Tuesday, July 17, 2007

lifes update

Okay, I know it has been forever. Lots going on here, well, just normal busy for a family of 5 I guess. Rob and I are both working full time. Rob is so much enjoying his new job. He has gotten a $.50 raise already. Pretty good for us.

Jordan had a blast at his science camping trip. He loves to camp anyway, but with his friends and favorite teacher, made it even better. He learned all kinds of stuff while he was there. He learned how to make some neat camp food too.

Zach is getting all kinds of dental work done this summer. We are so blessed to have an awesome pediatric dentist. He is so good with the boys, he is very firm, but kind at the same time. He is widening both Zach's upper and lower jaws. Sounds fun huh! Zach is such a trooper though. He has this "appliance" in the roof of his mouth right now, it has a "key" which has to be turned 18 times before we go back, he just opens his mouth and lets us turn it. No complaints, such a trooper. When we go back next week, he will put in the lower "appliance".

Well, the boys have been gone for 8 days now. Let me tell you what, this house it pretty BORING without them. I met Rob's aunt in Lafayette, which is the half way point for us both, last Monday. Rob's Aunt Paula and Uncle Rick have 2 boys the same ages as Jordan and Austin. The boys stayed with Rick and Paula from Monday until Thursday, on Thursday they went to Rob's parents, and then on Sunday they went to Rob's sister and brother in law until we go to get them. We will go this weekend to retrieve our children. They are having a great time.

Rob's dad is not the kindest person in the world at times. He had a long conversation with Jordan about this decision that we've made to leave the UPCI. He told Jordan that bad things were going to happen to us, and our family because of it. He pretty much told Jordan that ROb and I would be divorced soon because of our decision. Can you believe that a grown man would tell at 13 year old kids these things about his parents. On top of it, it is Rob's dad, he would say such things about his own son. WOW!!! He is not very mature in his actions. The boys had to go to church with them, because that is where they were on Sunday, and Denny (my father in law) made Jordan go to the altar. UGH!! Jordan just walked up to be respectful and not be disobedient. When church was over Denny said to Jordan, "tell me the truth did you feel the Holy Ghost up there?" To which Jordan responded "No." Well, then he talked about other things concerning theology, and Jordan gave him answers, he talked about Grace and God's choosing us before the foundation of the earth, not based on merit, but merely because it pleases him. To this my FIL responded something like this. "well, if that is the case why would you even try to do good things, and what if I was to go and drink a beer right now?" Well, Jordan said something to the effect of this. "Go ahead, it is not the beer that is the problem it is the addicition that would be the sin. One beer isn't bad in an of itself, but becoming addicted to it is the sin." YOU GO JORDAN!!! He was polite and respectful, but he was also strong in his beliefes and stood up for what he believes. I am so proud of him. We realize that unless God opens my IL's eyes, they can not see truth as we see it, but it is our responsibility to show them. Jordan realizes this also, and so he spoke the truth to them. I am so thankful for all the evenings we've spent in discussion as a family about the truths of the Bible, and I'm so thankful that my boy isn't ashamed of the Gospel. Enough on that, I could go on and on.

Rob and I had a nice weekend together. We went on a "date" Friday. We went to eat at Chili's, and went to a movie (at the $ theater). We had a slight problem with our food on Friday, so the manager gave us $20 gift certificates, and guess what we ate there again on Saturday. What happened, was there was a hair or a fuzz of somesort on one of my fries, so I had them replace my food, quietly and discreetly, I don't like to make a big deal, you know stuff happens. Well, I get my new plate of food, my fries are piping hot, and my chicken fingers are ice cold. I went ahead and ate, because for crying out loud Rob was done, because this was my second plate of food. Well, we paid before we talked with the manager, but I wanted to draw attention to the manger, just because it appeared that they had just put the original chicken on a different plate, with new fries. Well, he insisted on giving us gift certificates. Of course we'll take them. I assured him that we would have returned they without the gift certificates, but thanked him anyway. WEll, on Saturday Rob and I slept in late, and then go up and spent the day outdoors together. It was super time and we were in Richmond again so we ate at Chilis. Hey, no kids, free foood, come on. It was a great weekend. I did cook on Sunday. On Sunday we went to church, ate lunch and took a LONG nap. Then we went to a calling for a dear friend whose mother passed away. Hey, come to think of it, I cooked twice on Sunday.

Monday, no more playtime, back to work. I'll tell you what it is awful quiet around here without the natives. I come home from work and the house looks the same as when I left it. I cleaned the weekend before they left becuase Rob took them camping and I was home alone for 2 days, so it just seemed natural to clean then, so since it is just he two of us, it has stayed clean. I even had to wash things together that I normally wouldn't was together just to do some laundry. No toothepaste in the sink, no messes in the bathroom (you know how boys can miss), there are not 50 cups dirty from one day. Let me tell you, we thought we'd look forward to the empty nest, not so sure about that at this point. What was our life before children. I guess this was a good reminder of what a blessing they are to our lives. I told Rob, we should appreciate them more when they get back, seeing how much life they add to our lives.

Oh, yeah! Today I did it. I've only talked about it for 3 months, and today was the day. I got my hair done. I got my haird permed and cut. It is great. I have awfully thin hair, it is pretty lifeless. I had a real cute hair style back in January, but it was on the short side of things, just above my collar, and of course it grew out, and I just can't bring myself to spend money on myself every 4-6 weeks or so. I also like what one might consider "low maitnenance hair" so I decided to grow it out a bit, and then see, now understand my hair doesn't grow that quickly, so it is not really long. Well, today was the day. I had her check the computer, and it had been since January that I'd had it cut. I really like the new hairdo, I'll try and post a picture soon.

I sure hope I didn't bore anyone. I know this seems like an awfully long post, but hey I talk alot.


Robin said...

Not boring at all. Enjoyed every word of it! Thanks for breaking it up into little paragraphs that helps.

I am so proud of your son. IT must be really hard to speak up to his grandfather. You and Rob have done an excellent job of teaching them truths. I know there is no wrongful pride in you. Can't wait to see what God does with this! ;)

Heather said...

(((hug))) Just glad you are"talkin"!! I have missed you woman!! (((hug)))again, you are doing a wonderful job with the boys and just the whole situation. God is good and is blessing. :)Heather

staceyhoff said...

wow, it sounds like God is really giving Jordan a heart that is steadfast and a desire to speak out for Him in the wilderness. Can't wait to see how God uses him in the future!! God is definately working in Jordan!!! Praise God!!!!

and don't worry...most all of us have those relatives, too. Just gotta love 'em where theyr'e at and keep speaking the truth to 'em, just as Jordan did, right? ;) He did so good!