Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Zach in the pool

Here is my Zach in the pool. Don't look at the water. We had a problem when we filled it. Rob started filling it, and then sometime during the day, without him knowing, the city flushed the hydrants in from of our house. We have rust in our water, we are slowly getting it taken care of . At any rate, I got some good pictures of Zach yesterday in the pool. This kid would stay in the water all day if you let him. He is like that with a bath also. He is sure getting quit a little "brown" skin.

I just was able to get my computer to upload pictures from the harddrive, and not have to go through picasa. I'm pretty happy about this, hopefully, it will work for me later also. See, I have this picasa, which is great, since before I could never get my computer to upload the pictures, at any rate, I can't figure out how to set the picture size differently (hence the reason all my previous photo posts are huge) and then I can't figure out how to change the layout either, or put more than one picture on a post. Okay, now you know, I'm not too computer literate. Oh, another thing I don't know how to do is put links on my blog. I'd love to have my fellow bolg friends links on my blog, just don't know how, and I've tried the way that the "help" says too. Any suggestions? No biggie if not. But, thanks in advance if you do. Well, I really need to get to bed, I had a hard time getting up this morning. Have a blessed day.


Okay, this is a big picture of my mug. This is my new hairdo. I really like it. I can't believe it is so short, just last October my hair was past my rear. Can you see the highlights? This is another picture Zach took yesterday. Posted by Picasa

My painted toenails

Okay, why you ask do I post this picture. This is the first time I've ever pained my toenails. Reason: religous. Well, another one of the DONT'S of our former faith family. I've never liked to wear sandles, I don't care to look at my feet, and my toenails (Okay, maybe I'm strange). I thought, "Hey, I can paint my toenails", and so I did. The boys helped me pick my color. Rob was a little stunned, he wondered why it had to be so bold, well, I just figure if you paint your toenails they have to be bright, or a french manicure (that ain't happening). So much fun.

It reminds me of my verse at the top of my blog. "It is for freedom Christ has set us free." Galatians 5:1a

I now know that I can not "loose" my salvation by painting my toenails. Again, long story. My testimony is on my blog on the April 18th post. Check it out if you'd like.
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Signs of summer

Some of my roses have bloomed. You can't see the color very well. They are beautiful. It is called "mustard". I got this for Mothers day last year (2005) from the church family when Rob still pastored. It was the first plant that I was able to plant, since before, we didn't have our own place, or a place that we could plant our own things. I so enjoy looking at the roses. Posted by Picasa

Zach's plant

The flower Zach gave me for Mothers Day. He planted it on the side of the house with his Dad's help. Then of course on his picture taken excursion, he took this picture. Posted by Picasa


I let Zach take some pictures yesterday. This is one of them. Funny! He loved taking pictures.  Posted by Picasa

Jordan mowing

Here is Jordan mowing the lawn. He does such a good job. He is also mowing one other yard for pay. He loves that. He is a hard worker. Well, when he is not sleeping now. He is most definately becoming a teenager. He is sleeping so much more than before. We just let him sleep, I figure if he is tired enough to just go lay down, let the boy sleep. I remember how tired I was as a teen, and of course I know how miserable it is to be tired and not be able to sleep. Posted by Picasa

The boys tent.

The new tent. They boys bought (with their allowance/birthday $$) their own tent. We have a 2 room tent, but they wanted their own for when we go on vacation. They can sleep in their tent, and we can have a "bedroom" and a "dressing room/storage" in our tent.
They are pretty excited about this. They've been (at least one of them each night) have been sleeping in the tent since last week. What fun. God has blessed us with this nice yard (and we put the fence up last year) and we definatley utilize it.  Posted by Picasa

This day in history (well, my history)

12 years ago today:

I was 8 days overdue with my first baby

I went to the doctor

The doctor did the normal pregnant women check, not progress at all--this body was not ready to deliver a baby

I cried and told the doctor I was not leaving until I had my baby in my arms

She made a deal with me, come back tomorrow and we'll have a baby--DEAL! (it didn't end up working like that--but more later)

Made my appointment to check into get the ultrasound in the am, and check in the hospital

I got lost going home from the doctor, because I was so upset (the crazy part of this, I had been going to the same place for 9 months)

I went home got ready to go to the hospital in the next day


Okay, It has been a while. The days have been absolutely crazy around here. I was off on Thursday. Then I have worked since then. I am working 7 days straight. Now, let me tell you, it isn't near as bad as it sounds. Well, I'm trying to think postivie. Actually I will then get the weekend off. This will be great since it is Jordan's birthday on Saturday.

Friday was the last day of school for the boys. I work at a convenience store that has a Subway in it. We were so busy, I was about to pull my hair out. Now we have busy days, but usually people come in and get one sandwich for themselves, sometimes maybe 2 (one for a friend), however, this day, people were buying lots of them. UGH!!! I think alot of parents were buying lunch for their children and then eating with them. Actually I know that is the case, they were telling me. It was great that so many parents were spending the day with their children. It made me a little sad that I couldn't be there. Rob went though. I had originally planned on going, but due to loosing an employee, I had to change my schedule around. Let me tell you one more crazy detail about Friday at work, we made about 65 footlong sandwiches in about 2 hours. Fun huh!

Saturday we didn't do much. Well, we did go swimming. Rob was able to get the pool set up this past week. We've (well, Rob and the boys) have really been enjoying that. Hours of fun. It was a great investment from last summer.

Sunday we went to church. It was great. We love this church we've been attending. It is quit a drive, but well worth it. The boys have learned so much in the short time we've been there. We came home enjoyed some time in the pool, then I went to work at 4-10. Not too bad. It went by extremely fast. Usually I work days, and 1 evening a week. Not too bad.

Monday I work a 4 hour shift. Everyone has to work 4 hours on Holidays. It goes by extremely fast because it is so busy. When I got home we planned on going to the drive in. (For the first time EVER--long story on why) We had a little rain storm come through, we got nervous, so we ended up just going to the dollar theater, we saw Ice Age 2. The boys enjoyed it.

Tuesday, work, like normal. OH! I did something exciting on Tuesday. My friend from work came over and highlighted my hair. It is not extremely drastic. She did lots of little strands but we didn't leave the die on l very long, because I was nervous. Another long story, for another day. At any rate, I love it. I have extremely thin hair, and it is cut pretty short now, I just got that done--I needed all the perm to be cut out, and it adds so much depth to my hair. It just doesn't look so thin. Oh, I almost forgot, we did go to the drive in. We saw Over the Hedge. We only went, one; becasue we hadn't ever been and two; it was only $5 a carload.

Wednesday, work again. Rob went to Lowes and bought a storm door for the house. Some guys in town are going to install it the week (I think). I pretty excited about that. Church this evening. Again, well worth the drive. Rob and I feel like we've just gone to a class at seminary when we leave.

Isn't my life sooo extremely exciting. Okay, that time I said extremely simply because I've said it so many times in my post, and wanted you to realize I knew that. I guess my mood would be somewhat needing to use "extreme" words for descriptions.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The tent update

Okay, I forgot to comment yesterday about the tent. They boys and Rob all slept all night in the tent. I stayed in the house to man the alarm clock. I was so worried about oversleeping, which would not have been good, since the boys had school and I had work. But, lo and behold. I did not. I actually woke up before the alarm clock. I think I did not sleep as sound for fear of oversleeping. Oh well, they all enjoyed it. Then on Wednesday night Rob and Zach slept in the tent again. Jordan and Austin were having horrible attitudes, therefore, they lost out on the tent that night. The plan for last night was to sleep out again, however it started storming, therefore, that was over. We'll see about tonight. Don't know yet.

Yesterday I had the day off. It was the last weekday I was going to have off before the boys got out of school. Rob and I enjoyed the day together. We went shopping, and went to lunch, and just had a nice relaxing day. We needed to get the boys teachers a gift, and I had a coupon for the Yankee Candle store, so that was that. I of couse got some tarts for myself also. It was overall a nice day. We enjoyed ourselves.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Something I forgot

I forgot to mention that I have to be the one to get up first in the am. Not a good thought. I depend on Rob to wake up first and then I get up. Crazy I know. Its just the way we work. I'm not a morning person at all, and he is. Well, that means not late night blogging, the fam is depending on me. Wish me luck.

They boys in the tent

Tonight Rob is sleeping in the backyard with the boys in the tent. They love to sleep in the tent. This is rather exciting for them. I'll post tomorrow to let you know if they make it all night or not.

I told Austin "isn't it nice to camp in the back yard?, if you forget anything you can just come in and get it." This of course was during one of his trips in the house to get something, and as I type he is back in the house for some other forgotten item. A joke book! Couldn't go to bed without a few jokes right? He has about 12 joke books, he loves to read them and of course tell the jokes. Crazy kid. Posted by Picasa

Stuff about today

This is the way most afternoons are spent at the Myers house. They play basketball, and ride their bikes all the daylight hours. It is great. They love being outside. Soon it will be time to set the pool up. They've been counting the days since about 2 months ago. I think we are setting it up this weekend. Yee Ha!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day here. The weather was great. Rob worked in the yard pretty much all day. I had the day off. I ran errands, ate lunch at school, and did more errands, laundry, cooked dinner and you know just the normal Mom stuff.

The boys are looking forward to school ending. Friday is their last day. The last day is a celebration day. They do a ceremony of sorts for the 5th graders, then it is field day. I was planning on spending the day at school with them, but I had to rearrange my schedule do to us loosing an employee today. That is fine. I did enjoy the day today. It was good to be on the playground with the kids at lunch time.

Jordan will be in the middle school next year. He is so looking forward to that. Austin will be in the 4th grade, and Zach in the 2nd. WOW!!! They boys are getting so much older. Am I that old???? No need to answer that question.

Well, have a blessed day. Time to round up the boys and do some reading before bedtime. They boys and Rob are sleeping in the tent tonight. What fun. They are looking forward to that

The boys playing basketball

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Monkey boy!

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Are you supposed slide down the slide or pole?

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Austin posing for the camera

What a ham!! He had me take like 5 or 6 different poses of him on the gazebo at the park. He is quit a character.

Last night he was jumping on the trampoline with his rollerblades on. (I know--I just try not to look when he does crazy things like that) Okay, I walked in the backyard and was looking around the yard. I said to Austin, "boy we have a nice house with a nice yard, we sure a blessed". He said, "Yes, it'd be a shame to give it up." I loved her phrasing (is that a word) for the thought he had.

Reason for the statement. Rob lost his job last month. Jobs are extremely scarce around here. We've started traveling 45-50 minutes to church. Since we've bought this house, I've said that I really didn't want to move anywhere else. I like the house, I like the community, I like the schools, so on and so on. Well, 2 Sundays ago, I made the statement to my husband, I think I could handle it if we had to move again, I am not as attached to the house as I'd thought. Well, actually God means more to me that my house. Okay, on the next Tuesday a realtor came to our door and asked if we were in the market to sell our house, that there was a person wanting our house, and would pay cash. WOW!!!!!! Well, you can imagine Rob and I were floored by that. We have given it much prayer and thought, because we don't want to go against God's plan for our lives. We have pretty much decided that we will stay put, our house payment is extremely low, lower than rent, and that I say, simply because of the Grace of God. At any rate, let me tell one more tidbit of information about real estate around here. You can put your house on the market and it won't sell for a year or more. That is one of the many reasons we did consider the offer, and again, we don't feel it is the will of God at this time. Posted by Picasa

Zach and his glow in the dark basketball.

Zach bought this today. He wanted me to take his picture. Isn't he cute? Minus the dirty face and clothes! Posted by Picasa

Can you guess my boy loves to go fishing?

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How many kids can you get on a merry go round?

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This was my Mothers day gift. The brown book, is a new Bible. It is beautiful. It is the ESV---English Standard Version. I love it. That was from Rob. The other book is from my boys. It is: "The Devotional Writings of Oswald Chambers: My Utmost for His Highest and Daily Devotions for His Disciples." I love this book. I have been reading the devotions from "My Utmost" each day. It has ministered to me so much. It is so convicting to me at times, but oh how wonderful. I had a paper back copy ($4.97) of the updated version of this, which I used or I looked online. I'm very excited to have this book in our library. Oh, the best part. My boys paid for this with their allowance money. Don't I have great kids? Posted by Picasa

Mothers day gift

Aren't these shoes great. I needed them badly, I stand all day at work, and my shoes were totally worn out ( I think they were close to 1 year old) and this is what I got. It was fun to have the boys help me pick my new shoes. Today, when Jordan saw my shoes on my feet, he said "Mom those are awesome shoes." Okay, I'm not a totally uncool Mom.

I went with color on my shoes this time. For my entire life, with the exception of 2 pairs, I have always chosen white shoes because I felt they looked better with a skirt. Now since I wear jeans, I can have color. LOL!!! Posted by Picasa

Austin and Angel

Jordan and Zach stayed the night with my sister this past Friday. We had some good quality time with Austin. He is so fun to have a conversation with. He is a deep thinker. He loves to talk about God. We learned alot about what he is learning in his Wednesday night class at the church we've been attending. It was great. He said he really likes his class, because they are teaching him more than "just Bible stories". This church is teaching doctrinal things at a young age. That is exactly what we were looking for in a church. The 45 minute drive is worth it. We call Austin our "little theolgian". Posted by Picasa

Rob and Jordan climbed this

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My "Young Man"

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Jordan and his fish

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My favorite picture of the weekend

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Jordan at Brown County State Park

Rob and Jordan went on a little trip together. They went away last weekend. They went to Brown County State Park for camping and fishing, campfires and all that goes with camping. Well, with one addition. The "boy talk".

We purchased the "Preparing for Adolesence" from Focus on the Family. It is a 7 cd set. You are supposed to drive about 3-4 hours away, and listen and discuss everything you've listened to. Well, Rob said they made it through 2 of the cd's. He did the ones he felt were necessary at the time. He said 1 or 2 of them will be listened to in a year or so. Rob said it went well. He was a little sad at one time Dr. Dobson made the comment, something to the effect of this. "This is a journey from boyhood to becoming a man, and once this journey starts you can't turn back." Rob said that was a little sad to hear, Jordan is turning into a young man, and there is nothing we can do about it. Our prayer is that he will remain a follower of Christ when he is an adult. Wow, it is a little overwhelming at times to think of the responsibility we have as parents, and then to realize that we only have 6 more years with him at home (at least). Let me say, when he came home, he put his arms out and said, "Mom, I need a hug." That was a great feeling. I figure, if he is 12, and still wants to hug his Mom, that is wonderful.

Rob will do this same type trip with the other 2 boys as they reach "that" age. Rob will let them choose the destination. They are already looking forward to the "special" time with Dad. I'm so thankful for my husband who is so proactive with our family. He is not content to just let it happen however, he works continually to make us a more Christ centered family, and have a open relationship with the boys. I am truly blessed. Posted by Picasa

Austin met his match with this merry go round

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