Monday, July 23, 2007

Birthday letter to Austin

When we got home Austin had this in the mail. It was his birthday on Saturday. This was from the pastor of our church. I was so touched when he opened this and read it. This was so wonderful to recieve after a weekend like we had.

A birthday prayer for Austin...

Father, Son and Holy Spirit...

Thank you for Austin.

Thank you for how his fearfully and wonderfully made, and for how you are remaiking him ino a man like Jesus, through the wisdom of his parents.

As he grows, may he not follow his culture's false notions of manhood.

Instead, may he now that a true man is a man of love, integrity, and faithfulness.

May he know that the true man is Jesus, and my he look to him as Savior, and follow him as Lord.

"I want to know Christ..." Philippians 3:10

Heavenly Father, Thank you for this wonderful reminder of who we are in you. Thank you the reminder of our responsibilty as parents. May this be a daily reminder to us as parents of our responsibility to God and our children, and to Austin of his place in this covenant family. May we all strive, through the Holy Spirit to be more like Christ each day.


Heather said...

How thoughtful and touching! Wow, that is just beautiful..Happy Birthday Austin!

Robin said...

So glad you guys are home safe and sound.

Happy belated B-day Austin.
What a wonderful card.