Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Me!

Well, again it has been forever. I think things to post all the time, but getting it done after working all day a "trying" to keep my house in somewhat order is nearly impossible. I work every other weekend, which means I have Thurs/Friday off every other week.

I was off last weekend, in fact I eve took a vacation day for Friday, I was so excited to have a 3 day weekend. Guess what! I got sick. Well, in all reality it was my allergies, but it was awful, I could barely move around I felt so awful. It is so aggrevating to be sick on my days off. I plan to get so much done, and then *WHAM* I'm Sick. Last Friday was my birthday, the boys got invited to a birthday party for a neighbor, so Rob and I decided to go out alone. It was nice. We went to O'Charleys. The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was a little more peaceful than say Chilis or Texas Roadhouse (which is one of our favorites), so we enjoyed the evening, except for the fact that I didn't feel so hot. On Saturday we did not do much of anything, because Ididn't feel so well, but the boys made me a birthday cake. (Like the candle) It was yummy! Butter Pecan Cake with Butter Cream frosting(Jordan baked the cake, and Zach frosted it). Rob and the boys decided to put candles on the cake, but of course we didn't have 35, so they opted for the black candle, and boy did the kids think it was funny!
You know how not fun it is when you are a sick Mom. I was kind of grumbling about it, then the Holy Spirit put me in check. You know there are so many Moms suffering so horribly. Like, Heather, who is suffering with a horrible illness herself, plus a sick child. Then there is Amy whose is finished with her suffering on this earth, but left behind a husband and toddler. And,there are many more I just dont' have the time to find them all and link them. Through all of the sufferings they give praise to God. I was so convicted of my complaining, that I had to repent, and realize that God is in control off ALL things. Why, oh why, do we loose sight of this awesome truth so often. God is so good, God is faithful, and EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING that is done in our lives is to bring glory to him. My boys, all being ADHD, and requiring so much, I don't even know how to describe it, but you know again, the Holy Spirit has put me in check yet again, when I want to gripe and complain about it, and how hard it is most days. God made each one of us exactly the way he wanted us, and our purpose in everything is to bring glory to God. Why do we wonder around coparing oursleves to others, hoping maybe we could be more like so and so, or why can't I have things this way, well, plain and simple. We are exactly the way God created us to be. I could go on and on, but I don't feel it necessary.
Rob found out yeaterday that he got his raise. YEEHAW!!! Another $1.05, effective this past Monday. He has gotten his CDL license now. That was a major feet for him. He was so nervous aobut it, and God is so faithful, he remained calm and past with flying colors. He was so pleased.
Well, you know I am a talker, and I could go on and on forever. I really must get up from this chair, clean the house somewhat, and go to the gorcery for supper. Dinner tonight is meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. This was requested by both Zach and Rob. Zach thought is was so *funny* when Rob said, meatloaf sounds good, and Zach had just told me that.
Have a blessed day.

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staceyhoff said...

yay! I am so happt 4 u, not that u got sick but 4 the rest, your revelations about complaining & bringing glory to God! I am right here with you, sister! God is so merciful with us in this; yesHe is also faithful 2 complete the good work that He began in us. Life has beautiful rewards, and it is a long,hard haul much of the time.
But,just think! Soon enough we will be in Heaven, our true home,worshipping God together and there will be no more toling from sunrise to sunset! Stop and smell the roses, enjoy your family; when they look back on their childhood years let them have lot's of memories of Mom smiling & being silly with them, spending time playing games with them or drawing with them,etc. This is what I remind myself of when I want to spend that extra bit of time I have while they are still up working, when what I should be doing is pulling them away from that video or leggos box(whatever they are doing) and taking them outside for a walk after dinner, or onto the living room floor with a board game, into one of the rooms or on the porch to practice guitar together or drums in the basement... they will care less about having a perfectly orderly house than you think. XOXO'S!