Friday, March 28, 2008

Robin, If you read this, I can not open your blog any longer. It says I have to be approved or something like that. HELP!


The boys have been on Spring Break this week. Today I was off of work, and Rob was able to take the day off. We had a great day all together. We spent it at the Indiana State Museum, and also watched an IMAX 3-d movie. What an experience. I'll post more later.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

This is Zach outside the Minnetrista Center. This is where we went for our fabulous "Grossology: The (impolite) science fo the Human Body" field trip. It was scheduled for a day that I couldn't get off of work, and Zach was distraught, then we had the ice storm, then the snow storm, school was delayed and the field trip rescheduled for a day that I was off. He was so thrilled. It was a fun field trip. I rode the bus with Zach, it was nice to spend a day with him. We had fun. It was quit an interesting day to say the least. I didn't get pictures of everything. There were some places I wish I'd taken pictures and didn't, but that is normal for me. Enjoy the next few pictures.

The entrance to the Grossology exhibit. What a day we had. Too much fun for me.

This, I'm sure was Zach's favorite place. The toot sound machine. He is all boy and enjoys the sounds of the body. He has always been this way. Crazy kid. Not that this is somehting to be proud of, but he can out burp anyone at any time, on demand if needed. Now, don't get me wrong I do not encourage this behavior it just comes natural to him. He is all boy.

A lambs brain. It was fun to learn about the different areas of the brain, and how they work.

Fun times standing inside a nostril, waiting for it to sneeze on you.

Giant operation game. Fun times exploring the human body.

Shooting pollen into the nose. It sneezed when it got too full. Yummy!

Nigel the Snot faucet. Nice huh! It was real interesting when he talked and he would have a huge "snot bubble" coming from his nose.

Did you know that your body produces 1 quart of snot a day. Yummy fact, I know.

Climbing the "wall of skin" Full of all kinds of great things. Warts, pimple, cuts, scrapes, moles and bruises.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Let it snow! NOT~

Well, it has been snowing since yesterdy at around 9 am. My husband worked a full day, was able to come home from about 4 pm until 11 pm yesterday. He has been out working since then. I should be cleaning my house, so that he doesn't come home to a disaster, therefore, I will go for now.

Have a safe day.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

2008 ice storm

Pictures of the ice storm we just had yesterday. The boys got out of school early, and then didn't have school today. This is the first day they've missed for weather. This weather is crazy, it is March after all. The stick Zach had in his hand he picked up from our yard, and as you can see we accumulated quit a bit of ice yesterday. I was in awe as I drove home from work. Some of the pictures I took driving home today. I know, real safe right?! :) I really wanted to capture some of the awesomeness of it, but the pictures don't tell too much. It looked to me like a scene from Narnia. THe wildest part of this is that on Monday we had 60* weather.

Check out my new specs. Rob got dental and vision insurance that started in February. I was able to get new glasses, which was much needed. My old ones were about 3 years old. I was also able to get all the dental work I talked about here done last Friday. What a great way to spend my day off I know, but it is over. Luckily in the 2 years since my last dentist visit my teeth had not gotten any worse. I wasn't able to get the work done 2 years ago because Rob lost his job shortly after I got the great news about what needed done. I'm not sure exactly how much this is costing me, because their computer was done when I went on Friday. I just know it is not near the $800--because we have $50 deductible and then it is 80/20 on restorative procedures. Cleanings and x-rays are covered--2 times a year. God is good.

Zach and his braces. He is such a trooper. He now has a permanent retainer on the bottom, to keep his teeth in place, at permanent retainer on the roof of his mouth, and then braces. He doesn't even complain. The first day he had terrible canker sores, and his mouth was so swollen. He just put wax on the brackets, put some canker sore medicine on the sores and went on about his business. He got these on last Wednesday, and boy do they make him look older.