Friday, March 31, 2006

Zach. It was such a beautiful day. We took the boys to a state park to fish. They loved it. They didn't catch anything, but they still ejoyed it. We ate a picnic lunch, and jut enjoyed being together for the day. It has been spring break this week, and this was the first nice day of the week. Rob took the day, just to spend together. It was a nice day. We came home with some really worn out children. Posted by Picasa

Jordan & Austin fishing Posted by Picasa

Zach and Angel enjoying the sun. Posted by Picasa

Jordan Fishing Posted by Picasa

Zach fishing Posted by Picasa

Austin Fishing. Posted by Picasa

Cousins! Posted by Picasa

SISTERS!!! Posted by Picasa

Boys being boys! Posted by Picasa

more fun faces

More fun faces! Notice the brown ear wax in the eyes of the one with blue eyes. BOYS!!! Posted by Picasa

***Evidently this is my 100th post. Thanks to Overhwelmed with Joy for the 100th post link exchange for you 100th post. This is a rather boring post, but hey, it is my 1ooth post. I also have to thank Grafted Branch for letting me in on the secret of linking things. I don't even really know what to call it, but I'm pretty excited aobut knowing how to do it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (this info added on july 30, 2006)

Fun Faces

These are some fun krispie treats that the boys made one day. It was a kit that came with all the stuff to make silly faces. It was fun for sure. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 27, 2006

4 pounds 50.5 to go

I've now lost 4 pounds. It probably would have been more, see, I did really well all week, that is until the weekend. The boys spent the night at my sisters on Friday, so Rob and I went out to eat. We ate Mexican. It was YUMMY!!! I love the chips. At any rate, we only had 1 serving of the chips (which is good for us) and I ate my usual Chimi's. They were so good. The problem was we ate at like, 10PM. Then Saturday we took the boys to the movies, and got popcorn. That we don't usually do, but my sister and her family were there so we split the cost. It was just fabulous. Yesterday I did okay though, I had to try harder because of Fri. & Sat.

A new week. Let's see how it goes.

I think I've decided to set smaller goals. Like 10%, 20% and so on. Now to decide the rewards for them. Any ideas?

See, I hoping that by posting this that I won't get as discouraged, and stay on track. I can't afford the actual WW meetings at this time, so this is my accountability for now. Thanks.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

In the church we visited this morning we sang "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus" I have sang this song my entire life. I never fully understood the words until recently. I just love the words of the song, because, it truly is "nothing but the blood of Jesus". How wonderful to finally see this. I made the print bold on the verses that I absolutely love. The reason you ask, being from a works based religious background and realizing that nothing I can do can make me good enough to earn my salvation. If it could, what would have been the purpose of Christ dieing on the cross. At any rate, I am so thankful that God has chosen me to reveal this glorious truth .

What can wash away my sin?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
What can make me whole again?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.


Oh! precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow;
No other fount I know,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

For my pardon, this I see,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
For my cleansing this my plea,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.


Nothing can for sin atone,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
Naught of good that I have done,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.


This is all my hope and peace,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
This is all my righteousness,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.


Now by this I'll overcome
Nothing but the blood of Jesus,
Now by this I'll reach my home
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.


Glory! Glory! This I sing
Nothing but the blood of Jesus,
All my praise for this I bring
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Our church service this morning was good. We enjoyed the service and the people. They were so open to our testimony. It is wonderful to be able to share what God has done in our lives.
Today we were at, New Liberty Congregational Christian Church, and next week we will be at, Spartanburg United Methodist. Please pray for our ministry.

Family History

Last night as Jordan and I were watching something on the TV there was a commercial for Family Geneology. He started wondering about that subject. I told him it was like making a family tree--only you can go back way far sometimes. Jordan is also very interested in past wars, well actually only his he knew some of our family had served in them. Like, he is facinated that Rob's grandfather was in WWII. Well, it made me remeber that I had some of my dad's families geneology. Someone in the family had done some research and made nice binders for my dad and his brothers. Well, my Dad has not been making very good choices in his lifestyle or living arrangements, and I know that these things would have been just pitched by him or friends, so somehow I got a hold of them. So, Jordan and I pulled the books out. Very interesting. There is a book that is a Diary of what would have been my great, great, great, great grandfather that was an ambulance worker in the Civil War. They evidently found his Diary and typed the entries so we could read them. Very interesting. Jordan is finding all this information very intriguing. Also, we found we have abook full of pictures (well copies of pictures) of my grandmothers family, who migrated from Sweden. I'm looking forward to really looking at these books.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Chronicles of Narnia

We took the boys to see the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. We waited for it to get to the cheap theater (it was only $1.50 per person) It was great. The boys loved it. We DID explain to the them that it is a spiritual allagory. We had a great discussion with them on the way home. It was great. (I know I already said that, but it was.)

It is so wonderful to understand the true "gospel message". It makes so much sense now. Rob and I went to see the movie the week after it came out, but I fell asleep because I go sick that day--I was not too happy about that at all, but Rob enjoyed the movie. I am so glad we took the boys today.

I ate way too much popcorn. We don't usually get popcorn, but my sister and her husband and son went, and we split the cost and got some. It was wonderful. I blew the diet today. I am eating a sald for supper to make up for it. (don't worry, I only eat very little dressing)

Rob is sharing his testimony tomorrow at a church in Lynn. We are excited about the opportunities God is giving our family to share our testimony. Next week he is going to another area church to do the same. Please pray for our family that we'd be used through all this.

Crazy question for Moms out there?

The tv is on and I just saw a commercial for JIF peanut butter. The catchey phrase was "Choosy Mom's choose JIF!"

The question I have is, do you choose JIF. I know my blog friends that are Moms are choosey. So, DO YOU CHOOSE JIF.

My preferance is: Jif--regular
Peter Pan--with Honey

Okay, let me know. I just thought this would be fun.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Busy Day

I made it through the day yesterday without totally blowing my diet. I just kept drinking water, all night. It definately helped.

Today was quit a day. I took the boys to school, well, Jordan and Austin. Then I did a little housework, and I had to take Jordan and Zach to the dentist. Off we head to the dentist. We drive about 30-40 minutes to the dentist. He is absolutely wonderful. The kids just love him. They all go back alone, and they don't need me to go with them. Well, Jordan had to have some cosmetic work done on one of his front teeth. When he as 3 he fell and busted his front baby teet, well, the fall affected his permanent teeth also. They came in very discolored. The dentist put a crown or sorts on them. Well, he has a nasty habit of biting his nails, and he broke of part of the crown. So Dr. Reynolds fixed that today. He is also watching for his last baby teeth to fall out, and make sure his teeth come in okay. He has already had braces on the front 6 teeth. He has great teeth. Thanks to Dr. Reyonolds, who did the braces at no cost to us. What a guy!!!

Zach had this bump, blister, growth, whatever you want to call it on the bottom of his tongue. The Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon that our family doctor sent us to wouldn't remove it. Now this thing was pretty big. It was about like the end of a quilting pin--no it was even bigger. The ENT doctor said it was nothing to worry about, and could be easily removed, however, he did not want to traumatize him too much by doing it. So, if it didn't bother him he'd just have to live with it. Let me tell you it was gross looking. At any rate, I knew that the dentist would take care of it for us. He did! It took all of about 15 minutes, that is from start to finish. He gave the blister a little shot, that Zach did not enjoy, and then a few minutes later came and snipped it right off. Very little blood. I'm glad that Dr. Reynolds was the one to remove this, because Zach is very comfortable with him and trusts him. I think that made the whole ordeal less traumatic. He hasn't complained a bit about pain. He ate taco bell right after. I'm thankful that it is taken care of. I'd love to tell you what he called it, however, again, I can't remember the entire name. It was a mucous _______ duct. It had been damaged somehow, probably bit his tongue or something, and it just never went away.

Zach is slowly getting some better with his coughing. However, as I am typing he is hacking away. I'm so glad the doctor took him out of school the entire week. He will definatley be rested up by the time spring break is over. He'll have 2 weeks of school off before he goes back. Today he slept in pretty late. He doesn't nap very well though, you know, he might miss something. Tomorrow Zach and I are going to go grocery shopping and also buy my neice her birthday present. He is excited about that.

Oh, nice note. My boys all get their own allowance. It is not much at all really. However, it is theirs to spend how they wish (well, I can override some money spending decisions---like not all on candy). Now, this evening I had to got to the $$$ store and buy fabric softner, well Austin and Zach had just gotten their money. They each bought a gift for their cousins. My neice, Acacia, and my nephew, Stephen both have birthdays in March. I thought it was quit thoughtful of them to spend their own money on a gift when they really didn't have to. Good little guys.

Austin just came home from his wrestling meet. He won 2 out of his 3 matches (or whatever you call it). He is pretty excited about that. I'm glad that he has some outlet for all the energy he has.

Zach cleaned his room last night. Alone, and without being told. Bless his heart. He shares a room with Austin, so he definatley didn't have to do it alone, yet he did.

Well, I need to go tend to the natives. They are getting restless.Busy

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm a Yankee

37% Dixie. You are definitely a Yankee.


Today I just feel like eating. UGH!!!!

I have done pretty well though.

1 banana
1 crunchy granola bar

Turkey Salad (from Subway)
very little "light" ranch dressing

Chips Ahoy 100 calorie pack

less than one scoop of Breyers, double churned french vanilla light ice cream

Lightbulb!!! I just realized I've not drank enough water today. I drank pop!!! Okay, it was diet caffiene free--oh except the first one of the day--6:30am regular diet pepsi. I think I'm off to drink my 8 glasses of water before I eat anything else. Maybe that is the problem today. Gotta go drink, water that is. I think that supper will be a salad with some chicken breast chunks on it. YUMMY!!!!
I'll definately get my veggies in today.

Just had to get that off my chest. I figured if I wrote about it, maybe I'd not eat. See I have the acountability thing going on.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Poor Zach has pneumonia!

Well, Zach came home from school last Monday not feeling well. He basically laid around all evening. I kept him home from school Tues & Wed, then he seemed some better, no fever, so I sent him to school Thurs & Fri. He still wasn't up to par, but he didn't complain too much. This weekend he seemed to get somewhat worse, with his cough. I had to work today, after being up with him quit a bit. Rob ended up keeping all 3 boys home today, Jordan is starting to get a cold now. I couldn't get Zach into doctor, so I took him to the ER tonight. Boy, am I glad I did. He has bronchitis and pneumonia. UGH!!! Poor little guy. We were there all evening. In fact, by the time I got the presciptions filled, it was almost 10 before we got home. They gave him a cough syrup, a strong decongestant, and an antibiotic while were in the hospital. He got a prescription for a strong cough syrup, and antibiotic. He also has to do some breathing treatments for a while, and he took him out of school for the entire week. I'm just thankful that I took him this evening. He is sleeping peacefully right now. His sleep has not been the greatest the past few days and nights, nor has mine. He also hasn't eaten anything since last week. I got him a happy meal yesterday, he ate 2 nuggets and that was it. He is getting so skinny. I can't wait for him to be feeling better. It is so sad when they are sick. Sometimes kids can absolutely drive you up a wall (okay maybe I'm the only one that is that way), but when they are sick you miss their little antics. Please keep him in your prayers. Actually, all the boys. Austin was sick at the first of the month, and still not as well as should be, and now Jordan is getting sick.

2.5 pounds down 52 more to go.

I have starting doing Weight Watchers AGAIN. I have got to do something, before I get really huge. I weigh more now than I weighed when I delivered my 3rd son. UGH!!!! At any rate, I am trying to "change my eating habits", not diet. I have set one big goal for now. I know I should set smaller ones, I'll work on that later. My big goal, I am hoping to reach it by my anniversary. We will have our 15th anniversary in January. I am so excited about this, I'm thinking I should start "stashing" some $$$ for something special. Well, see how that goes. Oh, back to the diet (oops "change of eating habits"), I love doing weight watchers because I can still have my sweets. That is my weakness. Let me tell you I love all the new "100 calorie" cookies and snacks they have now. Oh, I starting eating more fruit a few days ago. I felt like I was eating way too many carb points. Wish me luck, as I tend to get discouraged easily when I diet, and give up. My husband does diets with me, and he always seems to loose way faster than I. I am praying that God will help me change my eating habits this time. Seriously!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My mother-in-law, Vicki, just called. She works as a teachers aid at a school in Oswego. There is a teachers aid sub that is someone I went to school with. Okay, it was much more than that actually. We were inseperable in high school, and even after. We were in each others weddings. Well, since we'd moved into our house, and then my computer went defunk, I lost her address and I kept mailing things to what I thought was her address and of course they were getting returned. I just figured, hey, when I'm up there I'll go and visit, or if she is not home I can at least get the house and street info. See, I know exactly where her house is, and I can even picture it in my mind. Okay, well, the 2 of them don't know each other, well, other than being in my wedding and baby showers, Vicki really didn't get to know Kim. I guess they struck up a conversation on playground duty, because Kim recognized Vicki, and when they figured out the connection for sure, they were pretty happy. I guess, Kim lost my address after I mailed the Christmas card in 2004, and of course I've lost hers also. I don't get to Ill. much, and it seems when we do there is not much extra time to drive anywhere other than the appointed places. Okay, now that I've rambled on enough with all the stuff. I'm excited, because Vicki gave Kim our address and phone number, and Vicki is going to get Kims info for me. Wow, it is funny because I was just thinking how much I wanted to get in touch with her.

Well, I must go and play some games with my boys. I think we will be playing, Pass the Pigs and Uno. Maybe some Yahtzee. Who knows. I just know I need to keep the busy or they can destroy just about anything left to their own vices.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

God's COOL!

My sister just found out she is expecting a baby in November. We are all so excited. Let me tell you it is something when my husband gets excited. He is very reserved with his emotions. At any rate. She has been married for 8 years. 4 years ago they were blessed to be able to adopt a baby boy. Long story on how they got him. That story is a God story bigtime. However, she was abused by many people in our family and others for her entire life. She has been in counseling for over 2 years. Doctors have told her she'd never have a child of her own. WOW!!! Isn't God great. He evidently has decided that now is the time for her to have a baby. She said. "Do you think it will change the way I feel about my son." Absolutely not!! God has given them both of these children for a reason. God has also helped her break this vicious cycle of abuse that is in our family. Please help me pray that she has no problems with this pregancy. Wow! I'm still in shock. God is so absolutely awesome. He just reminds me everyday, todays just happens to be a real big reminder.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Thank God for good teachers

Austin has been struggling with his spelling tests. It is so frustrating because when we studied the words at home, he'd know them all. Something happened when he went to take the test at school. He was getting nothing higher that a D. UGH!!! Now this kid is smart, and I don't just say that because he is mine. He just is. He has a photographic memory. However, he is also ADHD. He is EXTREMELY HYPERACTIVE. No exaggeration, he used to literally climb the walls, and I mean literally. He is also taking medication. I'm not as pleased with its affects on him verses Jordan, however, he never has a problem at school--at least socially or behaviorally, so the doctor is not wanting to change it. Fine with me for now, I guess. At any rate, I was getting so frustrated at Austin's spelling tests, because it was making him feel horrible. Well, I talked to the teacher about it. She agreed to have the aid in the classroom take him out of the room and do the test individually. It has worked wonders. I was feeling like he was having to much pressure to perform, and was having such a hard time getting the thoughts form his head to the pencil and onto the paper. The first week he got a C then the next 2 weeks he got a B and last weeks he got an A. This made him so happy. I am so thankful for the teacher being open to me as the parent. Life is so much easier when that happens.

I'll tell you I learned so much while I homeschooled. Parents have much more rights than they realize. Another way God has proven, he works all thing together for the good. If we hadn't homeschooled for 3 years we would have never known we could speak up in the public school concerning the needs of our individual children.

God is so faithful.

Way to go Jordan

Jordan brought home the report on his Accelerated Math class that he is in. Actually that is what they call the 5th grade math program, it is basically pre-algebra. I didn't realize how well he was doing. The report shows that his Grade equivalent score is 11.8. Meaning, his work is that of an "average eleventh grader after the eighth month of the school year." His national percentile rank is 95. Meaning, "Jordan scored higher than 95% of students nationally in the same grade." This also makes me remember that Jordan was one of 3 in the 5th grade that received a 5 out of 6 points on the writing prompt for the ISTEP+ this year.

This is so exciting. You see, Jordan is ADHD. Now I don't say that for sympathy. He just is, as well as my husband and middle son. It is just the way life is in our house. (CRAZY! :)) At any rate, he used to struggle so much in school, that I wondered how well he'd do. When I was homeschooling and started to realize that he was having some struggles, and then we heard a program on ADHD on Focus on the Family. We really trust anything that James Dobson would say, he doesn't usually go with the "norm", I feel he follows the Lord in what he airs on his program. We started to pray, and read anything we could find on ADHD. We learned so much. God showed us so much through all this. At any rate, we modified our behavior management, and the way we disciplined the boys, and it helped somewhat. Then at the end of Jordan's 3rd grade year, he just gave up. Literally, he told me that he "couldn't remember anything I taught him, and he was just done." Poor little guy. At that point, after much prayer and discussion between Rob and I, we decided to try an ADHD medicine. Straterra. I know that there is much debate about medication, however, for our family it is been a life saver. Jordan is such a bright child, actually beyond his years at times. He just had such a hard time concentrating, that it was keeping him from learning. Before he started the medicine, he was beginning to call himself stupid, and that I did not like at all. He can tell when he doesn't take his medicine. He can feel it working, and his ability to stay on task. I am so very thankful that God opened our eyes and heart to this method. To some it may seem like the "easy way", but we didn't not resort to this decision lightly. It was after much prayer and study. Last night when Jordan started talking about college, and working on keeping his grades up my husband looked at me and said, "Wow, Thank God for medication," you see the two of them are so much alike, and Rob struggled in school until he graduated. He is so excited to see the opportunities that Jordan will have, just because he can concentrate when he needs to.

Speaking of ADHD and medication. My husband firmly believes that God opened our hearts to medicine so that he'd start taking it and be able to "see" the gospel in the Bible. Rob says he can not even comprehend what he reads at times, when he has taken his medicine. See, God used the medicine so that Rob could slow down long enough to really read and understand the salvation message in the Bible. So that God could open our eyes to the ere in our ways. Isn't God just like that.

Well, enough of my ramblings. I hope all have a blessed day.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

"Madeas Family Reunion"

Rob and I were able to go out on Friday with a pastor friend and his wife. It was a great time. The boys spent the night with my sister. All three of them. Originally, we were only taking the 2 little ones and leaving Jordan home. I just am not totally comfortable with that yet. At night, and I wasn't sure how long we'd be gone. The boys love going to my sisters house, and she was wonderful to take them all. See, I don't usually like to leave all 3 of them at any place for long. Boys can just be so competitive, and I worry. Generally they are good for others, but I guess I'm just the Mom. Oh well.

We went to a Mexican restaurant. It was really yummy. Then, since we did not have to hurry home we went to a movie. We saw, "Madeas Family Reunion". Okay, I really enjoyed the movie. Some might not. It dealt so well with abuse. It had some really funny parts also. I felt like I was crying the entire movie, either from a sad scene or a funny one. I really, really liked the movie. I think when it comes out on video I'll watch it again. This movie came from a Christian prospective dealing with abuse. Forgiveness was a great part of the movie, as was faith in God. Wow! It is so hard for an abused person to get away from the abuse to begin with. I personally think it is almost impossible to be done without the help of Christ at work in your life. One impacting part for me was when one of the girls in the movie talks about God loving her and seeking her when she didn't even love herself, and how absolutely healing that was for her. Again, I just really enjoyed the movie. I think it has to do with the fact that I come from an abusive family. This family was so much like my family in so many ways--well, we weren't rich though-but this movie hit home for me. It made abuse real to the world. I think as a society we don't talk about it, because if we don't talk about it, it doesn't happen and it's not real. UGH!!!!! It showed the emotional tie that the abused person has to the abuser. Sounds crazy, but it is so real. I never understood it until my sister and I started to deal with it. I'm so excited that we are breaking the cycle in our family. My children will not have to deal with the same issues that we are dealing with. God is so good. I'm thankful that he chose me, and has given me the courage to stand against abuse in our family. I could not do this without him, and giving me my husband who is absolutely wonderful with helping me. Wow, God is awesome.

This movie was particularity good for me to see. It helped me to have a renewed compassion for abused people. I have a strong desire to help these people, and lead them to Christ. This, I believe, is the only way they will have the strength to break the cycle. See, I believe our Heavenly Father, will CARRY us through these times. My hearts especially goes out to a lady in our town. She is probably my age, maybe younger, she has 4 children and is pregnant. Her youngest child, 2 years old, was severely beaten by her boyfriend. They thought she was going to die. We live in a small community and news traveled fast, and the community churches started praying. It was in the paper that "it was the worst case our police chief had seen". Well, the baby is alive and at home with Mom. I'll tell you when I heard it, for about an hour I could hardly even function properly to get my work done that day. I totally do not excuse the mother for this, however, my heart goes out to her, because I'm sure that abuse is all she knows. I'm am in prayer that if it is God's will he'll help me to lead her to salvation. I have known her for about 4 years and talk to her quit a bit. She comes in to the store I work at, when I worked 3rd shift was when I got to know her. Her 3 oldest girls ride our church bus. She is just such a hurting soul. Please help me pray for this situation. God is faithful, and I'm sure he has a plan, and if I'm to be a part of it, I want to be willing to do my part.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Disectin the pigeon

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Food Chain Game

This was a neat game the kids played. The grasshopper eats the grass, the songbirds eats the grasshopper, the falcon eats the songbirds. It was a neat game to learn. I thought of how amazing that God created everything and how it all works together. Like, if the bird population gets too small, imagine the insects we'd have, and so on.

It was a fun day. All the kids were very well behaved, and learned alot. Posted by Picasa

Getting ready to disect the Owl Pellet

I went with Jordan and his class on a field trip to the Minnitrista Center in Muncie. I had never been there. It was very interesting. They studied birds of prey. Lots on neat information and activities. I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted, I was having camera issues.

This is Jordan and his friend getting ready to dig into the owl pellet. In case you wonder, what is an owl pellet? An owl eats its prey whole, they body is able to digest everything except the fur and bones, that form a ball and they spit it out. It looks like a big fur ball. Posted by Picasa
This is the skull Jordan found in the owl pellet he got to disect. It was a rodent skull, he was even able to bring the bones home to show his brothers, which they thought was really cool. It was very interesting. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rob & Jenny

This is Rob at about 8 years old. See the resembelance between him and Austin. I'm looking forward to seeing the boys as they change, and get older. Zach & Jordan are identical to Rob now, Austin looks just like Rob as a child. Funny! Posted by Picasa

Austin--the little farmer

Austin in his bibs, we found in a hand me down box. He was so excited to look like a farmer. Above is a picture of my husband at about the same age. It is funny, because we never really thought Austin looked like his Dad, (my other 2 look exactly like Rob now) however, he looks like Rob did as a child. Funny! Boy, Austin was excited when we found a picture that proved he DID in fact look like Rob. Posted by Picasa

Messy Room

This is before. Zach about flipped out when he saw me get the camera out for this picture. He didn't want anyone to see his messy room, but I had to post this, and the next one if after.

I figured they all had to pitch in tonight. We (I) will have a busy week. This week is visitors week at school (just in time for the book fair). Monday is 1st grade, that is Zach, Tuesday I work, Wednesday is 3rd grade, that is Austin, Thursday I work, and then Friday Jordan is going on a field trip---which he wants me to go with him on. So, pretty much that is the week.
Then to top it off, Zach wants to be in wrestling. That is Tues & Thurs evening. I may even try to get a couple of our young ladies, that have started attending the same church that we are at, to a youth Bible study. I'm trying to get them involved. We'll see if I manage that one this week, or I may wait until next week. Posted by Picasa

Clean Room

This is after. I know it is not perfect, but hey, 2 boys cleaned it alone. Way to go guys. Posted by Picasa

Zach & Mom in a clean room

Here is the picture that Austin took after the room was cleaned up. Hey, anything to get the room clean. Posted by Picasa

Mom & Austin (in the cleaned up room)

A picture that Zach took. This was part of the bribery to get the room clean. They always want to take a picture of their Mom, and I never let them. I don't particularly enjoy my picture taken. But, hey, I'd do just about anything to get the room clean. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My young man still enjoys time with Mom

My 11 year old son wants me to go on a field trip with him. WOW!!! He is in the 5th grade. And he still wants his Mom to go on a field trip with him. I think I'll go, you never know how long it will be before he decides he is to cool to spend time with Mom, well, that is in front of his friends. Hopefully, we'll not have that problem.

The doctor results

I took the Zach to the doctor today. He told me that the bump/growth was a ______, I can't remember what he called it. He said it was a benign growth, and it would always be there. He said that at sometime Zach must have bit his tongue, and it made a bump, and it would just never completely go away. He said he was going to just leave it, unless it becomes totally bothersome to him. He also said, he could remove it, however, he would not recommend it because it would just be a local anesthesia, and he'd be awake, and it might be a little too traumatic for him to endure at this young age. Now, if he ever has to go under a general anesthesia for any reason, he'd said it could be taken care of then.

Okay, now I'll be completely honest and tell you that I'm not completely settled with this matter. I am going to take him to the dentist (sounds silly---but ours is a pediatric dentist and is absolutely awesome) and ask his opinion. I am going to watch it very carefully, and do some research. That is of course after I call the doctors office and get the name he gave the thing.

That is it for now on the tongue issue.

Zach is such a silly kid. He told his doctor (the pediatrician) that he has been telling his friends that it is a worm growing from his tongue. Then he went on to say, maybe I'm turning into a alien, and I'll have to dress up as myself to go to school. Crazy kid.

Isn't God amazing!

On Sunday night I was awakened in the night with a very vivid dream (or vision) of a child we pick up on our church bus. I"ll not give too much detail, I don't want someone to figure out who the child is. At any rate, I was such a horrid dream that I had, and very vivid, that I couldn't got back to sleep immediately. You know how dreams are, usually you'll see a face, but the name is different, not this time, the pictures where very clear. Usually I can fall right back to sleep after any disturbance, not this night. I said a very simple prayer for this child, "God please, you know what is happening to this child at this moment, and obviously you've laid this child on my heart, please protect this child." That simple. I went back to sleep. When I awoke in the morning I still remembered the dream, which you know how dreams are, you usually can't remember them when you wake up. Well, the child has been on my mind a lot this week. I even somewhat shared the dream with my husband. Okay, here is the clincher. Today as I was in the school I stopped by a classroom to visit a teacher that I am friends with, because our husbands have made plans for us to all go out, and I wanted to confirm them with her. Well, the child was in this class. I was just observing while they were doing a math activity. I mentioned to her that I had a very vivid, horrible dream about the child. She asked when, I told her "Sunday" and she about choaked, and started to tear up. Now that was not what I was trying to accomplish, however, it confirmed to me that God laid the child on my heart for a reason. Evidently it is bad, of course she can't say anything to me, but I could tell, and especially since I am familiar with the family, the living conditions, and the dream I had. Wow, it just amazes me that God can use bad situations in our lives in order for us to help others.

See, I come from a very abusive family. In every aspect of abuse. I personally was not abused, but one of my siblings was abused their entire life, by not just one family member, but many and others that were not even related. That person is currently working through all this with a great Christian counselor. As you can see abuse is very close to home for me. The other day talking to a friend, who comes from the same sort of background, we were trying to decide if our backgrounds make us overly "cautious" or if it is just normal. We are still undecided about the matter, or I guess I just can't explain what our result was. You'd have to live this to understand what I'm saying. I am realizing through this situation that God is going to use me to help people that maybe someone else would not be able to reach. Some might think it is horrible that God could allow bad things to happen, just to use it for good. However, if you truly believe in the sovereignty of God you have to believe that it happens. Does God enjoy the bad? I don't believe so. It is all for his glory though. Everything in our life should bring him glory, and if I can't see that this situation brings him glory (not the abuse--the "vision" he showed me), what good is it? There is no way a person that hasn't experienced abuse, could possibly even comprehend that it happens. Every day, all the time, by all kinds of people. I praise God that he has helped me to realize how my life will impact others, and I will, with his help, help others, all for the purpose of glorifying God.

That is a big lesson to swallow in one day. I hope this in no way offends any reader. That is not the intent. The sole intent is to show that God is so very faithful, and is using my life to glorify him. And most definitely, not the way I used to think I glorified God. In all reality I was only glorifying my own self by the way I used to live. God is so good.