Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mouse Trap--not the game

Zach told me on the phone that "I put my finger in a mouse trap." Why I asked. " Well, cuz' grandpa told me to, and he gave me a quarter, and it didn't even hurt." "He told me to put my finger in the rat trap, but I didn't, that would hurt." UH HELLO!!!!!! I told him not to listen to grandpa when he says silly things like this, no matter how much money he offers. Not a happy mamma, that is for sure. I think that my husband is going to have to have a talk with his dad, or else I just might loose my cool with him. UGH!!!


Heather said...

Grrrr I would not be happy either.

Brenda said...

Oh, that's just boys and men. They are different! They will remember their grandpa, that's for sure!
I have uncles like that--you learn to not believe everything you hear as you are growing up from relatives like that!
I can just see their grandpa's eyes twinkling as he dared them to do this!