Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This was my Mothers day gift. The brown book, is a new Bible. It is beautiful. It is the ESV---English Standard Version. I love it. That was from Rob. The other book is from my boys. It is: "The Devotional Writings of Oswald Chambers: My Utmost for His Highest and Daily Devotions for His Disciples." I love this book. I have been reading the devotions from "My Utmost" each day. It has ministered to me so much. It is so convicting to me at times, but oh how wonderful. I had a paper back copy ($4.97) of the updated version of this, which I used or I looked online. I'm very excited to have this book in our library. Oh, the best part. My boys paid for this with their allowance money. Don't I have great kids? Posted by Picasa


Karen said...

Melissa...I love reading about your family. Your boys are really special...you and Rob are doing a great job with them! Lots of love...Karen

Heather said...

Melissa- I LOVE LOVE My Utmost For His Highest!! Today's was sooo good too! Praying for you!!