Saturday, March 25, 2006

Crazy question for Moms out there?

The tv is on and I just saw a commercial for JIF peanut butter. The catchey phrase was "Choosy Mom's choose JIF!"

The question I have is, do you choose JIF. I know my blog friends that are Moms are choosey. So, DO YOU CHOOSE JIF.

My preferance is: Jif--regular
Peter Pan--with Honey

Okay, let me know. I just thought this would be fun.

Have a great weekend.


A Bishop wife said...

We actually do choose "JIF".

We also "choose" the "JIF Honey" peanut butter as well. However, although it is very good, it is stiff and hard to spred.

Is the "PeterPan" smoother? Why do you choose the "Peter Pan"? I have never tried it.

Free In Christ said...

The reason I choose the Peter Pan Honey, is that it is easier to spread than the Jif Honey. The Peter Pan Honey is YUMMY!!!!

Jamie said...

We do choose Jif..but I prefer all natural..NO SHORTENING ADDED. My principle in Highschool worked at a factory that made peanutbutter and he said the amount of SHORTENING they put in it is sickening. They do that so it doesnt seperate. I prefer all natural and if you put it in the fridge after stiring it to death it wont seperate. ...but like I said we do end up buying Jif because it always seems to be the cheapest when I do buy the "bad" kind of peanutbutter.

Heather said...

Hmmmm well, I usually get Peter Pan, but we are not a big peanut butter family so it lasts a WHILE :)