Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Zach's birthday gift.

Zach on his new bike. We bought him a bike for his birthday. He then got some $$$ in the mail. He decided to get a new "trick bike". So we took back the one we purchased and this is what he picked. Pretty neat huh!

What started the "trick" bike thing. Well, Austin and Jordan both decided that they'd start saving their allowance and then when they get their birthday $$ they'd get new "trick" bikes. So, of course Zach had to keep up with his brothers. Well, what I find amusing about this whole thing is that, I have 3 boys, 12, 9 & 7 (all birthdays this summer) and they'll all have the same size bikes. Crazy!!! But, they'll all have cool "trick" bikes. Posted by Picasa


Heather said...

Wow, what a neat bike! What fun ages.

Karen said...

Great pictures! It sure made me want to get out my fishing pole! Lots of love...Karen