Friday, August 03, 2007

Prayer concern

I am asking for all my blog friends to help me pray. Today I felt lead by the Holy Spirit to post my testimony on my blog that I have for our family. I have been wrestling with this lately. I don't like it that when we are together that no one wants to discuss anything theological. It is like our family can not even talk about the fact they or us attend church. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is discussed about church at all. Now, that may seem trivial to some, but if your life is so consumed with church, how can you go 2 1/2 days without mentioning it one time.
When we were in Ill to pick up the boys, it was just awful, noone talked anything about church, or Christ in any conversation. Now, Rob and I mentioned things, in passing, and I only say in passing because the comments were ignored and talked around. Christ is the center of our life, and we want to talk about it. You know my boys were up there for 2 weeks, and they were bombarded with "false doctrine" by Rob's father, and then they attended 2 services with Robs family. (They actually attended 3 church services, but one of them was with his Aunt who church preaches the true gospel message--By Grace alone, through Faith alone, In Christ Alone.) And then we get there and it is like church doesn't even exist. At one point Rob's sister and her husband had to leave the house (which was where we were staying) to pass out fliers for a revival they were having. They just said "we have to be gone for a few hours, we'll be back at such and such time". Now, why couldn't they tell us they were doing something for the church, no big deal really. I just am growing weary with the avoidance of theological discussions. I don't do small talk, I don't just talk about the weather for long, it makes me grow weary.

I am in prayer that my post will stir something in the souls of the readers.


Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

I'll be praying, Melissa. I know how hard it is because my family and I have the same cordial, surface relationship.

Yours is only to pray and wait on His timing. I'm not going to say it's easy, but with time you will get better at it.

I can almost hear you say, "But I don't want to get better at it." I know that too. But we must.

Heather said...

I *will* pray concerning this. I know it must eat you up inside. No easy answers...the Lord knows. ((hug)) heather

Robin said...

Praying for and with you.

staceyhoff said...

Don't worry dear, just love them where they are at and keep on pressing into the Lord yourself. This is all we can do, really. And pray of course. We can't change other people, but God can, and He is sovereign over all. Love to you. xoxo