Monday, February 19, 2007

Look at these beautiful nails. My sister did them for me on Saturday. It was quit costly, $10.00 was it. I have NEVER had my nails done, ever. It was quit an experience. I am finally getting used to them today. Rob even liked them. He was teasing me about becoming a "high maintenance women".

Well, we had a nice weekend. Rob had to work because of the snow day they had this week. He was a little tired, but we still took the boys out. Austin and Zach each got new Bibles, which was the point of our trek out. We have been reading in our family worship from the NIV. It is a little easiser for the boys to understand. Also, as Rob reminded me yesterday, it was a means of grace for us, while we were leaving our former faith. God opened our understanding to the things that we read, through that translation. Okay, back tot he Bibles, I have an NIV and an ESV, as does Rob and Jordan has an NIV. We had bought each of them and NIrV, about 2 years ago, but they've outgrown that. We have a reformation study bible which is in the NIV, at that is what we've been using during our family worship time, so we figured that everyone needed one so that we could follow along as Rob reads to us. (really something for the kids to have in their hands also) Boy, were they excited. Zach said that he wanted one with a cross on the front, and hopefully it'd be blue, guess what that is what we found. And of course, Austin is now a big boy, so he wanted an more distinguished looking Bible, and he found it. They were both tickled pink about the new Bibles.

Well, then we took them out to eat. Which we haven't done in while. They have been asking to go to a Buffet, too funny huh! Well, we did. It was a fun time. You know at a buffet, they have great ice cream. That is of course the highlight for Austin & Zach, Jordan's is the meat selection.

Yesterday we had a nice Lords day. Church was wonderful as always. We talked to Pastor Charlie and Patti (his wonderful wife) for a while after service. It was nice. We really try and not take too much of their time, they are extremely busy, but it sure was nice to talk with them.

I have much more thoughts to post, however, because of our busy day saturday, and then that day started with such a heachace, I didn't do much housework, so I need to get it done today. Can't wait. LOL!! I have piles of clean laundry everywhere that need to be fluffed, and folded an put away. I also need to cook some chicken noodles for tomorrows dinner. Have a blessed day.


Heather said...

:) I LOVE your nails they look beautiful!! I need to read the rest of your post now :)

Robin said...

Your nails are beautiful!

Isn't it fun to have clean laundry every where BUT in the dresser drawers and closets?!

Grafted Branch said...

Your nails look fantastic. Between your fingers and Heather's toes, I'm starting to think I might like a trip to the salon.

Karen said...

Your nails look great...makes me want to hide my cracks and hangnails! I love reading about your life with the boys. I don't always take time to comment but I check your blog daily...yours and Heather's and Molly's...I hope we can get together one of these days! I miss you! Love...Karen