Saturday, March 18, 2006

My mother-in-law, Vicki, just called. She works as a teachers aid at a school in Oswego. There is a teachers aid sub that is someone I went to school with. Okay, it was much more than that actually. We were inseperable in high school, and even after. We were in each others weddings. Well, since we'd moved into our house, and then my computer went defunk, I lost her address and I kept mailing things to what I thought was her address and of course they were getting returned. I just figured, hey, when I'm up there I'll go and visit, or if she is not home I can at least get the house and street info. See, I know exactly where her house is, and I can even picture it in my mind. Okay, well, the 2 of them don't know each other, well, other than being in my wedding and baby showers, Vicki really didn't get to know Kim. I guess they struck up a conversation on playground duty, because Kim recognized Vicki, and when they figured out the connection for sure, they were pretty happy. I guess, Kim lost my address after I mailed the Christmas card in 2004, and of course I've lost hers also. I don't get to Ill. much, and it seems when we do there is not much extra time to drive anywhere other than the appointed places. Okay, now that I've rambled on enough with all the stuff. I'm excited, because Vicki gave Kim our address and phone number, and Vicki is going to get Kims info for me. Wow, it is funny because I was just thinking how much I wanted to get in touch with her.

Well, I must go and play some games with my boys. I think we will be playing, Pass the Pigs and Uno. Maybe some Yahtzee. Who knows. I just know I need to keep the busy or they can destroy just about anything left to their own vices.

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