Friday, August 18, 2006

Look what the Lord has done!

Yes the hubcab is missing. It wasn't when we bought it, it feel off on the highway yesterday on the way home from getting the boys from their grandparents. Rob decided it wasn't worth driving backwards-looking-since they'd already driven 1-1/2 hours and didn't know when it fell off. Oh well! We'll just have to get new ones.

Okay, this may not look like much. However, I will tell you the story. Rob, when he pastored had use of the church van to ride around town in, and then with his job he had a vehicle for work. Therefore, we didn't need 2 vehicles. Well, he resigned the church in October last year, and then he lost his job in April of this year. Guess what, we only had one car. That sounds fine, but it was a little hassle at times. Rob would have to be available to take me to work and pick me up everyday. It really wasn't too bad, it was just getting old. We started saving money a few months ago. We didn't have much, because as I told you he lost his income in April. Well, now is the time that we really needed to concentrate on getting another vehicle, because Rob will need to get a job now (the boys go back to school Tuesday so he won't need to stay at home with them), and of course we couldn't find anything in our small price range. Last week we thought we'd found a car, and then as Rob made an offer, someone came and made a counter offer of $50 more right in front of him. Well, we didn't have another $50, so we lost. No big deal. Well, this van was being sold by some people in town that we know. We offered them what we had, and told them don't accept just because you know us, if you don't feel it is fair, just say No, we won't be offended. Well, they had the van on ebay, the auction would be ending within hours of when we talked to them, so they told us to check back in a few hours. Well, the auction ended and the bidder hadn't contacted them, so they accepted our offer. We were so thrilled. It is so nice and roomy for our boys. This story reminds me "all things work together for good to those who are called according to his purpose." Smiling providence is what else I say about it. God is good, and he does work all things together for good. If we'd gotten that car last week, we'd not gotten this this week.

God is so good. He supplied our need when it was necessary, not just when we wanted it.
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Heather said...

AMEN!!!! {{HUG}}