Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More smiling providence

The vehicle that God blessed us to be able to purchase last week, and the boat that we were blessed to be given along with the trailer. Ain't God good.
Well, while the boys were in Illinois this summer, they stayed with Uncle Rick and Aunt Paula a few days, and they live across the street from Ricks parents. Well, Rick's family used to have a lake house, which they allowed anyone and everyone to use at one time or another. We stayed one year for a vacation. No charge to us, we just had to buy our own food. WOW!!! They had this lake house forever, and used it to bless others, this boat was at lake house, and was also used to bless others for many years. Well, recently they've sold the house, and the boat was stored in their back yard, and they wanted to just give it away. Well, Jordan evidently went over and did some "work" for them and the boat and trailer was his payment. Well, we were able to go and get it this past weekend, since we were able to purchase the Durango, in which to haul the boat. These are some pictures of the boys "cleaning the boat". What a blessing that Rick's parents have been to the Kingdom of God, and now not only have we been blessed by staying at the lake house, and using this boat then, now the boat has been given to us. My boys will get much use out of this boat, since you can tell from many pictures I've posted, they LOVE to fish. I guess there are a few little leaks that need some repair, but hey, no big deal.
Now, to the Durango. We have had this minivan that God blessed us with last year, and it had served its purpose for us. We had it one year, and only paid $1200 for it. Well, as of late it has been having some problems, and we didn't trust it to drive out of town, so it was Rob's work vehicle. See this van was purchased right when Rob lost his job, and he no longer has a company vehicle to use, and that left us with one vehicle. Well, God made it possible that we were able to get that $$ scrounged up and purchased the van. Again, I say it was not healthy now. Well, with me working out of town and working every other weekend this wasn't going to work well for the church situation. We were worried about how Rob and the boys would get to church safely. When I was working at the store in town, he'd just drive up to my store, and we'd all go together, well this certainly was not going to work with me being 30 minutes away in a different direction from church. Well, smiling providence allowed me to have 3 Sundays in a row off, this bought us time. Last week, with the $$ we'd worked on saving, and then trading in the van we were able to purchase the Durango for a great deal. Rob had been looking for a few months at a car lot here in town, everyone whose is anyone will deal with this family owned business. So, at any rate, we'd toyed with the idea of a truck with extended cab, then a minivan, then anything we could use to tow the boat and trailer, then this vehicle came on the lot. We drove it and loved it. If you don't know, and Durango has 3 seats, so it is like a minivan with the seating capacity but it is like a truck in other ways. The best of both worlds. So, needless to say that the boys all took a trip up north in the new (not really new) SUV (as they call it--constantly) to go to a family reunion and get the long awaited boat. I think we'll be going camping in 2 weekends when I have a full weekend off. Oh yeah, that is another reason for a dependable vehicle with space, we could not camp well in our car. It just didn't fit the stuff very well. Oh another blessing, we needed a hitch to tow the trailer with. The Durango did not have one, which we thought was good, means it hadn't towed anything yet, and we had kept aside some $$ for that expense. The car lot we bought the Durango from took in another Durango before we picked up ours and it had a hitch, Rob asked if we could buy the hitch and they just removed it and gave it to us. Boy was that some "brownie points" in my boys eyes. Isn't that funny. Oh, and no we don't always have the box on top. We were just thrilled to have a vehicle we could use it on again, so Rob was able to buy an inexpensive kit to make it work on the new vehicle. See, there was not kit for our Malibu of the minivan--so man is this extra space for us.
Well, enough ramblings for now. I just wanted to share all the many "material" blessings God has given us lately. You know, the job, the raise in income, the Durango, the boat and the list goes on. We truly have been blessed with the smiling providence of God.

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