Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This day in history (well, my history)

12 years ago today:

I was 8 days overdue with my first baby

I went to the doctor

The doctor did the normal pregnant women check, not progress at all--this body was not ready to deliver a baby

I cried and told the doctor I was not leaving until I had my baby in my arms

She made a deal with me, come back tomorrow and we'll have a baby--DEAL! (it didn't end up working like that--but more later)

Made my appointment to check into get the ultrasound in the am, and check in the hospital

I got lost going home from the doctor, because I was so upset (the crazy part of this, I had been going to the same place for 9 months)

I went home got ready to go to the hospital in the next day

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Heather said...

That is sooo neat! So...what happened? Are you going to keep us in suspense? :)