Friday, May 26, 2006

The tent update

Okay, I forgot to comment yesterday about the tent. They boys and Rob all slept all night in the tent. I stayed in the house to man the alarm clock. I was so worried about oversleeping, which would not have been good, since the boys had school and I had work. But, lo and behold. I did not. I actually woke up before the alarm clock. I think I did not sleep as sound for fear of oversleeping. Oh well, they all enjoyed it. Then on Wednesday night Rob and Zach slept in the tent again. Jordan and Austin were having horrible attitudes, therefore, they lost out on the tent that night. The plan for last night was to sleep out again, however it started storming, therefore, that was over. We'll see about tonight. Don't know yet.

Yesterday I had the day off. It was the last weekday I was going to have off before the boys got out of school. Rob and I enjoyed the day together. We went shopping, and went to lunch, and just had a nice relaxing day. We needed to get the boys teachers a gift, and I had a coupon for the Yankee Candle store, so that was that. I of couse got some tarts for myself also. It was overall a nice day. We enjoyed ourselves.

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Overwhelmed! said...

Hooray for getting up on time! Glad the boys had fun sleeping in the tent. :)