Sunday, March 26, 2006

Family History

Last night as Jordan and I were watching something on the TV there was a commercial for Family Geneology. He started wondering about that subject. I told him it was like making a family tree--only you can go back way far sometimes. Jordan is also very interested in past wars, well actually only his he knew some of our family had served in them. Like, he is facinated that Rob's grandfather was in WWII. Well, it made me remeber that I had some of my dad's families geneology. Someone in the family had done some research and made nice binders for my dad and his brothers. Well, my Dad has not been making very good choices in his lifestyle or living arrangements, and I know that these things would have been just pitched by him or friends, so somehow I got a hold of them. So, Jordan and I pulled the books out. Very interesting. There is a book that is a Diary of what would have been my great, great, great, great grandfather that was an ambulance worker in the Civil War. They evidently found his Diary and typed the entries so we could read them. Very interesting. Jordan is finding all this information very intriguing. Also, we found we have abook full of pictures (well copies of pictures) of my grandmothers family, who migrated from Sweden. I'm looking forward to really looking at these books.

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