Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Okay, It has been a while. The days have been absolutely crazy around here. I was off on Thursday. Then I have worked since then. I am working 7 days straight. Now, let me tell you, it isn't near as bad as it sounds. Well, I'm trying to think postivie. Actually I will then get the weekend off. This will be great since it is Jordan's birthday on Saturday.

Friday was the last day of school for the boys. I work at a convenience store that has a Subway in it. We were so busy, I was about to pull my hair out. Now we have busy days, but usually people come in and get one sandwich for themselves, sometimes maybe 2 (one for a friend), however, this day, people were buying lots of them. UGH!!! I think alot of parents were buying lunch for their children and then eating with them. Actually I know that is the case, they were telling me. It was great that so many parents were spending the day with their children. It made me a little sad that I couldn't be there. Rob went though. I had originally planned on going, but due to loosing an employee, I had to change my schedule around. Let me tell you one more crazy detail about Friday at work, we made about 65 footlong sandwiches in about 2 hours. Fun huh!

Saturday we didn't do much. Well, we did go swimming. Rob was able to get the pool set up this past week. We've (well, Rob and the boys) have really been enjoying that. Hours of fun. It was a great investment from last summer.

Sunday we went to church. It was great. We love this church we've been attending. It is quit a drive, but well worth it. The boys have learned so much in the short time we've been there. We came home enjoyed some time in the pool, then I went to work at 4-10. Not too bad. It went by extremely fast. Usually I work days, and 1 evening a week. Not too bad.

Monday I work a 4 hour shift. Everyone has to work 4 hours on Holidays. It goes by extremely fast because it is so busy. When I got home we planned on going to the drive in. (For the first time EVER--long story on why) We had a little rain storm come through, we got nervous, so we ended up just going to the dollar theater, we saw Ice Age 2. The boys enjoyed it.

Tuesday, work, like normal. OH! I did something exciting on Tuesday. My friend from work came over and highlighted my hair. It is not extremely drastic. She did lots of little strands but we didn't leave the die on l very long, because I was nervous. Another long story, for another day. At any rate, I love it. I have extremely thin hair, and it is cut pretty short now, I just got that done--I needed all the perm to be cut out, and it adds so much depth to my hair. It just doesn't look so thin. Oh, I almost forgot, we did go to the drive in. We saw Over the Hedge. We only went, one; becasue we hadn't ever been and two; it was only $5 a carload.

Wednesday, work again. Rob went to Lowes and bought a storm door for the house. Some guys in town are going to install it the week (I think). I pretty excited about that. Church this evening. Again, well worth the drive. Rob and I feel like we've just gone to a class at seminary when we leave.

Isn't my life sooo extremely exciting. Okay, that time I said extremely simply because I've said it so many times in my post, and wanted you to realize I knew that. I guess my mood would be somewhat needing to use "extreme" words for descriptions.

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Heather said...

Thanks for the update! I use dramatic words quite a bit...just part of my personality I guess :)