Monday, October 22, 2007

My boys and their pumpkins. THey didn't enjoy cleaning them out very much. In fact, I think it is absolutely disgusting myself, so they sure didn't get cleaned out much.

This is from last weekend also. I had to work on the weekend, because I was off Thurs/Friday, and Rob took them to a orchard. They had a great time. WE thought we could all just meet there, however, they would be closing by the time I get off of work. They got apple slushies, apples, took a hay ride, and fed some animals. It was fun for them. Rob took me and the 2 little ones for a "quick" visit (just so I'd know where it was) on Sunday afternoon when Jordan was at a youth function. (We had planned on going to the fruit farm the weekend prior, when I was off of work for the weekend, however, the weather was just not fall like at all. I think it was near 80*)


staceyhoff said...

How cute! I love doing the pumpkins with the kids, but I'm with you~ I don't like to get my hands all gooey in the glop!
Poor Alex, I can't tell if he is happy or anxious in the picture. He is the tall one with the glasses in the picture, right?
I pray for him, and I know that he is in a good family as he is going through what he is. Thank God that you guys have him involved in family things, whether he likes it or not,and he's not just holing himself away in his room somewhere,alone. {{hugs!}}

A Bishops wife said...

You seem to have the nicest family!

Your house looks great! I loved the pictures. One thing I am mistified about---Where do you get your energy! I need to rearrange and and redecorate on my days off and I just seem to have NO time or energy.

God Bless.

Maddy said...

What a productive 'team' you have. we didn't even manage to carve the pumpkins this year - maybe we'll just do it late, this weekend.
Best wishes