Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stuff about today

This is the way most afternoons are spent at the Myers house. They play basketball, and ride their bikes all the daylight hours. It is great. They love being outside. Soon it will be time to set the pool up. They've been counting the days since about 2 months ago. I think we are setting it up this weekend. Yee Ha!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day here. The weather was great. Rob worked in the yard pretty much all day. I had the day off. I ran errands, ate lunch at school, and did more errands, laundry, cooked dinner and you know just the normal Mom stuff.

The boys are looking forward to school ending. Friday is their last day. The last day is a celebration day. They do a ceremony of sorts for the 5th graders, then it is field day. I was planning on spending the day at school with them, but I had to rearrange my schedule do to us loosing an employee today. That is fine. I did enjoy the day today. It was good to be on the playground with the kids at lunch time.

Jordan will be in the middle school next year. He is so looking forward to that. Austin will be in the 4th grade, and Zach in the 2nd. WOW!!! They boys are getting so much older. Am I that old???? No need to answer that question.

Well, have a blessed day. Time to round up the boys and do some reading before bedtime. They boys and Rob are sleeping in the tent tonight. What fun. They are looking forward to that

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