Monday, May 08, 2006


Back in like January Rob went to the doctor and had some routine blood work done. It was all fine. However, the insurance that Rob had evidently decided not to pay for the work. Okay, well, I just kept putting it off, and figured I'd call after a month or so, sometimes it seems they say "no", then the doctor resubmitts it and it gets paid. Well, no such luck with that.

Well, when Rob lost his job, he also lost his insurance. I also missed the deadline for open enrollment for insurance through my employer. We don't make much money, and Rob takes a medication daily, and therefore he has to go to the doctor periodically. Not good without insurance. Well, the medication, the doctors office will give us samples whenever we run out. That is good. Okay, so I applied for financial assistance through the hospital system here. We were given a sliding fee scale of 80/20. Not bad. It is reasssuring to know if one of us gets sick we can go to the docotor without much worry. Okay, back to the bill. The blood work was $433.00 dollars, of which we were now responsible. UGH!!!! Today the lady from the billing department called and said they'd written off the entire bill. When she told me that, I just responded, "Praise the Lord". What else could I have said. Oh, yeah, I did thank her also. Okay, at any rate, I was so excited, and I know that God provided this little miracle for us.

Just had to share my exciting news for the day. I'm sorry if my thoughts are all over the place, sometimes it is just how I think. Have a blessed day.


Heather said...

Melissa!! God is so good!! Praise the Lord indeed!! Thank you for sharing such an encouraging blessing.

A Bishop wife said...

Praise the Lord. Having come out of a very works based legalistic church myself, it amazes me how Jesus still knows me and works in the life of this family.
Your testemony only proves... one more time, how there is more to all of this than the way we dress.

Karen said...

Melissa...that is so great! I love to hear the way God is working in your life! I miss you too!

Love in Him...