Thursday, September 25, 2008

A day off

Get two boys to school @ 7:45
Dentist in Richmond (30 minutes south of home) @ 8:15 am
Take boy # 3 to school--chat with the elementary school principal and secretaries for a few
Eye appointment in Greenville (20 minutes east of home) @ 10:30
Stopped @ the Goodwill store
Eat lunch with Hubby @11:30
Go to the grocery store
Pick up mending--that has been done for about 2 months
Get Maggie a double cheeseburger
Stop at the Middle school and talk with the principal
Come home @ 2
Visit Maggie, feed her the Cheeseburger, play a few minutes
Get in the house and now I should be cooking supper and picking up the house.

What a relaxing day off. LOL!!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Maggie and her new friend.

THis beautiful dog, Maggie, became and outside dog today. It was either that or a new home for her. We love her, and enjoy her, she is just not good for an inside dog. Well, she doesn't like to be outside alone for long, even though she LOVES to be outside. Today, Rob and I had to go and get her a dog house and some things for the yard, and Austin didn't want to join us. Well, he got tired of having to stay outside the entire time, so this is what he came up with.

He put the boom box outside to play "adventures in Odyssey" Cd's for her listening enjoyment. He said it worked great at keeping her company.

I thought this to be very ingenious of him. He is such an thinker. This was the shirt he had been wearing today, and also notice the close up of the "hair" (i.e. dried out grass)

Austin and Zach building.

Motgomery, 3 years old, holding Austin 11 years old. It was too cute. He kept saying "I will hold you."

Myles, Batman, Statue of Liberty, with his spiderman cell phone.

Acacia the Statue of Liberty.

Weekend with family

Rob's sister, Faith had her second child. A girl. Ellie Ann. She is absolutely beatiful. In the first picture, Jordan is holding her with Acacia next to him and then Ellie's big brother Myles walking away. Rob's mom had taken a picture of all the grandkids and I was too late with my camera, so this is what remained. There are now 8 grandkids, ranging from 14-1 month old, on Rob's side of the family. We enjoyed spending time with his family 2 weekends ago. The kids all play together so well. It is always nice to see family.

REO Speedwagon Concert

Rob and I along with my sister and her husband went to see REO Speedwagon at the The Great Darke County Fair this summer. It was fun. Nice 80's music. HEEHEE!!! I had never been to a concert, and it was fun. Very calm actually.