Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Holy Sprit: The ignored and misunderstood person of the Trinity.

Here is one of the many thoughts I got out of this weekend at church. Our Winter Theological Study was the Holy Spirit: The ingnored and Misunderstood Person of the Trinity.

Sometimes we forget that the Holy Spirit is the gift, not the gift giver. That was a great reminder for me.

I will try and elaborate more about the weekend later.


Robin said...

I can't wait to read about this when you get the time. True, the Holy Spirit is the gift. When I read that my first response was, well of coure. But do I slwo down and really realize what exactly that means?! I hope you get time soon. I'm excited to hear what you learned.


Isn't it great to be free. Free not only from the bondage of sin but of any man made laws. God is our strength. Connie from Texas

Heather said...

..Can't wait to read more!

On Fire For Him said...

Popped over to your site from Restoring the Years. Hope your son Zach is feeling better from Mono...had that when I was 16.

The Holy Spirit is one of the best aspects of our relationship with the Lord!

Be interested to see what else you have learned about it!