Monday, March 20, 2006

Poor Zach has pneumonia!

Well, Zach came home from school last Monday not feeling well. He basically laid around all evening. I kept him home from school Tues & Wed, then he seemed some better, no fever, so I sent him to school Thurs & Fri. He still wasn't up to par, but he didn't complain too much. This weekend he seemed to get somewhat worse, with his cough. I had to work today, after being up with him quit a bit. Rob ended up keeping all 3 boys home today, Jordan is starting to get a cold now. I couldn't get Zach into doctor, so I took him to the ER tonight. Boy, am I glad I did. He has bronchitis and pneumonia. UGH!!! Poor little guy. We were there all evening. In fact, by the time I got the presciptions filled, it was almost 10 before we got home. They gave him a cough syrup, a strong decongestant, and an antibiotic while were in the hospital. He got a prescription for a strong cough syrup, and antibiotic. He also has to do some breathing treatments for a while, and he took him out of school for the entire week. I'm just thankful that I took him this evening. He is sleeping peacefully right now. His sleep has not been the greatest the past few days and nights, nor has mine. He also hasn't eaten anything since last week. I got him a happy meal yesterday, he ate 2 nuggets and that was it. He is getting so skinny. I can't wait for him to be feeling better. It is so sad when they are sick. Sometimes kids can absolutely drive you up a wall (okay maybe I'm the only one that is that way), but when they are sick you miss their little antics. Please keep him in your prayers. Actually, all the boys. Austin was sick at the first of the month, and still not as well as should be, and now Jordan is getting sick.

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A Bishop wife said...

I can really feel for you. I had written all last week about Steven being sick. The doctour finally gave him an antibiotic, so he is better.

I am so glad you found my blog. I love doing it. Several of us who visit each others sites have came out of the leagelistic UPCI church.

Where you happened to post on my site, if you click on the name "nate" it will take you to his site called "Provoked". He is a former minister.

I have not been out a long time. I am currently attending a independant church. I have not cut my hair but I do wear a bit of make up and I love wearing jeans and pants. I wore them for the first time in October and almost exclusively since December. I told my hubby that I think I was so sick of skirts and dresses that the change is refreshing.

We are in the middle of the big midwestern snow storm today. The kids are home from school ; We will be going out to play later. I am so exicted. So are the kids.

I will keep you in my prayers and your kids too. My hubby and I were just saying yesturday how Steve was so quiet when he was sick. We could not stand it. We are so glad he is back to his sassy self, so I really know what you mean. They worry us so much when they are too quiet because it is not normal LOL.

Doctours make me so mad. I had to take him in then call back twice to get him some meds, that was after a week of illness.

Update please. Trying to sleep is almost impossible, I have been there done that!