Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Okay, this is a big picture of my mug. This is my new hairdo. I really like it. I can't believe it is so short, just last October my hair was past my rear. Can you see the highlights? This is another picture Zach took yesterday. Posted by Picasa


Heather said...

Melissa!! It is so good to "see" you :) Very cute "do"!!

A Bishop wife said...

You look GREAT! Do you like it? What does hubby and the kids think?

I just got mine cut too... just below my shoulders and colored (natural ash brown)to cover the gray.

This was a big step for me coming from a very strict leaglistc enviorment-as I know you have as well!

I like mine. The ends were so dry and stringy and dead and thin. I had so much gray and looked very prematurly old. People thought I was my kids grandmother.LOL

You go girl! It looks great!

Karen said...

Melissa...I love your look 20 years younger than you did with long hair and long dresses! Those are some great looking boys too! I love those photos of Zach in the pool. It's really nice to hear about your family! I haven't had time to blog much lately...Talk to you later. Karen