the fridge in order to thaw ahead of time. This just shorten the baking time.
Make the enchilada sauce according to the recipe on the package. **I only use 1/2 package, because Austin and I can't handle it too spicy.
Spray a 13x9 cake pan with non stick spray, place enough sauce in the bottom of the pan to just cover it. Lay the chimis/burritos in the pan, pour the remaining sauce over them. Bake @ *350 about 20-25 minutes (if thawed), take out of the oven, sprinkle with cheese, and continue to bake for aboaut 10 minutes. Let stand about 10 minutes before you eat.
Dig in. We top ours with sour cream and sometimes pico. YUMMY! It is quick and easy.
Tomorrow I will share another great recipe that I just created--well sort of. I made it this weekend, and it was delicous, so I made another batch tonight for tomorrows supper.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Well, I'm not so sure where to start. So, here I go.

Let me be honest here. I have a really hard time with all holidays. I'm just now realizing this. I have all these ideas of what I will do with my husband and children, and then I ended up being a little on the depressed side of things. I know it stems from my extended family and the strained relationships there. I realize that I should just "get over it" and create memories for my immediate family, and believe me I think it all the time. God has blessed me with a great husband, and healthy rambuctious boys. They love me unconditionally. It is just so hard sometimes.

I had a horrible day on Friday. I was a basket case. I have wierd cravings, and aversions around holidays, all holidays even the little ones. I have cravings for some of the great foods we ate when I was growing up, then I don't really want to eat them because it makes me remember. Crazy I know. I long to have a relationship with my Mom, or even my mother in law for that matter. I don't have that mother figure to call when I have a bad day, or need mothering advice, etc.. People say, just find a mother figure to look up to, and believe me there are many I would love to think of that way, however it is just not the same. GB's post here, spoke my thoughts and feeling so well, as I don't always have the words for my feelings.

Now, Friday was a bad day. I cried alot, thought alot, talked to my husband and my sister, by the evening I was feeling much better. Then yesterday was fine, and today I was just fine as can be. I had to work. I only wished one customer a Happy Mothers Day, and she about cried, her response was "thanks, I really needed that today." That just made my day, and I got a little chocked up. I guess it was the Holy Spirits gentle prodding to wish this women a happy mothers day, and I am so thankful I did. I had thought to myself this morning "don't forget to wish all those women a Happy Motherd Day", and I didn't, just the one. I thank the Lord for her today. I hope it was happy for her. Today was my weekend to work, then I ended up running register and doing my manager duties also (which worked out just fine) and that is how I came in contact with this women. God is so gracious, he helped me get through my struggles before today, so he could use me to minister to this women. Isn't that just like God.

I came home to this. My boys went shopping after church this morning and this is what I got.

A fondue pot, or 2. I have been wanting to have a fondue pot. I thought it would be so much fun to fondue--and just chill out together. It was great. We had a cheese sauce, with french bread, some little sausages and then a chocolate sauce with strawberries, pound cake, bananas, and marshmallows. It was a lot of fun. The 5 of us had alot of laughs, "trying to be proper" with our fondue meal. See how dressed up they got. You know you always eat your fondue in your jammies. Too much fun. Oh, the roses where sent to me on Friday by my dear husand. (the Hersheys Kiss fondue pot was on clearance for 2.99 at Kohls. Too cute)

I just wanted to share my thoughts with you, and thank my Heavenly Father for helping me get through another holiday, and this one turned out just fine. Some good memories were created today.