Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yesterday Jordan left for his Science Camp Camping trip. They left yesterday morning, spend the night, spend the entire day today exploring the campground using the knowledge they've learned the last week in the class. Spend tonight at the campground, tomorrow they get up eat, pack up camp and go to the Indianapolis Zoo and then head home. He comes home in the evening tomorrow. I think it is going to be an awesome experience for him. I have to tell you that I think I was having some serious anxiety about this seperation. I didn't even realize it, until mid morning yesterday when I kept asking the other 2 boys questions about Jordan. Like, "do you think we should've taken him a hat before they left, what about a notebook, Oh, I think he forgot his backpack, and on and on I went." They kept answering my questions, reasoning out their answers, it was quit funny actually. Well, then they were extremely wound up. WILD, I guess is a better workd for their actions. I realized that they were just reacting to my feelings, and I had to do a quick "Heavenly Father help me today". I had to put Jordan in the Lords hands for this trip. See, I am extremely protective of my boys, EXTREMELY, and it is very hard for me to let them go away with anyone but Rob and I. The only reason for allowing him to sign up for this camp, was that I personally knew and trusted one of the 2 instructors. In fact his daughter babysat for my boys before, and his wife was Jordan's preschool teacher. My mood changed, and things were much better with #2, and #3. We actually enjoyed our day.

Here was our day. We dropped Jordan off at the school, and off to run some errands. We got Austin's picture taken. Looked around Wal-Mart for a short time. The boys were looking for G.I. Joe stuff, not a single item was found. I did, however, find curtains for the boys rooms on clearance. I was quit pleased with that. Then we went to JcPenneys. I need khaki pants for work. I am having an awful time finding them. What a time for our company to change from black to khaki pants for our uniforms, the same time that Wal-Mart starts requiring khaki bottoms on their employees, and also while it is summer and all you can find easily (and inexpensively) is short pants. UGH!!! Okay, here is our Penny's experience. I found and tried on a pair of khaki pants quick, then in line, which was forever long, the boys are messing around. Loudly, but funny. They were smacking each other in the face, doing Indian burns on the arm, giving shots with there fingers, and laughing hysterically. It was very comical, the lady behind me in line was even laughing. I just chuckled, because they were being so silly. We made it out of there with no big problems. Then to the goodwill store. Which, by the way, I found alot of neat stuff. They were in heaven. They spent the entire time we were there in the back, where all the household stuff, toys and just misc stuff is. They hit the jackpot. Zach bought some binoculars and Austin found a 35mm camera, manual camera that. They were so thrilled, carefully inspecting everything they were considering buying. It was so fun to watch. Then to the $$ store to get some film. HOT DOG!!! They were all set up to be spies now. Isn't that funny. It was so fun to just step back and watch them shop and plan and all the neat things little boys do. In the end I was so happy that the Lord had helped me change my attitude and enjoy the boys so much more yesterday. Sometimes it is so easy to be busy doing the "work" of the day that I forget to enjoy the moments I have with my kids. It is hard to beleive that in 5 years Jordan will be off to college, and in only 10 years my youngest will be there. UGH!!! My how time flies.

Well, off to get some housework done before we go out for the evening.


staceyhoff said...

we love goodwill too. Why waste big $ at Toys R Us on small things that will probably get broken or lost at a friends house anyways? Plus, Goodwill has things show up there that are new a lot of the time so no sense then in having to buy it elsewhere. I myself am always bringing cute things I'm given and can't use,have too much of,or whatever.

Ty is going to Science camp too this Summer, as well as a week-long away-camp at a fairly nearby Christian camp(this is his 2nd time going to that camp.)I always have anxiety too, though as you said, we put our children in God's hands and pray for the best for them.
So glad to read, too, about your DH's {happy} new job and God's provision for you and your family.

God bless you all.

Heather said...

We looove thrift store shopping glad to read that your DH is so happy with his new job :) Love you!-Heather

Robin said...

Time for a new post PLEASE!
Is Jordon home from camp? How did he do?

Missing you.