Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Exciting News

Rob's sister Jenny and her husband Dean, the parents of these 3 darling children have left our former faith family. I know that sounds crazy to say "exciting news" and follow it by "left the old church". WOW! God is so faithful. He has seen fit to open their eyes to the false teachings that they've grown up in. It is a hard decision, and I have to say that, although we did it, I can't truthfully imagine making the decision and living so close to family--that is still in our former faith family. It was hard enough for our family to deal with, but we were not so close in proximity or other ways. Please help us pray for God's direction for them. I didn't get to talk much to Jenny while we were home for Thanksgiving, but Dean told Rob they weren't so sure where they were going to end up, but they were going to devote themselves to reading God's word and praying for direction. (that is exactly what we did, and look where we are today) God has so answered our prayers with this. I am trying to stay away, unless they want to talk and ask questions, because I do not want to sway them in any way. God will reveal to them as he see fit. It is so EXCITING! I do think that this stems from a few things, Rob has had the opportunity to witness to Dean on quit a few occasions, and I did post my testimony on my other blog. But, most of all God has openend their understanding and made them alive spiritually. Praise God for this exciting event.


Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

A wonderful post of hope! God bless them!

Robin said...

Wonderful pictures. I love hearing about people coming to Christ. I esp. *love* hearing you talk about it. Such obvious enthusiasum and joy.
I've only had time to lurk, but I am keeping up.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful joyous Christmas!

A Bishops wife said...

Well you know that I know what you are talking about. I used to belong to the same "faith family". You are too nice...I call it an organization or corporation or business.

I hope that Jenny and Dean are happy. Just do not leave them "out there" alone. It can get lonely and all the instilled fear gets to you from time to time. I know about this stuff. Others just can not grasp the whole idea of the "standards" thing and how fearful and controling it can be.

From one ex-UPCIer to another, I still have hair fears. It is so stringy. I look a mess! I am too scarred to cut it. I still have not been to a movie theater either--however, we do go bowling, does that count? I wear jeans and we have a TV.

Robin said...

Hey You!? I'm looking for Christmas pictures. I hope your family had a wonderful Holiday. I know that when you finally sit down to blog, it will be lots of great stuff. I'm just getting impatient.

Happy New Year