Saturday, May 20, 2006

Austin posing for the camera

What a ham!! He had me take like 5 or 6 different poses of him on the gazebo at the park. He is quit a character.

Last night he was jumping on the trampoline with his rollerblades on. (I know--I just try not to look when he does crazy things like that) Okay, I walked in the backyard and was looking around the yard. I said to Austin, "boy we have a nice house with a nice yard, we sure a blessed". He said, "Yes, it'd be a shame to give it up." I loved her phrasing (is that a word) for the thought he had.

Reason for the statement. Rob lost his job last month. Jobs are extremely scarce around here. We've started traveling 45-50 minutes to church. Since we've bought this house, I've said that I really didn't want to move anywhere else. I like the house, I like the community, I like the schools, so on and so on. Well, 2 Sundays ago, I made the statement to my husband, I think I could handle it if we had to move again, I am not as attached to the house as I'd thought. Well, actually God means more to me that my house. Okay, on the next Tuesday a realtor came to our door and asked if we were in the market to sell our house, that there was a person wanting our house, and would pay cash. WOW!!!!!! Well, you can imagine Rob and I were floored by that. We have given it much prayer and thought, because we don't want to go against God's plan for our lives. We have pretty much decided that we will stay put, our house payment is extremely low, lower than rent, and that I say, simply because of the Grace of God. At any rate, let me tell one more tidbit of information about real estate around here. You can put your house on the market and it won't sell for a year or more. That is one of the many reasons we did consider the offer, and again, we don't feel it is the will of God at this time. Posted by Picasa


Heather said...

God Bless you in your obedience to His direction!!

Loooved the part about jumping on the tramp. (hmm that does not abbr.well) with the rollerblades :) Soooo boy :) It brought a big smile to my face. Your house and property look beautiful from what I can tell in the pics. :)

Free In Christ said...

This one, well all of my boys, are extremely BOYS!!!! There is absolutely nothing girly about them. They are a load of fun, as long as I can remember to enjoy them and not freak out when they do crazy things.

Yes, God has blessed us with this house, and a nice yard for the boys to play in. Like I said we are blessed, our house payment is well under rent around here. Praise God for that.

Heather said...

Whew...I hope I don't flip out when Ayden starts his daring little adventures :)

Overwhelmed! said...

You found my blog and now I've found yours!

What a tough decision to sell or not to sell!

Cute pictures of your sons. :)