Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another boy cooked meal.

This weekend it was Austin's turn to fix supper. It looks like we started something, because now Zach wants a turn. Next weekend will be his turn. It is nice though, because it is just me and the boy in the kitchen getting things ready. Austin's meal consisted of pork chops (couldn't cook on the grill--it was snowing), corn bread (with lots of sugar on top--compliments of Austin--YUMMY), mashed potatos (real ones--carefuly peeled by Austin), corn, and cheesy broccoli. The highlight for Austin was making desert. He chose a desert out of a "teachable moments" cookbook. It was homemade monster ice cream sandwiches, and chocolate dipped marshmallows. He enjoyed making the desert plates look nice. It was quit fun. He was not enjoying helping with the clean up, he said "I didn't know this was part of the deal." I enjoyed the personal time with Austin. We shopped for a few things in the morning, and then came home and cooked. I don't get much alone time with any of the boys, so this is nice for me, and they look forward to the time also. As you may tell, Zach was absent from the meal, he spent the night with his cousin. It was all good food, Austin was quit the chef. Enjoy these pictures. Posted by Picasa

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Karen said...

Melissa...I think that's a great way to spend time with your sons, teach them some kitchen skills and just have fun! You're very creative! I love hearing about the boys and their antics!

Love you...