Monday, February 13, 2006


Okay, I just posted about my dentist visit. Well, I have a wisdom tooth that is going to be "extracted" (yikes) becasue it has chipped, and that is because it grew too far down since I don't have my lower wisdom teeth. At any rate, I was just at the dentist, made my appointment for next wednesday, you know, no big hurry, no pain or bother. YIKES!!! I was in maj0r pain this weekend. I didn't even get to church. It started Staurday evening, then I hardly slept all night, I was taking ibuprofen and it wasn't doing much at all. It was awful. Then Rob took all the boys to church, thank the Lord for that, and our pastors wife who is a nurse reminded us to take tylenol also, every 2 hours or so. Well, I didn't have tylenol, so I took Nyquil which has it in it. I needed to sleep anyway. So, basically I stayed in bed until about 5 pm yesterday. Jordan went to a concert with some friends, and Rob took the boys to church in the evening. What a yucky day. I couldn't hardly eat, I forced my self to eat some creme soups, so I'd have food in my stomach, since I was constantly taking meds. Today the pain has subsided, but I am going to get that one tooth taken care of tomorrow. Sounds fun. UGH, I just realized that would be valentines day. We'll figure that out later I guess.

Here is a quick prayer need for our family. My husband could possibly loose his job. We aren't too sure yet, it looks pretty positive. He has worked at a funeral home for almost 10 years, last year they became corporate owned, and now the corporation is looking to sell, well, it doesn't sound like the new owner will be keeping any of the staff. I'm trying to not get too worried about it, I know God has a plan. I would appreciate any prayers concerning this matter.
thank you in advance.

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Heather said...

Sorry I am reading this so late!! I will be praying! Also, I will pray for peace for you during this trying time.
love in Him,