Thursday, March 23, 2006

Busy Day

I made it through the day yesterday without totally blowing my diet. I just kept drinking water, all night. It definately helped.

Today was quit a day. I took the boys to school, well, Jordan and Austin. Then I did a little housework, and I had to take Jordan and Zach to the dentist. Off we head to the dentist. We drive about 30-40 minutes to the dentist. He is absolutely wonderful. The kids just love him. They all go back alone, and they don't need me to go with them. Well, Jordan had to have some cosmetic work done on one of his front teeth. When he as 3 he fell and busted his front baby teet, well, the fall affected his permanent teeth also. They came in very discolored. The dentist put a crown or sorts on them. Well, he has a nasty habit of biting his nails, and he broke of part of the crown. So Dr. Reynolds fixed that today. He is also watching for his last baby teeth to fall out, and make sure his teeth come in okay. He has already had braces on the front 6 teeth. He has great teeth. Thanks to Dr. Reyonolds, who did the braces at no cost to us. What a guy!!!

Zach had this bump, blister, growth, whatever you want to call it on the bottom of his tongue. The Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon that our family doctor sent us to wouldn't remove it. Now this thing was pretty big. It was about like the end of a quilting pin--no it was even bigger. The ENT doctor said it was nothing to worry about, and could be easily removed, however, he did not want to traumatize him too much by doing it. So, if it didn't bother him he'd just have to live with it. Let me tell you it was gross looking. At any rate, I knew that the dentist would take care of it for us. He did! It took all of about 15 minutes, that is from start to finish. He gave the blister a little shot, that Zach did not enjoy, and then a few minutes later came and snipped it right off. Very little blood. I'm glad that Dr. Reynolds was the one to remove this, because Zach is very comfortable with him and trusts him. I think that made the whole ordeal less traumatic. He hasn't complained a bit about pain. He ate taco bell right after. I'm thankful that it is taken care of. I'd love to tell you what he called it, however, again, I can't remember the entire name. It was a mucous _______ duct. It had been damaged somehow, probably bit his tongue or something, and it just never went away.

Zach is slowly getting some better with his coughing. However, as I am typing he is hacking away. I'm so glad the doctor took him out of school the entire week. He will definatley be rested up by the time spring break is over. He'll have 2 weeks of school off before he goes back. Today he slept in pretty late. He doesn't nap very well though, you know, he might miss something. Tomorrow Zach and I are going to go grocery shopping and also buy my neice her birthday present. He is excited about that.

Oh, nice note. My boys all get their own allowance. It is not much at all really. However, it is theirs to spend how they wish (well, I can override some money spending decisions---like not all on candy). Now, this evening I had to got to the $$$ store and buy fabric softner, well Austin and Zach had just gotten their money. They each bought a gift for their cousins. My neice, Acacia, and my nephew, Stephen both have birthdays in March. I thought it was quit thoughtful of them to spend their own money on a gift when they really didn't have to. Good little guys.

Austin just came home from his wrestling meet. He won 2 out of his 3 matches (or whatever you call it). He is pretty excited about that. I'm glad that he has some outlet for all the energy he has.

Zach cleaned his room last night. Alone, and without being told. Bless his heart. He shares a room with Austin, so he definatley didn't have to do it alone, yet he did.

Well, I need to go tend to the natives. They are getting restless.Busy


Karen said...

Melissa...I love hearing about your family...the boys are so great. I really love them. I'm glad they're starting to feel better. I left your CD's on my desk at work if you happen to get there before I get back on Tues. Have a great weekend! Love...Karen

Heather said...

Hi Melissa!! I have alot of catching up to do!! We have been so crazy busy with Brian's parents here and all...I miss my blog buddies!!