Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Thank God for good teachers

Austin has been struggling with his spelling tests. It is so frustrating because when we studied the words at home, he'd know them all. Something happened when he went to take the test at school. He was getting nothing higher that a D. UGH!!! Now this kid is smart, and I don't just say that because he is mine. He just is. He has a photographic memory. However, he is also ADHD. He is EXTREMELY HYPERACTIVE. No exaggeration, he used to literally climb the walls, and I mean literally. He is also taking medication. I'm not as pleased with its affects on him verses Jordan, however, he never has a problem at school--at least socially or behaviorally, so the doctor is not wanting to change it. Fine with me for now, I guess. At any rate, I was getting so frustrated at Austin's spelling tests, because it was making him feel horrible. Well, I talked to the teacher about it. She agreed to have the aid in the classroom take him out of the room and do the test individually. It has worked wonders. I was feeling like he was having to much pressure to perform, and was having such a hard time getting the thoughts form his head to the pencil and onto the paper. The first week he got a C then the next 2 weeks he got a B and last weeks he got an A. This made him so happy. I am so thankful for the teacher being open to me as the parent. Life is so much easier when that happens.

I'll tell you I learned so much while I homeschooled. Parents have much more rights than they realize. Another way God has proven, he works all thing together for the good. If we hadn't homeschooled for 3 years we would have never known we could speak up in the public school concerning the needs of our individual children.

God is so faithful.

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