Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More sickness

I kept my 2 little ones home yesterday to let, since they'd been sick on Sunday. Today, we sent all 3 to school, and a few hours later Rob had to go and pick up Austin. Poor guy, he got sick in his classroom. He has not been doing well all day. He is quit distraught that he is not able to eat or drink anything without getting sick. I am praying that we all get through this in time to still make our Christmas journey to the Chicagoland area.

On a good note. I wrapped all my Christmas gifts this evening. That is great. That is a job I don't enjoy very much, it can be so time consuming. It is finished though. Yesterday I spent dipping candies. I made white chocolate pretzels, ritz crackers w/peanut butter dipped in chocolate, and then oreos dipped in white chocolate. My plan is on Thursday to make buckeyes, and caramel corn, I may even make some cut out cookies (that is a big maybe).

Monday, December 19, 2005

Furnace troubles!

Our furnace wasn't working properly over the weekend. In fact we couldn't use it. Thankfully, we had a kerosene heater, (we bought during last winters ice storm--when we didn't have power for almost 7 days) so we were able to stay warm, and not have to pay extra to get work done on the weekend. Today when he came to look at the furnace, it took him all of about 15-20 minutes to fix the problem. You'll not believe this, the gas meter was frozen. UGH!! He just took a bucket of hot water and dumped it on the meter to melt the ice. I was very thankful for that, it did, however only cost us $48.50 for the time. I prayed last night when I went to bed, for nothing big to be wrong. God definately answered my prayers.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas cards

I mailed my Christmas cards today!!! Why, you ask, is that such an exciting thing for me. Well, let's see. This is the first time in 4 years that I've gotten them out before Christmas. Way to go Melissa. The pictures I took last week turned out great. The lady at the one hour photo at Wal-Mart did a fabulous job in cropping the photo for me, she even added the imprinting for free, which saved time for me to not have to hand sign them all.

What a weekend.

Well, it all started Friday morning. I was so excited to go shopping. I started, not feeling well at all, I figured I was just hungry, since Thursday I'd been too busy to eat much. We ate lunch at Steak and Shake, after I'd just taken some Advil, and then I felt much better. I thought it was that I'd eaten, however, I soon figured it was not that it was the drugs. I was able to finish my Christmas shopping, which made the day seem productive. At any rate, while in Muncie I bought tickets for my husband and I to go and see Chronicles of Narnia that evening. I drove home, picked up the kids and my husband, drove the kids to the sitters and off Rob and I were for a "date night". Dates for us are few and far between. We were both so excited to go out alone. My poor husband. I couldn't even hardly eat, I had cold chills and was just a mess. Since we'd already bought the tickets, we stayed for the movie. I couldn't even stay awake, UGH!!!!, I slept through the best part, (well at least that is what Rob told me), then off to Target to buy some Nyquil. I took my Nyquil on the way home, we picked up the kids and I went straight to bed. I slept until about noon on Saturday. I felt pretty pewny all day. Then, my poor Zach started vomiting. UGH!!! God definitely helped me through the night, because I had taken Nyquil just before bedtime, and it was only about 1 1/2 hours until Zach was up, and of course he was up for a couple of hours and I was able to comfort him. Poor little guy. Needless to say we didn't make it to church. I stayed at home with the 2 little guys, I just had a hunch that Austin would be the next in line for the sickness that was passing through the house. His disposition was absolutely horrible yesterday, and lo and behold, he started vomiting while Rob was at church with Jordan. I was very thankful that I'd kept him home also. Tomorrow Mom will be at home with 2 boys, and hopeful they'll get to make it to school on Tuesday. Austin said he has to go, because he has to be in in a play his classroom that day. Zach has his Christmas program on Wednesday evening. I am in hopes that Jordan and Rob do not get what is passing, and if they do, that it will be over before the weekend. We are leaving to be with our families in the Chicagoland area on Friday.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Cards

I just used an enitire roll of film to take pictures of the boys for Christmas cards. Now to get them developed and then pick one to make into the cards and of course order them. You ask why wait until the last minute? Just because I can, I guess, no real reason. I do think I got some good pictures of the boys, and of course the dog. She just got in there with them and sat nice and still. I'm quit anxious to see how the turned out. Now, will they be sent before Christmas this year. No one knows. My guess is no. The last 2/3 years I've sent "Happy New Years" cards. You know when I only had one child my cards were sent out the day after Thanksgiving. My how life changes as your family get larger.
Rob is out with the boys at the sledding hill. I need to get something accomplished while the house is peaceful.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I'm sitting here wondering why in the world I got such a wonderful husband. God sure did a good thing when he gave me Rob. That is the only thought for the day.


Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm Back with a new name

Hello! I have not posted in a while. Here is the crazy story.

I forgot my username and password to get into my blog. DUH!!! Yes, it was extremely idiotic. I'll admit it. Then, I try to reset my password, guess what they email your password to your email address, and that has changed since I set this up, UGH!!! It was crazy. I just gave up, and today I decided to start a new blog. Yeah Ha!

Well, lots have happened since the last blog. I'll not bore you with it all.

Here is a boy story to start with. Austin, my middle son, who is only 8. He has been having little "differences" with his Best Friend, Ethan. Well, every day was a new episode for them. I would ask him how his day was, and I could tell he was quit saddened at this problem, I would try to encourage him in the situation. Well, one day he came home and when I asked how his day with Ethan was he replied "It was good, Mom, I realized that I can have a good friend and not agree about everything." WOW!!! I was quit amazed that he'd REALLY figured this out so young. If all of us could only realize this would life be so much easier. This kid of mine amazes me everyday. God has given him such a deep understanding of life's issues. I just pray he uses his talents to serve the Lord someday.

Jordan, my oldest. WOW! He is growing up so fast. He is soon to be a teenager. He is quit a young man. He is the hardest for me to parent. I think probably because his mannerisms are so much like me at times. How do you get after a kid for things that they have learned from you. Today, I was telling him to stop all the comments to his brothers (when he thinks he's helping enforce a point) and I said "hush or I'm going to have to smack you" he replies, "well, I'll just turn the other cheek" UGH!! How do you respond when you are trying to hold back the chuckles.
Zach, my baby, well, the youngest. He is doing so wonderful in school. He was in a targeted group for literacy. He was a bit behind in the begining of last year. Reason!?, he had to have glasses, and his eyesite was so poor that he was not able to distinguish between letters. He got glasses around this time last year. He had caught up to grade level by the end of the year last year. They still placed in in a target group for extra help, which was fine with me. We worked at home on some phonics also. Well, he is no longer in a targeted group. His teacher is so impressed at his improvement and his determination. Way to go Zach.
Rob has been given several oportunities to share his testimony. It has been exciting to share this with so many. Pleasant Hill Church here in Union City has taken on our bus ministry. That is such a blessing to us. I love to see all the kids still.
We have been attending Pleasant Hill Church the past few weeks. It is quit different for us. We are used to a more contemporary style of worship. It is definately traditional. We really enjoy the church though. The pastor and his family are wonderful people. I feel like the pastors wife will be able to "mentor" me in so many things. I am very excited that God has placed them in our path.
It is so wonderful to realize the absolute soveriegnty of God. WOW! God has revealed so much to us this past year. Everyday I'm reminded in some way of the absolute grace of God. I still am in awe that he has chosen me.
Yesterday was the first BIG snow of the year. I couldn't really say the amount, because I don't know. Alot is what I'll say. The boys did nothave school today, and Rob did not have to go to work. They boys played in the snow most of the day. We've gone through lots of hot chocolate when they would come in to warm up, dry the clothes and go out again. It has been a nice day.
Christmas is quickly approaching, and I'm not ready yet. Like always. I will be shopping on the 16th. Looking forward to that day.